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This is a Category done up so I can put a few pictures that interest me and that I think might interest others. Enjoy.

Port Loring Ontario

Here are a few pictures of our area here in Port Loring Ontario Canada. Sure is nice out there when the sun is shinning.

Visitor at our bird feeder

Now I said my lovely wife and I enjoy watching the birds that come to visit our feeder every day, but today we had a different kind drop by for a visit. The pictures aren’t as good as I would have liked as I had to take them through my screen. I didn’t want to scare it off. We get quite a few deer drop by throughout the winter. Nice to see. A couple days ago we had a young one say hello. I was wondering where its Mother was.

Great Friends

Now here is a picture of a good friend of mine and myself taking in what Nature has to offer. Felt good being out there that day. Nature can be nice I grant you that, but so are friends. I wonder if he will remember. LOL

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My Old Homestead

Some of you have asked me if I had a picture of where I was raised in Coldwater, Ontario, in the early days. These folks Adopted me and raised me from around 5 Years old till around 13 Years old. Reg and Laura Potter. The Nicest folks you could ever meet. They treated me as one of their own from the very first day. Later on in life I went back to my Dads in Beamsville Ontario for a while, then I took up fruit farming. We took the pictures one winters day from the road above the property looking down. The farm was mostly dedicated to Dairy Farming at the time. Great memories for sure.

Visitors at our Bird feeder

My wife and I enjoy watching the birds as I have mentioned in my posts, but this morning we had two visitors that took our interest. 2 Pileated Woodpeckers. The picture is a bit blurry as I had to take it looking out my screen window, as I didn’t want to scare them. We have them occasionally but usually just one. Thought I would share

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Our old Farm

Here are a couple pictures of our farm in Beamsville Ontario many years ago. Every grape vine on the left and far back as you can see my Dad and I planted. The grape vines on the left were called Delaware a really nice Champagne Grape. The ones at the rear which goes a long way back were Agawam, Catawba, Concords, Niagara’s and Fredonia. The farm backed up to the Niagara Escarpment. Sitting on the front deck you would look out over Lake Ontario. The little house at the back was a small cottage me and Dad built for Hired Help at the time. Beautiful spot. Miss them days.

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The Old Apron

Here is a piece that I have been wearing in my woodworking shops for many years. The reason I am showing you all this is that a couple months ago we had a visitor that collects old things drop by. You know … he offered me $200.00 for it LOL I couldn’t believe it. Did I take the money? No … I didn’t, money isn’t everything and if that old apron had a voice, the stories it could tell. I guess in one way it does, as just by looking at it I can visualize a lot of things I have made and shops I have owned over the years. Hmm … I wonder if my lovely wife would let me hang it on the wall in the living room? LOL

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Walters Landscaping

Here is a few pictures we took years ago when Ruth and I had a Landscaping business. The picture is one of hundreds of jobs we did. We were at one time the largest Landscaping business in St Catharines Ontario. The picture shows of us installing all new sidewalks at one of the schools, our old truck and Small Loader. If I come upon more pictures I will let you have a look. We also landscaped it while there. Oh … and my back was never the same after using that Jackhammer. I don’t know what it did but I couldn’t walk hardly for a few days.

Our old Clyde

Now here is a picture that was taken many years ago. Me sitting on one of the old Clyde’s we had on our farm. Laura the lady that raised me would let her out of the barn, and she would pick me up at school. I bet there aren’t to many kids that have that in today’s world. The thing was, she was so big I had to climb up on the stone fence at school, so I could get on her. I think she thought it was a fly up there. LOL Thought I would share. You have to admit I was a handsome devil back then huh?

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Our old Fruit Stand

Here are a few pictures of our Fruit Stand, Ruth and I used to have. It was located in Cookstown Ontario, directly across the road from the Penny Restaurant on Highway 27. We had it for a few years. It worked out great as we went to the Orillia Market for Saturday, and then we would finish up the day at our fruit stand. People came from all over to buy our produce. We even got to know the German fellow that owned the Penny Restaurant, and he would buy off us too. Great time in our life but a lot of work and a lot of driving. I was sad to see it go but in another way I was glad. Hard to explain. I miss my old Ford truck in the picture too. Bought it brand new, installed saddle tanks for fuel on it, as we were on the road so much.

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Old Ford Pickup

Here are a few pictures of an old Ford Pickup my wife and I seen in town the other day. It’s nice to see these old fellers still going up and down the road.

Port Loring’s Bumble Bee’s

One thing we have lots of around our home here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada, is Bumble Bees. All types can be seen on our Sedum Plants, which are out in full bloom. The scent they give off is also fantastic. Every year I have to take some pictures of these furry little creatures. You know … they are so gentle you can even pet them as they go about their business of harvesting the sweet nectar that these flowers give away for free. Fantastic to see. Below are some pictures I took. For better viewing click on each picture to Enlarge.

The old Mill

Here is a few pictures of our old Mill with a Water Wheel I made years ago. It was about had it, but with a bit of old wood and some tender care, we brought it back to life. We set it at the end of our driveway where folks drive in can see it. Turned out really nice, especially when my lovely wife got finished adding a garden around it. Click on any picture to enlarge.

Old Studebaker Gas Pump

Here is a picture of an old gas pump we came upon, on one of our trips through the US of A. They are getting harder and harder to find nowadays. More memories.

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65 Ford Mustang

Here are a few pictures of a Ford Mustang that belongs to a friend of ours in Florida. We went out to lunch with them and while there snapped a few pictures of their car. Brings back memories.

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My Old Homestead

Here is a picture showing the home where I was raised in many years ago. A bit neglected now and the barn was destroyed by a bad storm. I was located in Coldwater Ontario. They built a smaller one in its place. The Potters, Reg and Laura, adopted me, and I stayed with them till I was around 15. The nicest folks you would ever want to meet. Some have asked for a picture, so here it is. It is a bit blurred with light, but still visible to see. GW

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Carrie & Rhythm

Here is a picture of our friend Carrie and her horse Rhythm dropping by for a visit. She didn’t arrive in a car. Years ago I used to have a horse much like Carrie’s, just a touch smaller. Brings back memories for sure.

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Old Well Pump

Here is a picture of the old well pump that was at my school 69 years ago. Still works as my wife and I dropped by for a drink travelling through the area last year. Good water too still nice, cold and sweet.

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Coldwater Ontario School

Here is a picture of my old school in Coldwater Ontario. Separate entrances for boys and girls. We both sat together in the classroom though. Many years ago.

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Water Falls, Port Loring, Ontario Canada

Here is a picture of a waterfall that is located here in Port Loring. Nice place to have a picnic, secluded, and … well, what can I say.

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Turtle Picture

Here is a turtle we seen awhile back asking for some help to cross the road. So we stopped and helped him out. For our help I figured we deserved a picture. On another note, take into account that the highway we stopped on was 522, and not busy, so we didn’t cause any accidents with stopping along the highway. On a busy highway I wouldn’t have bothered. Not that I wouldn’t have wanted too.

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You want Quality Buy a Ford

Here is a picture of a Ford I used to own. This isn’t my car but one similar. I paid $500.00 for it back when. Lasted a good number of years and made over five trips from Beamsville Ontario to Sarasota Florida. I had it painted down there in a Metallic Green. She was a beauty. GW