What’s Happening In Cottage Country On June 29/2023

Good Morning Folks!

It’s a sunny morning here, waking up, and the skies are clear of smoke and clouds. How long that will last is another question, that I don’t really have and answer for. The one thing in our favor is that there is hardly no wind at all, and what we do have is coming in from the SS East. Let’s hope the trend continues. On the downside of things, the next rain we get, that is, if we do get any, will be on Friday afternoon. After that we are back into some hot dry weather again for a week.

Bug Report: Actually they aren’t bad at all in our area at the moment, which makes it nice for working outdoors, or just sitting enjoying nature. Which is what my wife and I need to do.

Highway 522 is picking up and as I said yesterday with the kids getting out of school and people starting their holidays for the year, I suspect things will pick up a lot and even more if they lift the fire-ban for nighttime burning. Reason being that people that comes into cottage country like to sit around the campfires at night roasting marshmallows, have a few beers, along with swapping some lies. Or at least that is what I used to do growing up.

On another note, my wife and I finished up installing new eves on the one side and front of our home yesterday. It took a lot out of us having to do everything ourselves from a ladder, but we managed. My wife doing most of the ladder work. Today is mowing day, which takes the morning to accomplish. After that, I suspect we will both be ready for a shower and wanting to put our feet up. We will see how that goes. I still can’t stand or walk too far without having to sit down and rest for a while. But I am moving and doing some things, so not complaining. As I keep on saying, it’s nice to be able to walk to the front porch or chat to folks that drops by. Actually, Barry, my fishing buddy, dropped by yesterday, and we had a good old chat for an hour or so while sitting in the shade. It was sure nice to see him.

With that I am off for a bagel with a sweet topping as my wife says I need sweetening up a bit. Ha ha. Could be she is right. After that, I will head on outdoors.

Oh, and yesterday we had some folks drop by from Beamsville my hometown saying hello. They were telling me one of the owners of Stad’s Lumber reads my Blog every morning, he is in his 90’s. I remember he gave me a great deal on lumber many years ago for our deck when we had our farm on Aberdeen Road. They were great folks to deal with. I wish you all the best, my friend.

Have a great day. GW

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