Looking for that special Flute

Here are a couple pictures that actually turned out quite nice. My wife took them while we were foraging for that special piece of wood, that I wanted, to make a special one of a kind, Walking Stick Flute.

Sometimes I walk for miles with no luck. Then the next time out, I find it within minutes. Go Figure. Ha Ha.

I did find a piece and the Flute Turned out Fantastic. The customer was very happy. And … that’s all that matters.

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Wooden Computer Desk

Here is a desk I made using some very old lumber I had lying around for over twenty years. It turned out really nice and sold shortly after I had it made. Impressive piece, but a lot of work. It’s a one of a kind, as I wouldn’t make another. Ha Ha.

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More Wooden flutes in the works

Here are a few pictures of some Flutes I am working on in the “Old Craftsman’s” Woodworking Shop. Still lots of work yet to be done. We call them FLUTURE FLUTES. The reason for that is, I make and tune them a lot different from most flute makers. You could call them the Flute of the Future. Which they are. Anyway, these pictures will give you an idea of what is involved. A lot of tedious work, but the end results makes it all worthwhile.

I don’t use any store bought parts, other than some select pieces of wood for the inlays. They are all my own design, which came from years of making them. Every one is unique in their own way.

Thought I would share.

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New Cabinet with Electric fireplace

We looked around for a year or so and couldn’t find a good electric Fireplace. At least one that looks like real wood burning. Finally, we found one.

I then decided to take it one step further and build a custom cabinet, so we could insert the new Electric Fireplace into. Turned out nice, and thought I would share a few pictures. From start to finish. We are enjoying it.

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What’s Happening on January 24/2022

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring Ontario. And I suspect it will remain that way for most of the day. It isn’t that cold, though, as the temperature getting out of bed was sitting at -15.3 C | 4.46 F. Great day for the snowmobiles. Truth be told I haven’t seen all that many this year, if any it’s locals. I suspect that this virus is taking its toll on folks, keeping some at home, not feeling so good. A lot of people I know in Southern Ontario have come down with the new variant Omicron. They all had the vaccine, which helped them fend it off. Some said they didn’t even know they had it. So goes to prove the vaccines do work. Highway 522 is snow covered with icy sections throughout once again, but that is a norm for our area this time of year. With all the cold and snow we have been having in the past month, it is beginning to look a lot more like Port Loring. As the old saying goes; If anyone gets snow, it will be Port Loring. Yesterday we did get our driveway cleaned out, and our decks cleaned off from the snow we had the day before yesterday. Along with helping our neighbour next door. Took us most of the morning. The snow blower that my sons bought me a few years ago works slick and makes things a lot easier. The good part of it was that the snow was light, so it was easy to move. Today we will take it easy, and relax a bit. My wife is busy working on some painting orders, and I might work on another podcast. I will see how I feel after I have had my breakfast. With that, take care, and stay safe.

Handing out the working man’s money

The former Ukrainian president says war can still be avoided, but says Canada needs to give them more aid. MONEY, Weapons and so on. Who is this guy?

Oh! This just on January 24/2022: Ukraine says thanks for the cash, but they’d prefer guns.

Give certain countries an inch, they take a mile. Heck, we just gave them 150 Million or so. Oh sorry, loaned them 150 million or so. That’s a knee-slapper in itself.

Giving any country money isn’t the answer in my eyes. I say. Support them with advice, food and clothing if needed and let things run its course. That is what some countries are doing. All this money we are handing out to other countries, we could be putting to good use right here in Canada. How about helping the homeless, housing, truckers, or our seniors. I know I sure could sure use a raise. And I would put it to good use right here in Canada. Another would be making our own vaccines right here at home.

You know, many years ago my old Dad told me. That a country, I won’t mention the name, asked for help. Knowing that, Canada started giving them money. We soon found out that wasn’t the answer. Then we decided to buy them equipment, so they could make their country better themselves. That didn’t work either, because as soon as we showed them how to operate the machinery … and left. They just went back to the way they were, and the equipment rusted away, not being used. Goes to prove, that some countries you can’t help.

We need to learn that interfering in their lifestyle, or trying to convert them, which is what some have been doing for years now, isn’t the thing to be doing. Just make’s me shake my head, seeing all the waste. But … then again, that’s what Canada is all about, always has been. I should say … that is what our Governments here in Canada are all about. I didn’t mean the working man.

Oh … alright, there are some Government officials I am sure that are on the right track. I just haven’t met them yet.

And one last thing that some forgets. The money that the Government has isn’t theirs. The money belongs to the people that make up this country that we call Canada, not them. But you wouldn’t know it by the way they are handing it out.

That’s my rant, or whatever, for the day. Now I am going for a coffee. I would have thought all that snow shovelling I just did would have cooled me down some. Ha Ha.

Our Gift Shop

Here is a picture of some of the flutes I made just before the virus hit. Hopefully we will be able to open things back later on this summer. If not next year for sure. Got my fingers crossed. GW

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Shave Horse

Here is a picture of a Shave Horse I made awhile ago. I made it using a piece of pine that I got from taking down one of our trees. An easy weekend project, that is sure coming in handy. It helps me hold things while making my Wooden Flutes.

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What’s Happening On January 23/2022

Good morning! It’s a cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. The temperature climbing out of bed was sitting at -23.2 C | -9.76 F. It will become a bit warmer as the day progresses. We could also see another 4 inches of snow tonight and into tomorrow. Yesterday we had around 6 inches or so along with some pretty high drifts, caused by the winds that accompanied the snow. At the moment here it is sunny, but very cold. Highway 522 is snow covered with icy sections throughout.

On another note, yesterday I worked away here in my computer getting familiar with some technical stuff. Lots to learn in that department if you want to. The neat part about it, is you don’t have to go to school anymore to learn these things, as everything is right there in front of you. Makes it nice. I would suspect the day is coming that schools as we see them now will be obsolete. Can you imagine the money we would save? The problem there is. What would our powers, that be, do with it. Right now I don’t feel they are doing the right thing, sending money to this country and that country. I did notice that now they have a new way of doing things. Saying the money is on loan. Ha Ha. In my eyes, that is the last we will ever see of it. But hey I could be wrong…..

So with that I am off for some waffles that my lovely wife is making me, and once it warms up a touch, we will get to cleaning out our driveway and decks. That will keep us busy for the morning along with giving us some exercise. Take care and stay warm. GW

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What’s Happening On January 22/2022

Good Morning! First off I want to say Thank You!!

For reading my Blog … For Listening to My Podcasts … For taking the time to look around and reading more than just one post …. but most importantly, for making an effort to say hello. It means a lot.

Moving along … Highway 522 is snow covered this morning, with lots of icy sections throughout, so care will be needed if out and about. We didn’t have any snow overnight, but we are starting to get it now. I suspect we will get another 4 inches or so, maybe a touch more. Depends on whether, the storm front stays on the course it is now, coming in from the South West. So … we will have to see how that goes. It has also warmed up some, with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at -12.1 C | 10.22 F. But don’t think it will remain that way, as things are going to start getting colder once again in a couple of days or so.

On another note, I started my stove in the old woodworking shop this morning once again. I like to do so, especially if I feel there is a storm heading our way, as in doing so my generator, and snow blower will be ready to go if needed. And with the winds we have been having, and living in the country that we do, you need to be prepared for what could happen.

Yesterday I worked away finishing up a story or two I had on the go. Today I will start on another few that I have in mind. Once I get on a roll, I like to keep it up. Ha ha. So with that I am off for some bacon and eggs this morning, and I might have a cup of tea for a change to wash things down. Not that I am a tea lover mind ya, but every so often the urge for something different hits.

Take care and stay safe. I see we had another 70 here in Ontario that died from this virus yesterday. Saddens me. GW

Episode 90: Life’s rewards

Episode 90: Good Morning! Here it is my 90th episode. Today’s episode takes a step back in time to what once was. And if you listen real close, It might get you motivated enough to make some changes in your life. All for the good, of course. Anyway, have a great day, and I hope you enjoy. Life’s Rewards.

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India Gaining Ground

You know. I have to give them credit. As they have seen that the future is the way to go, to grow and become self-reliant. The problem with Canada, and other countries, is that countries like Canada has contributed to their advancement and success, instead of doing it themselves. These countries, like China, know exactly what they are doing, and behind the scenes they are smiling and saying. Keep sending us money, buying our clothing, produce, pharmaceutical drugs, and funding our military. We will be there for you in your time of need. Now, I am not saying they are in the wrong. As I am not. What I am saying is, we, here in Canada, are in Dire need of a Government that will work towards our country first. The issue I am having with that is … I haven’t seen one yet. That’s my rant for the day. But the video below does show you, what can be done, if you set your greatest minds to work with the support they require. Stay safe.

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Chopping Blocks

Here is a picture of a tree we took down last year. I did save a couple of the larger pieces for chopping blocks. Everyone needs a chopping block, especially in this country.

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The importance of Farmers

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Home Sweet Home

Here are a few more pictures, that I took last fall of our small cottage, home and landscape around our home. Thought I would share. Nature can sure put on a show when she wants too. Might get your mind off all that snow.

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Caribou Lake

I took this picture last Fall, of my wife taking a picture, just before winter. Sure looks nice out there. I can’t wait till summer.

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What’s Happening, January 20/2022

So how’s everyone doing on this cold January Morning. It is cold with the temperature sitting at -26.9 C | -16.42 F. So cold I had to add a few extra pieces of firewood to my wood furnace though the night. We can always tell, even before checking the temperature, that it is below normal by the way the windows are frozen up getting out of bed. Which is a good thing, as it means our Humidifier is working properly. That’s the only issue with wood heat, you have to make sure you have humidity in the house. We have a good Humidifier that was made in Germany, not the cheapest, but it works fantastic, and you don’t have to buy filters for it. We also have a lot of plants which not only adds humidity, but they also clean the air giving off fresh oxygen which helps us stay healthy. There is nothing better, health wise, than having a lot of plants in every room in your home. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that most homes, today, doesn’t have any plants. In some ways, it’s unsettling seeing how our world today is changing. If there is anyone wanting a couple plants, we have lots, and we would be more than happy to give you a couple. They are always having young ones that needs a good home. Highway 522 is about half covered with snow this morning, and there are a lot of icy sections throughout. So care will have to be taken if you’re travelling today. We did have another inch of snow yesterday, after the 6 to 8 inches we got the night before. So … there is lots of the white stuff for them snowmobiles to slide around on. At the moment, though, I would think it is too cold for them to be roaming around. But then again, they do have some fancy snowmobile suits these days. I would suspect they are expensive too. Yesterday it took my lovely wife and i most of the morning to clean out our driveway and decks, along with helping out our neighbour friend cleaning her deck and car. She is a nice lady for sure. We couldn’t have a better neighbour. I give her a lot of credit as she is 90 some years young, still driving and doing things all on her own. Amazing. I would have to say she has led a good life. With that, I am off for a Raisin Bagel this morning that my wife is preparing, and will then get to finishing this podcast that I have on the go. I will post it tomorrow morning. Take care, stay safe, and wear a good mask at all times, as this virus is sure taking its toll on us here in Ontario at the moment. Over 60 died yesterday, caused by the virus. And I am thinking a lot could have been prevented. I feel for them and their families. GW

Update: Ontario added another 75 virus-related fatalities to its overall death toll today.

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Strawberry producer

Strawberry producer, Ever Tru Farms launches in Ontario.

I wish them all the best. We need more like this. Grown in Canada. I will be looking for them in the grocery store.

Antivaxxers The guys got a Point

Ontario Election

A new Ontario poll gives Doug Ford’s PCs a 9-point lead.

Well, with all that has been going on with this virus. I think Bob Ford did the best he could, with who and what he had to work with. And one has to remember, no one expected that a virus would run rampant across the whole world. I just hope that we here in Canada has learned a lesson from all this. We need to start looking after ourselves. All my life, I have stressed. You have to look after yourself first. If you don’t. You won’t be able to help anyone.

One biggie would be to start manufacturing vaccines and other medicines here at home, so we can be self-sufficient.

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