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This is a Category done up so I can put a few pictures that interest me and that I think might interest others. Enjoy.

My Old Homestead

Here is a picture showing the home where I was raised in many years ago. A bit neglected now and the barn was destroyed by a bad storm. I was located in Coldwater Ontario. They built a smaller one in its place. The Potters, Reg and Laura, adopted me, and I stayed with them till I was around 15. The nicest folks you would ever want to meet. Some have asked for a picture, so here it is. It is a bit blurred with light, but still visible to see. GW

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Turtle Picture

Here is a turtle we seen awhile back asking for some help to cross the road. So we stopped and helped him out. For our help I figured we deserved a picture. On another note, take into account that the highway we stopped on was 522, and not busy, so we didn’t cause any accidents with stopping along the highway. On a busy highway I wouldn’t have bothered. Not that I wouldn’t have wanted too.

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Pictures of Our Home In Port Loring Ontario, Canada

Thought I would share with you a few pictures taken this morning while I was out feeding the birds. Not that there are any birds out there this morning. I think they are smarter than I am.. Have a great day!

Our Home January 30/2019
Our Home January 30/2019
Downtown Port Loring, Highway 522 , January 30/2019
Our Trailer out by the road. Shows how high the snow is. January 30.2019

Great Car

Here is a couple of pictures of a car I had many years ago. The pictures are not of my car but one identical.  Drove it to Florida five times with no problems.  Even gave it a paint job while down there one time. Great car and of course it is a Ford. Ha Ha. I would have to say its looks and slender lines would still be appreciated if made new today. Click Pictures To Enlarge

Morning Visitors

These two drop by every morning and evening to say hi.  Listening to their unique call ho, ho, ho ho, has the ability to calm anyone. Reminds me of my old Dad sitting out under a palm tree in Florida in the evening hours. As they would entertain us their also. Their call will sound as if they are way off in the distance only to be a few feet away.  Dove2 DovesClick Pictures To Enlarge.

Little blurry but still nice to see.

The Masters 2016

Well was a great 4 days watching the Masters From Augusta Georgia.   Thank goodness our home is set up with a generator back up, with the power being out for over six hours on Sunday.  All and all it was a great event.  Jordan Spieth held the lead for three consecutive days and then on the fourth things started to change.  Then entering into the picture comes  Danny Willett  A–28-year-old Englishman.  A fascinating man. You might say a family man.  He was one happy fellow putting on that Green Jacket.  It was sad to see Jordan loose after holding the lead for three days but in turn it is also nice to see some  one new winning the 2016 Masters.  Couple Pictures Below of Danny Willett.

Screenshot from 2016-04-10 19:27:51 Screenshot from 2016-04-10 19:27:09 Screenshot from 2016-04-10 19:26:29