What’s Happening in and Around Our Cottage Country Home on October 1, 2023

Good Morning!

As the last traces of September’s warmth give way to the gentle chill in the air, there’s a sense of anticipation that fills the atmosphere. The calendar has finally flipped to a new page, and it’s that time of the year again—October has arrived!

So how you all doing this morning? Good I hope.

Ruth and I are well these days with lots to do preparing for winter. I have to say I sure have enjoyed summer this year, as last year I wasn’t up to doing very much, feeling like I was. In the beginning of this year things didn’t look all that promising health wise, but seeking out some of my natural remedies for years past, and bringing them to being I slowly started to improve. I am still not 100%, but I am well enough to do things that need doing, which takes a load off my little woman. She has enough to do without having to do my work.

Yesterday, I spent my time gatherin’ up more of nature’s gifts – plants. Today, I’m gonna do the same thing. Once I’ve got ’em all collected and dried up, I’ll start mixin’ up my special brews. These potions, I reckon, will come in handy when winter rolls around.

Over the years, I’ve learned that Mother Nature’s got just ’bout everything we need to keep ourselves healthy, if we’re willin’ to put in the effort to find ’em. And that’s exactly what I’m doin’ now, before these plants disappear for winter.

Today’s mission is pickin’ some Golden Rod leaves. They’re growin’ aplenty ’round here. After that, I’ll gather some Comfrey Roots and a handful of their healthy leaves. Nature’s bounty is right at our doorstep, and I aim to make the most of it.

Well, folks, it’s time for me to enjoy an English Muffin with some homemade jam, got plum on one side and peach on the other that my lovely wife has made for me. I tell ya, them things are just plain ol’ yummy. I can’t resist those tasty treats. Take care, y’all, and don’t forget to savor the good stuff in life!

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