What’s Happening In Cottage Country On July 19/2023

Good Morning!

It seems we are in for a real nice day here in Cottage Country. The sun is shinning and there isn’t a cloud in the sky. And along with that, the temperature this morning was sitting at 15.1 C | 59.18 F. It made it real nice for sleeping with the window open. Actually, we have had our windows all open now for the past week or so, which is nice. In doing so, it airs out the house and makes things just that much healthier.

Bug Report: Nothing to report these days other than a few deer flies annoying folks.

Highway 522 is kind of busy these days, but not as busy as it used to be before the virus hit. I suspect a lot of people are hurting these days with the cost of everything, interest rates on the rise and being taxed to death.

On another note, my lovely wife and I had to go to Sundridge yesterday, which was sort of uneventful other than a lot of construction on Highway 522 with them installing new culverts and cleaning the ditches.

When we were in town, we got some groceries and headed back home. We had lunch at a small park on the road between Sundridge and South River. But at the grocery store, when we reached the checkout, we were shocked to see that just three nectarines were going to cost almost $10.00! Can you believe that? It’s way too expensive, almost like what they charge for tomatoes, which is also way too much.

I call it price gouging. Anyway, I didn’t want to pay that much, so I told them to keep the nectarines. The worst part is that the stores don’t seem to care about how expensive things are for us customers. It’s really frustrating!

So what can we do. Well, as a farmer working the land for a good number of years, I will share this with you. It’s time we rethink where our food comes from and how we get it. Instead of relying solely on big grocery stores, we need to start supporting our own farmers here in Canada. It’s essential because it ensures we have enough safe, high-quality food for everyone, helps our economy, protects the environment, and preserves our rural communities.

With that, I am off for a bagel this morning and will then see what the day has in store. I never know, really.

Have a great day. GW

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