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These are a few remarks on what a few of my readers think of my first book, columns and other things. Enjoy!

The Candy Stick Treat: Poem

Here is a story written for one of my stories by my friend Bob Bartlett.  Just one of many.  Very talented fellow.  Thanks Bob great poem.  GW



(1) Laura was cooking bacon and eggs,

The smell of fresh coffee filled the air;

Reg was getting ready for breakfast,

As George ventured down the stairs!


(2) George knew they were going on a trip to town,

When he saw a penny by his plate;

This was to buy a candy-stick for him,

So his breakfast he quickly ate!


(3) After breakfast he was out the door

And hitched up the buckboard and horse;

He was anxious to get started on their trip,

With the penny in his pants pocket of course!


(4) On the trip to town Reg would always ask George,

How he liked living with Laura and him;

George said he liked it there just fine,

As he looked out from under his hat brim!


(5) Reg and Laura were George’s guardians

And Reg was a very special guy;

He often knew what George was thinking;

In the blinking of an eye!


(6) George liked to talk with Reg,

Cause he felt like a grown-up man;

And he liked to spend time with Laura too,

In the kitchen with her pots and her pans!


(7) But George was eager to get to town

To make a visit to the hardware store;

So he could buy his candy-stick treat,

In a big jar just inside the door!


(8) Usually he only got just one candy stick,

But sometimes he got two or three;

When someone else would buy some for him,

It made George happy as can be!


(9) The big glass jars were really tall

And could hold fifty or sixty sticks;

They were all the colors of the rainbow,

So George could take his pick!


(10) Reg was never in a big hurry,

As he learned all the local news;

Or when George was making up his mind,

On which colors he would choose!


(11) Reg would sit on a keg of nails

And on his face there would be a smile;

As George picked out his favorite colors,

Even though it might take quite a while!


(12) Green was the color George liked the best

And red cherry would be his second choice;

Sometimes Reg would make a suggestion,

As he spoke in a helpful voice!


(13) But he let George make the decision,

Of which color it was going to be;

This would be his choice of candy-sticks,

Whether it be lime-green or the red cherry!


(14) Well, George was really excited,

When the owner took off the jar-lids;

He could then reach in for his candy,

In that town he was the happiest kid!


(15) Then he would hand over his penny,

To pay for his candy-stick treat;

He could hardly wait to get it in his mouth,

It was the sweetest thing he could eat!

(16) Then George and Reg would sit outside,

On the old bench by the store;

And George would enjoy his candy-sticks,

How could anyone ask for more?

(17) Reg would fill up his favorite pipe,

With the tobacco that smelled so sweet;

And George would savor his lime-green candy,

It was the end of a perfect day treat!


(18) That evening as they travelled back to the farm,

There was a smile upon their faces;

They were having a nice ride in the old buckboard,

As the horse was pulling on the ‘traces’!


(19) George looked forward to the trips to town,

It was a regular weekly event;

When they would hitch up the horse and the buckboard

And then down the road to town they went!


(20) The days of the horse and buggy are now gone,

You don’t see them so much anymore;

But George will always remember those times

And the candy-sticks at the hardware store!

Bob Bartlett,









Nice Old Poem

Here is a Poem sent to me and I have to say it is one of the best I have seen.  Enjoy it as I have, as it is relating to the old Clothes Line of years past.

And now The POEM …


A clothesline was a news forecast, To neighbors passing by,

There were no secrets you could keep, When clothes were hung to dry.

It also was a friendly link, For neighbors always knew

If company had stopped on by, To spend a night or two.

For then you'd see the "fancy sheets", And towels upon the line;

You'd see the "company table cloths", With intricate designs.

The line announced a baby's birth, From folks who lived inside,

As brand new infant clothes were hung, So carefully with pride!

The ages of the children could, So readily be known

By watching how the sizes changed, You'd know how much they'd grown!

It also told when illness struck, As extra sheets were hung;

Then nightclothes, and a bathrobe too, Haphazardly were strung.

It also said, "On vacation now", When lines hung limp and bare.

It told, "We're back!" when full lines sagged, With not an inch to spare!

New folks in town were scorned upon, If wash was dingy and gray,

As neighbors carefully raised their brows, And looked the other way.

But clotheslines now are of the past, For dryers make work much less.

Now what goes on inside a home, Is any-body's guess!

I really miss that way of life, It was a friendly sign

When neighbors knew each other best... By what hung out on that line.

Events & Things

Good morning.   Well weather wise we will see partly cloudy skies this morning and then some occasional showers during the afternoon. Highs will reach 66F. Winds will be from the SW coming in at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain today; 50%.  Tonight it will be overcast with a few showers off and on.  Low tonight will drop to almost 55F. Winds will change to the NW and be coming in at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain through the night will be 50%.  Barometer is holding steady, did rise some through the night. It is sitting at 29.03 In Hg.  The moon will rise at; 11:15 PM and then set att: 2:01 PM.  Moon Phase today is; Solunar Table Moon Phase is 58% percent waning gibbous
58%   Waning  Gibbous.  The sun did get out of bed this morning, but behind some clouds: at: 6:47 AM & she will set at: 7:45 PM, Giving us good folks here in Port Loring, 12 hrs. 58 mins. of daylight.  We lost another two minutes yesterday.  Time of is of an essence folks, so enjoy our sunshine when she is shinning.   Half hour a day on the old skin will keep you fit as a fiddle. No Flu Shots Needed!!!!  For those wanting to do some fishing today, the old weather stick says the best times to be out there will be from; 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM and then again from: 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM.  Might pay to throw a rain coat in the old boat if your headin” out.

News For Port Loring

Wife and I went to the 39th anniversary of the Horticultural Society here in Port Loring, they had a a few speakers, including myself, on behalf or our Local Services’ Board. Gifts were handed out for door prices, plaques and things had names added for those that had the nicest flowers, herbs and gardens.  Some of the fist members were there that started the group up and much much more.  After the event the ladies put on a really nice table with fresh fruit, cheese well just to much to name. Should mention the punch was really tasty along with the coffee and tea too.  Was just great and I have to commend them all, on the great work they put forth.  Great bunch of folks and wife and I had a great evening.  Enjoy your day my friends.

Great Poem Called Dandelions

Being a writer now for a good number of years I have always kept my eyes open for poems.  I am not a poet by no means, not like my Sister Barb out west is, as now there is a gal that can whip up some great words for all ages.  Takes a special talent to do these things and there is no doubt in my mind, that she is talented beyond her years, let me tell ya. I guess that is what attracts me to different poems, as every time I read one, or should say a good one, I think of her.  I would also like to say, I only enjoy poems that rhyme. All others doesn’t give me that special feelings that they concur.   Yesterday I got an E-Mail from one of my readers, he is 85 years young and doing great.  Like to hear them stories;  Anyways, as a young one he read this poem and it has stuck with him now for all these years.  I liked it so much I thought I would share it with you.  Also since I am such a lover of Dandelions and using them to treat my illness, I feel it is warranted a special spot, right here on the Blog.  It’s Called;


There surely is a gold mine, somewhere down beneath the grass,
Where the dandelions are popping up, most every place you pass,
And if you want to gather some, you better not delay, because the gold
will turn to silver soon, and all will blow away.