A Bit Of Sunshine

Well,  sleepy day here in the small town of Port Loring.  Been sitting here with a tea and not much traffic going by, but then,  this time of year there never is.  Sundays in this small town seems to be a bit like the old days,  as everyone takes it easy and things, the way it should be.  Weather here today is sunny so far with a few clouds. But colder and some snow is in the forecast for tonight and tomorrow.  One station was even calling for three to six inches of the white stuff over night. Hmm have to see about that, but one never knows living here in the North.  44 degrees here at 10:06 AM.   Weather station is working good since my son fixed it so that is a plus. Lot of folks have called saying that they liked the weather site and it has been an asset to the area,  so that makes us feel good.  Talk Soon

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