What’s Happening At & Around Our Home Here in Cottage Country on Sep 30/ 2023”

Good Morning!

It looks as if we are in for another really nice day here in Cottage Country. The sun is out, showing off, and the temperature is climbing as I type. We sure have been having some nice weather for the past couple weeks or so. No one should have any complaints relating to our weather.

On another note, my lovely wife and I took a trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up some groceries and things. Before we left, we moved everything from our living room to other rooms, and I then put on a fresh coat of Polyurethane Oil Base for floors to spruce it up some. It had worn down some over the years, but now she is like new. Thinking about that, I remember my old friend Frank in Michigan, real nice fellow for sure, gone now taken by the virus a couple of years ago. Damn shame too. Anyway, he put down all new wooden floors made from real wood as he was a woodworker like me, and after he was finished I asked him how it looked. He said, “George it turned out great, other than it looks to new, so I am going to leave it for a few months and let the dog run around on it with his nails to scratch it up some along with the grandkids before I stain and cover it with Polyurethane. Which will make it look a lot nicer.” Which he did, and I have to tell you it sure looked nice when all said and done. Something like ours here at our home. I would never remove all the dents and scratches from the floor before redoing, as that would remove all the character. To me and my wife, every scratch and dent has a story to tell. It amazes me that so many people pay so much money to remove them. At any rate, to each their own. All I know, is that this morning now that it has dried and everything is back in place, it looks like a floor should look like.

While in town, we took in the sights and picked up what we needed. The only downside of going to town is that when I return, my pocket book is a lot lighter. After we picked up our items we headed on home while enjoying a coffee taking in the sights that Nature had to offer. Which was a lot with the leaves changing color and things. My wife said that Mother Nature is sure a great artist when she wants to be. I also noticed that this year we are having a lot more vibrant red colors, which means that the minerals in the soil has improved somewhat this year from other years.

All in all, it was a great day for a drive.

Stay safe as there is a lot of sickness out there these days. My wife and I are still wearing our mask when in the large stores, where there are a lot of people, and we still keep a bottle of sanitizer handy after we touch things, like shopping carts and gas pumps nozzles. GW

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