“From Seed to Supper: What’s Happenin’ in the World of Our Cottage Country Home this October 28/2023”

Mornin’, everyone! Don’t let the grass grow under your feet, but remember to take a moment to enjoy the view.

It’s a nice change in cottage country today. We’ve had a whole week of rain, so the sunny weather is a welcome sight. What’s also good is that it’s not very cold yet. The temperature is around 4.8 degrees Celsius, which is about 40.64 degrees Fahrenheit. Although, I think we might have more clouds than sunshine in the future. But right now, I’d prefer that over rain.

Highway 522 and around town is quiet these days, but it will pick up this weekend with hunting season for deer, with rifles, opens up the first of November and lasts for two weeks. I don’t hunt much anymore, as I just can’t see myself sitting out in the bush where it’s wet and cold. And with the climate changing like it is, the deer in these parts doesn’t start to roam around all that much for another three weeks or so. Which is a good thing for them, if you know what I mean.

On another topic, because it rained all day, I stayed inside and worked on setting up my YouTube Channel. I think I’ve got it pretty much how I want it, but I need to double-check with my son Karl to make sure I did everything right. It’s great to have someone who knows about this stuff. I also really like the laptop he helped me choose. It wasn’t cheap, but it works really well. I like it a lot, especially now that we’ve connected it to the new docking station. Now everything I need is on my laptop, so I can take it with me wherever I go if I have to. I don’t need my big old regular computer anymore. We’ve made a lot of progress in that area, I have to say.

Today I am going to do some work in my old woodworking shop and if things work out I will see about making a video letting you have a look at it. I will see how that goes, I still have a lot to learn with that end of things. But practice makes perfect, I always say.

With that, I am off for an English Muffin with an egg and a generous layer of sharp old cheddar cheese., that my lovely wife is making for me.

“Well, it’s about time to mosey on outta here. Y’all come back now, ya hear?” GW

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