Grinning in the Greenery: Country Quips on What’s Happening on Dec. 16/2023

“Rise and shine! Let’s make this morning merry and bright, just like the Christmas lights.”

Good Morning!

Well, here it is, almost a week away from Christmas, man does time fly. In saying that, here at the Walters house, my wife was kept busy yesterday putting up our Christmas Tree. For me, Christmas isn’t truly Christmas until the tree is up, showcasing its twinkling lights and decorations. You know, we’ve got ornaments that are over fifty years old, and every single one has a unique story tied to a friend we’ve made over the years. Our tree is more than just decoration; it’s like a living memory book, telling the tales of the wonderful friendships we’ve had … and have. It’s a special time of remembrance for us. As we approach Christmas, I can’t help but think about the wonderful traditions we’ve created over the years with our boys and friends. It’s less about the religious aspect for my wife and I, it’s more about the magic of Santa, the tree, and being surrounded by loved ones.

Highway 522 is quiet this morning, hardly a car or truck moving around. I tell the city folks that come to visit our area, that they will know they are in cottage country, when the GPS says, “Turn right at the big oak tree,” and means it!

On another note, I worked here at my computer yesterday, which kept me busy for most of the day. This morning I started my wood stove in my woodworking shop and will probably mosey on out there for a bit later on, as I have a few more improvements I want to make with moving some equipment around. Seems I am always trying to make things easier and nicer. But that’s what this old feller is all about.

So with that I am off for some flapjacks this morning and drench ’em in the liquid gold, that is Mike Clapperton’s Maple Syrup. Which should sweeten me up some for the day ahead.

“Signing off this morning’s trail with a touch of north country philosophy: “Life, is like tracking a moose through the snow, requires patience and a keen eye. May your day be filled with discoveries and gentle surprises.”

Have a great day. GW

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2 thoughts on “Grinning in the Greenery: Country Quips on What’s Happening on Dec. 16/2023”

  1. I have so many memories in the tree that you can barely see the tree. We switched to an artificial tree a few years ago as getting a real one was getting a little harder but even those memories are still wonderful.

    1. Good Morning. Up here in the north, we have no problem getting a tree, but Ruth and I also now have an artificial one. Reason being over the years working in my woodworking shop I have had some bad allergy issues and the one thing that gets me to sniffin’ Is fresh pine, hemlock or cedar. I can still work with pine in my shop, but not cedar or hemlock. Anyway, thanks for saying hello and I hope you have a Merry Christmas. GW

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