A Harvest of Memories: What’s Happening in and Around Our Cottage Country Home on October 9/2023

Good Morning!

A thick cloud cover, windy and cold with a couple of showers is what is taking place here in Cottage country this morning. And it will remain like this for the next two days. After that, if lucky, we should see some sunshine, which will be nice.

But in saying that, all in all, Thanksgiving weekend wasn’t all that bad. “Believe it or not, it’s been a lifelong phenomenon for me. Whenever I’ve had plans that depend on good weather, it’s almost as if the universe and I have a clandestine arrangement. You could call it my secret pact with the weather spirits. Or, if we’re being practical, maybe it’s just a series of fortuitous cosmic coincidences. No matter, I’ll gladly accept the meteorological assistance!”

Yesterday and the day before, I focused on spending quality time with our boys here at home. We had heartfelt conversations and cherished the moments we had together. Our oldest left yesterday due to work commitments, and the other one will be departing later today. It’s always bittersweet to see them go, considering we don’t have the opportunity to come together as often as we’d like. But that’s just a part of life, at least for now.

With that I am off for a soft-boiled egg on toast with a bit of cheese on top and will then see what the day has in store.

Don’t let the turkeys ruffle your feathers too much, and may your Thanksgiving be as full as a hay barn after a good harvest. GW

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