What’s Happening Around Our Home In Cottage Country On Sep 23/2023

Good Morning!

Looking outside waking up, it looks as if we are in for another nice day. The sun is shinning with just a few clouds floating by. We could see a shower later on, but all in all, things weather wise are looking down right nice for the next week. Which is fine with my lovely wife and I as we still have a few things that needs attending outdoors.

Highway 522 is slowed down still and will remain that way now for a while till the hunters start entering into the picture. I don’t hunt that much anymore. Not that I don’t enjoy a deer/moose/bear roast occasionally.

On another note, yesterday I worked away on this old cement mixer I bought a few days ago. Got it all cleaned and painted, then went on to add some wheels and a toe-hitch, so I can move it around without hurting myself. Today I will see if I can figure out a way to mount the motor that drives it, and after that it will be ready if I happen to need it. As I said in the last post, I am not rightly sure why I bought the darn thing, but there must be a reason hidden away somewhere. At any rate, it’s something new to look at, ha ha. After that, my wife and I sat out under our Basswood Tree, taking in what nature had to offer while enjoying a cup of coffee, and a chocolate chip cookie that she made awhile back. I do love my cookies.

Having said that, I’m going to grab a bite to eat and then see what the day unfolds, beyond my scheduled plans. One never really knows.

So, seize the day, make the most of the beautiful weather, and savor every moment. GW

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