What’s Happening In Cottage County On August 12/2023

Good Morning!

Weather wise it isn’t the greatest of days here in Cottage Country, and by the looks of things we are going to be having more rain now for the next 4 days. Which truth be known is what we need, with the trees and plants needing to store up their food supply for winter. It sure is amazing how fast time goes by. The good news for us, is we did get most of all the things that needed to be done this summer, before the snow enters into the picture. Other than putting some more vegetables and things away for winter. Which my lovely wife is doing daily. Taking fresh veggies from our gardens.

Bug Report: Everything is good in that department. My wife and I have been sitting out on our swing set I made a year ago under our old Basswood tree for an hour or so every day, enjoying a drink or two. I have to tell you, it sure is nice, sitting there chatting and taking in what nature has to offer. We need to be doing more of that.

On another note, I didn’t do much outside yesterday, as I was busy doing up fresh garlic for the freezer. We will have enough now to last us up till next year. My lovely wife was busy making Sweet Pickle Relish. If anyone wants some English Cucumbers to make some relish, or whatever, you’re welcome to some. We have more than we need, and they are just going to be thrown away. We like them better than the other pickling cucumbers. Just drop by and we will give you some.

With that I am off for a couple pieces of toast and will then see what the day has in store. Being that it is going to be raining for the next few days, I might work on the new book of short stories I have on the go. There have been a lot of requests for a new one.

Have a great day! GW

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