What’s Happening Around Our Home Here in Cottage Country on Sep 25/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a real nice day here at our home, the sun is out of bed and the temperature at the time of this post was sitting at 11.3 C | 52.34 F. Which is quite nice for this time of year, and it will warm up a lot more as the day moves forward.

The maple tree leaves are changing colors real quick these days, and it’s shaping up to be a fine year for folks who fancy gazing at them. My wife and I don’t need to go far, just step out our back, side, or front door, and we get to watch them change every single day. Another nice thing about living where we do.

On another note, my lovely wife and I worked outside all day yesterday jacking up things and leveling them. One would be our trailer out front, getting it off the ground, as we don’t want them old wooden wheels to rot. After that, we jacked up the corner of our car port and set it on a new footing, which should last for another ten years or so. And after that we did some more work on our lean-to that we put our firewood under. Which took us most of the day. But when all said and done, everything was looking good. You know, as many things as there are to do around a country home, I do take pleasure in doing them. That is when I am feeling good.

Today I will get into making some of my tinctures and things that help us stay healthy and strong, along with a few that helps with aches and pains that happen up on us occasionally. I wasn’t able to make much up for the past two years not being well. When I gather my herbs and prepare my ingredients, I am not merely mixing substances; You could say that I am harnessing the potent forces of nature to support our well-being. So that is the plan for the day. But as I always say, I never really know what might take place, as sometimes I head off in one direction and end up doing something completely different. And I like it that way.

With that I am off for a toasted English Muffin, topped off with some peaches with a drizzle of Corn Syrup over the top. This tasty concoction isn’t just breakfast; it’s an energy-packed masterpiece that’s going to fuel my entire morning. How’s that for an explanation? Ha ha

Have a great day, as this nice weather isn’t going to last for much longer, before it gets a touch cool. Knowing that I ordered our furnace oil on Friday for the winter, I use it as a back-up in case we have to go anywhere and can’t feed our wood furnace. The joys of having back-ups in place! It’s like having an extra piece of cake stashed in the fridge when your sweet tooth strikes. You may not need it right now, but you’re darn glad it’s there. However, I am not looking forward to what it costs us to fill the tank. But hey, sometimes I need to focus on the bright side – having a warm and toasty home all winter long. GW

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