What’s Happening Around Our Home Here In Cottage Country On Sep 24/2023

Good Morning!

We are starting the day off without any power here this morning. There is a touch over 5000 without power due to the fact that they are doing maintenance on the lines. They say that the power will be out till around 4:00 PM this afternoon. So knowing that, my wife and I started our generator and have it running away outside. Which is a good thing to have in this country, as you never know what could take place at any given time. The same goes for food and heat, you need to have a back-up. For us, we have always had a back-up all our lives, actually my whole life is made up of back-ups. My wife says I have a back-up for everything.

On another note, the sun is shinning this morning, and it looks as if we are in for another nice day. I have to say, I sure enjoy this time of year. There ain’t nothin’ quite like the peace and quiet living in the country. You don’t gotta deal with all them city noises, just the sounds of nature. Birds chirpin’, wind rustlin’ through the trees, and the sweet silence that makes your soul feel at ease. It’s like a balm for the spirit, a chance to catch your breath and really soak in the simple beauty of the land. Country quietness, my friend, it’s like a good, old-fashioned hug from Mother Nature herself.

Moving along, I worked all day yesterday on the old cement mixer I bought and finished installing the motor late in the day. The only issue I had was the motor was running in the wrong direction, but being the kind of fellow I am, I moved the wiring around a bit and got it running the right way. Things I learned over the years comes in handy from time to time.

Today I will work on things around the house here, being we have no power. Living out in the country and ownin’ a place of your own, there’s always somethin’ needs tendin’ to. Especially heading into winter.

With that I am off for an Egg on an English muffin and will then see what the day has in store. I never really know.

Have a fantastic day, folks! Remember, while we might be without power for a little while, at least we’ve got the sun to provide us with both warmth and a free, natural light show. Who needs electricity when you’ve got the universe’s own light bulb, right? Enjoy the sunshine and make the most of this unplugged time! GW

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