What’s Happening in Cottage Country on June 15/2023

Good Morning!

It is a good morning, I kind of figure any morning is good when I can get out of bed and able to walk a bit. However, it is cloudy out there, waking up, and it does look like rain. But if things goes to plan we should see some sunshine later on in the day and then things start to get real nice for summer.

Bug Report: The Black Flies have all but gone, there are a few, but nothing like it was a week ago. As I have always said, you can expect Black Flies to be here between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. Them bloodsucking parasites the Mosquitoes though are another story, as there are lots of them lingering around in the shade waiting for a tender morsel to feed on. But so far they haven’t been all that bad.

Highway 522 is busy with lots of construction going on, and I suspect it will be that way for most of the summer. With the price of lumber though I suspect it will make a dent in the old pocket book as it is with most things these days. Once they get them prices up using all kinds of excuses which amount to nothing, they keep them there. Oh, they might drop a few cents on certain things, just so you think they are trying to help, but in reality it is all a ploy just to keep some folks happy. They have been doing it for years, and I don’t suspect things will change much.

With that I am off for a bagel that my lovely wife is getting ready, and will then see if my old rider mower will start, and if so I will see if my old body is capable of doing some mowing. I never know these days. Anyway, you all have a great day. GW

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