The Lowdown on What’s Happening in And Around Our Home on Nov 10/2023

Good Morning! “Sun’s up and so are we.”

Well ... the sun is up there somewhere, but we aren’t seeing it, as looking outside there is nothing but clouds.

Highway 522 has slowed down some with the snow we had yesterday. My wife and I did take it upon ourselves to clean off our neighbours deck along with ours. My lovely wife did ours as I decided to start our snowblower and clean our driveway. It wasn’t all that bad, but being that the snow was so wet and the temperature was threatening to drop below freezing through the night, I figured we should get it cleaned out as if it froze we would have a heck of a mess. But as it happened it didn’t freeze and most of the snow we did have melted. Which is okay with me. But in saying all that, more snow will arrive in the coming days, that I am sure of.

On another note, I have still been working on getting used to this new equipment I have for making YouTube Videos. The hard part is figuring out how these things work and what they are capable of doing, along with figuring out where to set the camera. I have to tell you it sure is challenging to say the least. But I am slowly making headway for those that have been asking me what is happening. Ha ha

Today I will do some more work on things here at my computer as I am now trying to learn the editing part, which is getting used to some more programs and things. I kind of think the editing is going to be the hard part. I was contemplating the ‘leave it as is’ approach, but subjecting you to that chaos? “Nah, I wouldn’t do that to ya. Ha ha!”

With that, I am off for a bowl of Oatmeal, or Porridge as I have been calling it since I was knee-high to a grasshopper. And I have also asked my lovely wife to drizzle a spoonful of local honey over it. Which should make this young feller at heart mighty happy.

So, it’s time for me to mosey on out of this digital corral. Remember, life’s too short for dull moments and bad coffee, so stir in some laughter and enjoy the good stuff. Until next time, may your Wi-Fi be strong, your troubles be weak, and your snacks be plenty which I surely enjoy.

Until tomorrow’s sunrise, keep smilin’. GW

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