What’s Happening In & Around Our Home In Cottage Country on Sep 27/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful looking day here in Cottage country. The sun is shinning without hardly a cloud in the sky. Can’t beat that for this time of year, and the good news is the nice weather will remain with us for about a week or so.

Highway 522 is still quiet. The only traffic to speak of is the locals moving around looking for something to do, or picking up their mail.

On another note, yesterday I worked in and around my old woodworking shop for most of the day. I cleaned out the chimney on my shop and then trimmed some branches that were hanging on top of our lean-to, where we keep our firewood, and a few that were brushing up against the chimney. Once that was done, I had my lunch and then decided to work on the deck by our driveway. I painted it many years ago which was a mistake, I guess I had a weak moment with my thinking, as all my others I just put on a coat of wood preserver. In doing so, there is no more you have to do to it. But with paint, it peels over the years, which is what happened to this one. So I got busy with my lovely wife’s help and sanded the whole thing, removing the paint. I have to tell you, I was sure covered with dust when all said and done. But the end result, it looks like new. Today I will put on a coat of wood preserver like I did on all our other decks, and it will last for years. Doing all this saved me a few hundred dollars and other than some work didn’t cost us a cent, as I do have a gallon of wood preserver left over from when I did my other decks. It’s all in how you go about things. You can give your money away to the stores, or you can use your ingenuity and save. My wife and I have been doing that all our lives.

With that I am off for a McMuffin with some of my wife’s homemade jam and will then see what the day has in store.

Have a great day!

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