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Gas Oil and Change With a Country Flair

Howdy there, folks! Grab your favorite rocking chair, a glass of sweet tea, and settle in for a chat about a hot topic: the transition away from gas and oil. Now, before you start thinking I’m a stubborn ol’ coot who’s against progress, let me set the record straight. I ain’t against moving to cleaner energy sources; I reckon it’s high time we do something about the mess we’ve made. But, hang on to your hats, ’cause I believe it’s best we put the brakes on this here exodus ’til we’ve got the ducks all in a row.

You see, there’s this fancy word they throw around – “infrastructure.” Now, I’m all for progress, but let’s be honest, folks. Our electric grids ain’t quite up to snuff yet. Imagine you’re in the middle of watching your favorite TV show, and poof! The lights go out like a raccoon in a cornfield. We need a sturdy, reliable infrastructure to support our switch to alternative energy sources, so we don’t find ourselves in the dark.

And speaking of lights, let’s talk money. Electricity ain’t cheap, especially when you’re living on a pension. I don’t know about y’all, but I ain’t got a money tree in my backyard. Making the switch to electric heating might be a good idea, but not if it’s gonna break the bank. We need affordable energy options that won’t leave our wallets feelin’ as empty as a scarecrow’s shirt.

Now, let me tell ya, furnace oil ain’t no bargain either, especially for us folks up here in the North. It’s colder than a polar bear’s toenails most of the year, and we rely on that furnace to keep us warm. But the price of furnace oil has been rising faster than a squirrel up a tree with a dog on its tail. It’s harder for seniors like us on fixed incomes to keep up with those bills.

But don’t get me wrong – I’m all for finding greener, cleaner energy solutions. We need to do our part to take care of this beautiful planet we call home. So, what’s the solution, you ask?

Well, let’s take a breather and get our infrastructure sorted out. Make sure electricity is affordable for everyone, not just the bigwigs in the city. And heck, while we’re at it, let’s find ways to make alternative energy sources more accessible for folks who depend on oil for their heating. Maybe throw in some incentives for those of us who are willing to make the switch. Other than heat pumps that is.

In the end, it ain’t about being against change; it’s about being practical. We can’t rush into this new era without making sure it works for all of us. So, let’s take our time, put the brakes on that gas and oil exodus, and make sure we’re all set up for a greener, more affordable future.

Y’all take care now, and remember, progress is great, but a little country wisdom never hurt nobody.

What’s Happening in Cottage Country on October 3, 2023: A Glimpse In & Around Our Home

Good Morning!

It’s another really nice morning here in Cottage country. Looking out our bedroom window, with the sun shinning, was an irresistible inspiration to rise and greet the day. But in saying that if you have any outside work that needs doing it would be a good idea to get it done, either today or tomorrow, as this summer like weather isn’t going to last. With rain and cooler temperatures moving into our area nearing the end of the week.

“Highway 522: Where the Only Commotion is Locals Wondering ‘What’s Happening?'”

Bug Report: For most parts them annoying parasites has left us for the year, but there are some, what I call no-seums flying around, especially when you are mowing the grass. And I found that they can bite occasionally. I have had to put my old hat to work for the past week or so, swatting them.

On another note, I’ve been collecting plants and roots recently to make my own herbal remedies. I’m gathering what I need now, and when the weather isn’t great, I’ll start making them. It’s good to have these things on hand, just in case. It’s too bad more folks doesn’t take advantage of what these plants have to offer. I call it being self efficient, not having to rely on others.

Today I will carry on with gathering some more while the weather is permitting, and after that come Thursday my wife and I will close our store for the winter. We still have to get our gardens put to bed and plant our garlic, but that can wait for another week or so. This time of year one has to keep an eye on what is taking place weather wise.

So with that, I am off for some scrambled eggs this morning with some homemade strawberry jam spread on top of an English Muffin that my wife made up a few weeks ago. I have to tell you that jam tastes like the real thing, not like the store bought stuff. You could say it’s mouthwatering good.

“Have a wonderful day, and if you can, enjoy some sunshine while it’s up high in the sky. It’s another natural remedy that many people don’t take advantage of these days.” GW

What’s Happening in and Around Our Cottage Country Home on October 1, 2023

Good Morning!

As the last traces of September’s warmth give way to the gentle chill in the air, there’s a sense of anticipation that fills the atmosphere. The calendar has finally flipped to a new page, and it’s that time of the year again—October has arrived!

So how you all doing this morning? Good I hope.

Ruth and I are well these days with lots to do preparing for winter. I have to say I sure have enjoyed summer this year, as last year I wasn’t up to doing very much, feeling like I was. In the beginning of this year things didn’t look all that promising health wise, but seeking out some of my natural remedies for years past, and bringing them to being I slowly started to improve. I am still not 100%, but I am well enough to do things that need doing, which takes a load off my little woman. She has enough to do without having to do my work.

Yesterday, I spent my time gatherin’ up more of nature’s gifts – plants. Today, I’m gonna do the same thing. Once I’ve got ’em all collected and dried up, I’ll start mixin’ up my special brews. These potions, I reckon, will come in handy when winter rolls around.

Over the years, I’ve learned that Mother Nature’s got just ’bout everything we need to keep ourselves healthy, if we’re willin’ to put in the effort to find ’em. And that’s exactly what I’m doin’ now, before these plants disappear for winter.

Today’s mission is pickin’ some Golden Rod leaves. They’re growin’ aplenty ’round here. After that, I’ll gather some Comfrey Roots and a handful of their healthy leaves. Nature’s bounty is right at our doorstep, and I aim to make the most of it.

Well, folks, it’s time for me to enjoy an English Muffin with some homemade jam, got plum on one side and peach on the other that my lovely wife has made for me. I tell ya, them things are just plain ol’ yummy. I can’t resist those tasty treats. Take care, y’all, and don’t forget to savor the good stuff in life!

What’s Happening At & Around Our Home Here in Cottage Country on Sep 30/ 2023”

Good Morning!

It looks as if we are in for another really nice day here in Cottage Country. The sun is out, showing off, and the temperature is climbing as I type. We sure have been having some nice weather for the past couple weeks or so. No one should have any complaints relating to our weather.

On another note, my lovely wife and I took a trip to North Bay yesterday to pick up some groceries and things. Before we left, we moved everything from our living room to other rooms, and I then put on a fresh coat of Polyurethane Oil Base for floors to spruce it up some. It had worn down some over the years, but now she is like new. Thinking about that, I remember my old friend Frank in Michigan, real nice fellow for sure, gone now taken by the virus a couple of years ago. Damn shame too. Anyway, he put down all new wooden floors made from real wood as he was a woodworker like me, and after he was finished I asked him how it looked. He said, “George it turned out great, other than it looks to new, so I am going to leave it for a few months and let the dog run around on it with his nails to scratch it up some along with the grandkids before I stain and cover it with Polyurethane. Which will make it look a lot nicer.” Which he did, and I have to tell you it sure looked nice when all said and done. Something like ours here at our home. I would never remove all the dents and scratches from the floor before redoing, as that would remove all the character. To me and my wife, every scratch and dent has a story to tell. It amazes me that so many people pay so much money to remove them. At any rate, to each their own. All I know, is that this morning now that it has dried and everything is back in place, it looks like a floor should look like.

While in town, we took in the sights and picked up what we needed. The only downside of going to town is that when I return, my pocket book is a lot lighter. After we picked up our items we headed on home while enjoying a coffee taking in the sights that Nature had to offer. Which was a lot with the leaves changing color and things. My wife said that Mother Nature is sure a great artist when she wants to be. I also noticed that this year we are having a lot more vibrant red colors, which means that the minerals in the soil has improved somewhat this year from other years.

All in all, it was a great day for a drive.

Stay safe as there is a lot of sickness out there these days. My wife and I are still wearing our mask when in the large stores, where there are a lot of people, and we still keep a bottle of sanitizer handy after we touch things, like shopping carts and gas pumps nozzles. GW

“Snapshot of Life: What’s Happening at & Around Our Home Here in Cottage Country on Sep 28, 2023”

Good Morning!

It looks as if we are in for another really nice day at our home here in Cottage Country. The sun is shinning without a cloud in the sky. It is a touch cool starting things off with the temperature sitting at 6.1 C | 42.98 F. However it will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. Which is a good thing, as my lovely wife and I sure enjoy warm weather and the sunshine.

Another thing that is strange, that most wouldn’t realize, is that the winds have been coming in from the North East for the past few days. The thing that is interesting, is that when the winds come in from the East, especially the north-east at this time of year means, that we are in for some not so good weather, but in 2023 it has changed to nice weather. It seems that Mother Nature is changing her ways behind the scenes. I have also found over the years that she’s also got her own mood swings. Especially when it comes to her trees. Some years, we might have plenty of rain and sunshine, which helps them trees grow up tall and strong, and they tend to have a nice, pointy top. Other years, though, it might be dry as a bone, or we might have too much rain that can make ’em grow a bit wild and unruly, givin’ ’em a less-pointy look. Which is what took place this year. So what has that got to do with anything? Well, it tells me that when these changes in nature occur, there are often consequences on the horizon for us as human beings. In other words, it’s a signal that we need to be prepared for potential effects on our lives, and that’s precisely what I am attempting to bring to light.

On another note, I worked all day yesterday restoring my porch on the side of our home by the driveway. I have been working on it now for three days and finished it at the end of the day. Now it has been brought back to its natural state with a coat of wood preserver. It should now last for another five years or more. Being that it is white cedar, it could last even longer. I hope so, as with what they are charging for lumber these days it makes it hard to replace or build anything. At any rate, it is finished and couldn’t be at a better time going into winter.

Today, my wife and I have our mowing to do around our home, which we will get at as soon as we enjoy a couple of pancakes stuffed full of cranberries and raspberries. With a drizzle of syrup over the top just to sweeten up our lives a touch.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine! It’s what we all need to stay healthy. GW

What’s Happening In & Around Our Home In Cottage Country on Sep 27/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a beautiful looking day here in Cottage country. The sun is shinning without hardly a cloud in the sky. Can’t beat that for this time of year, and the good news is the nice weather will remain with us for about a week or so.

Highway 522 is still quiet. The only traffic to speak of is the locals moving around looking for something to do, or picking up their mail.

On another note, yesterday I worked in and around my old woodworking shop for most of the day. I cleaned out the chimney on my shop and then trimmed some branches that were hanging on top of our lean-to, where we keep our firewood, and a few that were brushing up against the chimney. Once that was done, I had my lunch and then decided to work on the deck by our driveway. I painted it many years ago which was a mistake, I guess I had a weak moment with my thinking, as all my others I just put on a coat of wood preserver. In doing so, there is no more you have to do to it. But with paint, it peels over the years, which is what happened to this one. So I got busy with my lovely wife’s help and sanded the whole thing, removing the paint. I have to tell you, I was sure covered with dust when all said and done. But the end result, it looks like new. Today I will put on a coat of wood preserver like I did on all our other decks, and it will last for years. Doing all this saved me a few hundred dollars and other than some work didn’t cost us a cent, as I do have a gallon of wood preserver left over from when I did my other decks. It’s all in how you go about things. You can give your money away to the stores, or you can use your ingenuity and save. My wife and I have been doing that all our lives.

With that I am off for a McMuffin with some of my wife’s homemade jam and will then see what the day has in store.

Have a great day!

What’s Happening In And Around Our Home In Cottage Country On Sep 26/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a bit cloudy here in Cottage Country this morning, but we will see some sunshine a bit later on, as looking outside the sky is clearing as I type.

Highway 522 is still very quiet these days, but we are having a few folks still dropping by our gift shop, picking some of our unique items. We had one couple drop by late last night actually when we were closed and being that they were traveling through, and were interested in my flutes, we opened for them. Nice young couple that was travelling the world and had been to many countries and towns. We had a real nice chat and in the end they bought one of my flutes. I have to admit it is sure nice chatting to people, one reason if you listen … you can learn all kinds of things. Something that a lot don’t do today.

On another note, my lovely wife and I worked outside most of the day yesterday on some projects I had on the go, along with making some new tinctures from plants, that will sure come in handy if we are in need. You know … over the years I have learned more than my share of old time remedies that work well. Oh, I know some say, “George most doesn’t do a thing,” and to some point I have to agree with them, but in saying that there are a lot of plants out there today, that can help with a lot of ailments. I know this to be true, as I have seen how effective they can be if made properly using the right plants. I was told one time by an old Native Medicine man, a very good friend of mine, that for most diseases/ illnesses that affect us humans there is some kind of plant or tree that can help. The thing is, he said. It is that most humans don’t know where to look. And I have found that to be true too. So that is why I try and help those in need when ever I can.

“In the spirit of honoring the things I’ve received over the years, I give back in my own way.”

With that I am off for a boiled egg this morning, just the yoke, and then will see what the day has in store. Why do I eat just the yoke? Simple really, as I found over the years that the white isn’t good for you, it is put there to protect the yoke not to eat. As a matter of fact, we feed the birds every day as we enjoy watching them, but you know. When ever we throw out the white’s of the eggs, they won’t eat them. Actually, they won’t even go near them, especially the crows. One of the smartest birds on the planet next to the raven’s. The yoke now they gobble them up. So you see, just by watching nature you can learn a lot that is … if you have a mind too.

Have a great day. GW

What’s Happening Around Our Home Here in Cottage Country on Sep 25/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a real nice day here at our home, the sun is out of bed and the temperature at the time of this post was sitting at 11.3 C | 52.34 F. Which is quite nice for this time of year, and it will warm up a lot more as the day moves forward.

The maple tree leaves are changing colors real quick these days, and it’s shaping up to be a fine year for folks who fancy gazing at them. My wife and I don’t need to go far, just step out our back, side, or front door, and we get to watch them change every single day. Another nice thing about living where we do.

On another note, my lovely wife and I worked outside all day yesterday jacking up things and leveling them. One would be our trailer out front, getting it off the ground, as we don’t want them old wooden wheels to rot. After that, we jacked up the corner of our car port and set it on a new footing, which should last for another ten years or so. And after that we did some more work on our lean-to that we put our firewood under. Which took us most of the day. But when all said and done, everything was looking good. You know, as many things as there are to do around a country home, I do take pleasure in doing them. That is when I am feeling good.

Today I will get into making some of my tinctures and things that help us stay healthy and strong, along with a few that helps with aches and pains that happen up on us occasionally. I wasn’t able to make much up for the past two years not being well. When I gather my herbs and prepare my ingredients, I am not merely mixing substances; You could say that I am harnessing the potent forces of nature to support our well-being. So that is the plan for the day. But as I always say, I never really know what might take place, as sometimes I head off in one direction and end up doing something completely different. And I like it that way.

With that I am off for a toasted English Muffin, topped off with some peaches with a drizzle of Corn Syrup over the top. This tasty concoction isn’t just breakfast; it’s an energy-packed masterpiece that’s going to fuel my entire morning. How’s that for an explanation? Ha ha

Have a great day, as this nice weather isn’t going to last for much longer, before it gets a touch cool. Knowing that I ordered our furnace oil on Friday for the winter, I use it as a back-up in case we have to go anywhere and can’t feed our wood furnace. The joys of having back-ups in place! It’s like having an extra piece of cake stashed in the fridge when your sweet tooth strikes. You may not need it right now, but you’re darn glad it’s there. However, I am not looking forward to what it costs us to fill the tank. But hey, sometimes I need to focus on the bright side – having a warm and toasty home all winter long. GW

What’s Happening Around Our Home Here In Cottage Country On Sep 24/2023

Good Morning!

We are starting the day off without any power here this morning. There is a touch over 5000 without power due to the fact that they are doing maintenance on the lines. They say that the power will be out till around 4:00 PM this afternoon. So knowing that, my wife and I started our generator and have it running away outside. Which is a good thing to have in this country, as you never know what could take place at any given time. The same goes for food and heat, you need to have a back-up. For us, we have always had a back-up all our lives, actually my whole life is made up of back-ups. My wife says I have a back-up for everything.

On another note, the sun is shinning this morning, and it looks as if we are in for another nice day. I have to say, I sure enjoy this time of year. There ain’t nothin’ quite like the peace and quiet living in the country. You don’t gotta deal with all them city noises, just the sounds of nature. Birds chirpin’, wind rustlin’ through the trees, and the sweet silence that makes your soul feel at ease. It’s like a balm for the spirit, a chance to catch your breath and really soak in the simple beauty of the land. Country quietness, my friend, it’s like a good, old-fashioned hug from Mother Nature herself.

Moving along, I worked all day yesterday on the old cement mixer I bought and finished installing the motor late in the day. The only issue I had was the motor was running in the wrong direction, but being the kind of fellow I am, I moved the wiring around a bit and got it running the right way. Things I learned over the years comes in handy from time to time.

Today I will work on things around the house here, being we have no power. Living out in the country and ownin’ a place of your own, there’s always somethin’ needs tendin’ to. Especially heading into winter.

With that I am off for an Egg on an English muffin and will then see what the day has in store. I never really know.

Have a fantastic day, folks! Remember, while we might be without power for a little while, at least we’ve got the sun to provide us with both warmth and a free, natural light show. Who needs electricity when you’ve got the universe’s own light bulb, right? Enjoy the sunshine and make the most of this unplugged time! GW

What’s Happening Around Our Home In Cottage Country On Sep 23/2023

Good Morning!

Looking outside waking up, it looks as if we are in for another nice day. The sun is shinning with just a few clouds floating by. We could see a shower later on, but all in all, things weather wise are looking down right nice for the next week. Which is fine with my lovely wife and I as we still have a few things that needs attending outdoors.

Highway 522 is slowed down still and will remain that way now for a while till the hunters start entering into the picture. I don’t hunt that much anymore. Not that I don’t enjoy a deer/moose/bear roast occasionally.

On another note, yesterday I worked away on this old cement mixer I bought a few days ago. Got it all cleaned and painted, then went on to add some wheels and a toe-hitch, so I can move it around without hurting myself. Today I will see if I can figure out a way to mount the motor that drives it, and after that it will be ready if I happen to need it. As I said in the last post, I am not rightly sure why I bought the darn thing, but there must be a reason hidden away somewhere. At any rate, it’s something new to look at, ha ha. After that, my wife and I sat out under our Basswood Tree, taking in what nature had to offer while enjoying a cup of coffee, and a chocolate chip cookie that she made awhile back. I do love my cookies.

Having said that, I’m going to grab a bite to eat and then see what the day unfolds, beyond my scheduled plans. One never really knows.

So, seize the day, make the most of the beautiful weather, and savor every moment. GW

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What’s Happening Around Our Home In Cottage Country on Sep 22/2023

Good Morning!

And a fine morning it is, other than a few clouds floating by. Enjoy the sunshine today, as tomorrow we could see a few showers off and on throughout the day. But in saying that … on Sunday the sun returns and will stay with us for a good week or so. I have to tell you I sure enjoy this time of year, especially when it is sunny and warm. With the leaves changing from green to all colors of the rainbow, it sure is a sight to see. To me in the fall, it means I get to rest a bit. I think it’s from growing up on the farm, as all summer long we work in the fields from daylight till dark and come winter we get some time to do other things, that aren’t so pressing. What ever the reason, now that I am getting up there in years, I enjoy it and when ever possible I like to sit on our front porch, or on our swing under our Basswood tree with my lovely wife and take in what nature has to offer … that is all around us. Nature has so much to see/offer if a person takes the time to notice. I believe that a person needs to slow down, like walking slower, taking the time to smell the flowers, leaves, soil or what ever is happening around them. And you know … over the years I found in doing, so I get more done than if I was in a rush.

Highway 522 is still quiet, but it will pick up a bit with it closing in on the weekend with folks heading off to their favorite stores in the cities picking up groceries and things. For my wife and I we have pretty well all we need to last us through the winter if need be. The reason being that my lovely wife has been doing up preserves and storing things away for what lies ahead. Some say they can simply go when ever they want and pick up what they need. I say, yep that is true, but you will be paying a lot more and them fruits and veggies during the winter months, well, they ain’t packin’ much nutritional punch. Truth be told, they’re as empty as a tumbleweed blowin’ through a ghost town. And if you knew what they put in them can goods, well … let’s just say it isn’t good for your health, that’s for certain. But the best part is, it’s downright satisfying knowin’ we’re self-reliant, like the pioneers of old. We’re takin’ care of ourselves, just like our grandparents did, and it gives us a sense of pride and peace.

On another note, I bought an old cement mixer the other day. I got it for a good price, but it needed a bit of work. So I have been working away on it, getting it into working order. Truth be told, I am not sure why I bought the darn thing. I saw it setting out by the road and something drew me to it, a powerful urge you could say. But over the years I have found it is best to act upon these feelings if I can, and most of the time I come out ahead. It sure is something how things twirl around in a feller’s noggin, or in his heartstrings?

With that I am off for a boiled egg this morning on a muffin which should hold me over till lunchtime.

Have a good one, and once more, soak up that sunshine, ’cause it beats the heck out of them flu shots any day! GW

What’s Happening In Cottage Country on Sep 21/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a bit cloudy here in Cottage Country this morning. It is also a touch cool with the temperature sitting at 9.3 C | 48.74 F. It will however warm up a lot as the day moves forward. Actually, other than Saturday with a few showers entering into the picture, things are looking pretty good with lots of sunshine. So there should be no complaints in that department.

Highway 522’s been real calm lately, no two ways about it. Not as many folks moseyin’ on into our gift shop like they used to, but don’t fret none. We still got a handful droppin’ by each day, takin’ a look and buying my lovely wife’s beautiful paintings, my books, the one of a kind flutes I make, and all them unique knick-knacks we’ve been craftin’ up over them long winter months.

You see, what sets our store apart is we aren’t just sellin’ stuff, we’re creatin’ it from scratch. We get our hands on some materials that you can’t just pick up at any store, and that’s because we’ve been at it for years, honin’ our skills and learnin’ the ropes. So, if you’re lookin’ for somethin’ special, somethin’ made with a whole lotta heart and know-how, made right here in Canada, you know where to find us.

On another note, today is mowing day, which my wife and I enjoy doing, especially when we are both feeling well. Once all said in done it looks so nice we just have to do some front porch sittin’ taking it all in. We’re truly fortunate to call this corner of the world our home. It’s undeniably beautiful, even though it seems to be gaining popularity, leading to a bit of congestion. I’m quite open to welcoming newcomers, as long as they appreciate the charm of our area without attempting to overhaul it completely. If you’re relocating to the countryside but yearn for all the amenities of city life, perhaps you’d be better off sticking to the urban jungle – just my two cents, of course. But hey, who needs a Tim Hortons when you can enjoy your morning coffee with viewing a few moose and deer?

With that, I am off for a bagel this morning with some of my wife’s homemade peach and plum jam, which should be tasty.

Have a great day, and enjoy the sunshine, your body will be glad you did. GW

What’s Happening In Cottage Country on Sep 20/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cold morning here, waking up in cottage country. Getting out of bed, the temperature was sitting at 7.9 C | 46.22 F. Last night while walking in from my shop, I felt the stillness of autumn, which means winter’s footsteps aren’t that far off. However, the wind is coming in from the south, the barometer is rising, and the sun is shinning, which all means that we are in for a nice day. Which also means to enjoy the nice weather while you can. And my wife and I are doing just that.

Highway 522 was a bit busy yesterday.

On another note, my wife and I decided to head on into North Bay yesterday, to pick up some supplies which we needed. I have to say that the stores weren’t all that busy. Actually, it was a great day for shopping as we didn’t have to deal with folks getting in our way. Even Home Depot was quiet. I suspect it is because folks are hurting more these days, along with the price of things. When we got up to the checkout at the grocery store, and they told us what it was going to cost us, I swear I heard my wallet whimper and start practicing its escape plan! It’s hard to believe how things has changed in the food department over the years. Oh, and don’t get me started on food trends. One minute, we’re all about kale smoothies and quinoa; the next, it’s all about cricket protein and edible flowers. I’m just waiting for the day when we start eating holographic food because it’s “zero calories” and “gluten-free” in another dimension. And you know, it might just happen with what these scientists are coming up with these days.

Anyway, not much a feller can do other than sit back and enjoy the ride, yea, well … that’s another topic in its self when it comes to transportation. I won’t get into that this morning, Ha ha

In any case, we carried the groceries we had purchased back to our car, feeling somewhat lighter in the wallet. We then decided to have lunch in the comfort of our car while indulging in some people-watching, then we set off for home, soaking in the natural beauty around us, It was a nice day all in all.

With that, you all have a great day. GW

What’s Happening In Cottage Country on Sep 19/2023

My lovely wife’s delicious homemade pancakes, topped off with a few Raspberries, Mike Clappertons Maple Syrup and … an Easy Over Egg. Oh, and I can’t forget the touch of icing sugar. Which should hold me till lunchtime.

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Good Morning!

It looks as if we are in for a real nice day here in Cottage Country. The sun has risen and there are only a few clouds in the sky. However, it is a touch cool out there with the temperature sitting at 6.3 C | 43.34 F. We did turn on our oil furnace this morning to warm things up a touch, and I have to say it feels mighty good. Sign of what’s to come.

Highway 522 is still quiet these days, with mostly locals moving around. Although, there are also a few out-of-towners in the area checking out things. I also see Mike at his Marina here in town is busy putting boats away for winter. He is a busy guy for sure.

On another note, my lovely wife and I almost finished tiding up the bush here by our home. With me not well for a couple of years, it has been let go to some extent. At least to where it bothered us. Now that it is cleaned up, it makes it just that much nicer to sit on our front porch, taking in what nature has to offer. Which is a lot if you take the time to watch, listen, and smell things. A lot of folks don’t do that today. You know, just the other day my wife and I were sitting on our swing that I made years ago, under our huge basswood tree out back of our home, and my wife says looking up through the leaves at the sun. “Doesn’t it look beautiful with the sun shinning down through the leaves and branches.” I have to admit she was right. As many times I sat there, I never thought of looking up. It’s amazing how something’s can be right in front of us, and we miss seeing them.

Today I want to do some work in my woodworking shop getting it ready for making our winter projects. And after that, I think some front porch sittin’ will be in order. Just because I can.

With that, have a great day and soak up some of that sunshine while you can. It’s the best preventive medicine out there today, other than eating right and staying out of hospitals or doctor’s offices, especially this time of year. GW

What’s Happening In Cottage Country on Sep 16/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cloudy, wet morning here in cottage country, and we did have some showers through the night. We should see some sunshine later on, and the good news is we will be having some warm temperatures along with lots of sunshine for the next 5 days or so. But after that, well … let’s just say weather wise, things won’t be all that good. But we are coming into Fall and where we live we are used to just about anything. Well, at least some of us.

Highway 522 is still quiet, but in saying that we did have a few folks drop by our one of a kind gift shop yesterday picking up a few items of choice, we made some new friends and got into some down right interesting conversations about the world in general, farming, along with plants and things. After that, my wife and I got busy and worked away in our bush here by our home, cleaning it up, which took us the remainder of the day. It does look a lot nicer now. So Sunday was a great day for meeting people and getting a lot of work done. We don’t have a specific favorite day of the week because we think each day is special in its own special way. This has always been our attitude, and we really enjoy it this way. Being a farmer for a good portion of my life, you learn to take advantage of each and every day, especially if the weather is nice.

Bug Report: Actually working in the bush yesterday, a few of them blood sucking parasites were around. I guess they were thinking they needed a bit more blood before winter hit.

Today I have some work to do in my woodworking shop, but we will see how that works out after I have had my breakfast that my lovely wife is getting ready. I still have to till up our vegetable garden for winter, but it will have to wait till the remainder of our plants are finished, which will be in about a week or so. After that, I will get busy and plant some garlic for next year. I don’t like to put it in too early, but I do like to get it in before it gets too cold, which in turn gives it a chance to get established and used to its new home. From a farmer’s point of view, people often wonder, “George, how do you figure out when it’s the best time to plant or pick/harvest crops?” And I reply, “You know, it’s a bit like having a special sense that tells me when it’s just right, or you could say I get this inner feeling that guides me on when to do things. My dad used to say that some people are born with this gift, while others aren’t, and I believe that’s how it operates. Regardless, I never second-guess these feelings; I simply act upon them.

With that bit of information under your hat, that is if you wear a hat, I am off for a bite to eat and will then enjoy the day that lies ahead. It looks like the sky is brightening up a bit.

Have a good day! GW

Food For Thought

Sending $33 million in air defense missiles to Ukraine while people are homeless on the streets in Canada doesn’t seem logical to me. But one thing is for certain, providing financial aid to countries engaged in conflict is draining our own nation’s resources, which I believe we will all pay for in the near future. There is a limit to what a country can do, or give.

Enjoy Life

I believe this to be true, if things hasn’t killed me by now that I enjoy, why stop eating or drinking them. Just common sense.

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When You’re Right, You’re Right

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What’s Happening In Cottage Country On Sep 17/2023

Good Morning!

Starting things off it’s a cloudy damp morning here in Cottage Country. We did have some light showers through the night. We could see some more showers throughout the day and into tomorrow, but after that we are back to some sunshine along with some warmer temperatures, which will be nice.

Highway 522 may be tranquil these days, but our gift shop has been bustling with activity as visitors come in to acquire unique items that cannot be found elsewhere.

ON another note, yesterday, my wife and I worked most of the day on some long over-do outside projects that needed to be done. Makes me happy that I am able to get things done up, especially now with winter slowly entering into the picture. Today I am planning on working away in our bush here by our home, tiding things up a bit. I have a lot of old pine that needs to be piled from trees we cut down over the years. So if it doesn’t rain, I will get at that. Mind ya, I’ll be takin’ it real easy and bein’ mighty cautious, as I don’t want to hurt myself, especially now that I am able to do a few things. A person doesn’t realize just how lucky they are to be able to do the simplest of things.

With that, I’m about to enjoy a nutritious breakfast consisting of a boiled egg topped with cheese, served on a bed of freshly picked lettuce from our garden. It’s hard to find a healthier way to start the day. I’ve learned over time that what you consume is just as vital as what you apply to your body or how you take care of it.

Have a good day! GW

What’s Happening In Cottage Country on Sep 16/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a cool morning getting out of bed here in Cottage Country. The temperature at the time of this post was sitting at 8.5 C | 47.3 F. But in saying that it will warm up a lot as the day moves forward.

Highway 522 is quiet these days.

On another note, I did get to taking apart an old boat trailer I had lying around for a while. Things worked out well, and now I have a bunch of parts and steel I can use to make things with in the future if need be. And another thing is it doesn’t take up a lot of room now, that it’s been taken apart. Actually I enjoyed taking it apart which took me three hours or so while enjoying the sunshine. It’s nice to be able to do these things.

Today I will put the parts away where I can get at them and then clean up my shop a wee bit, as when I get to working on things it seems, as my wife says … “You sure can make a mess.” She is right, too.

My wife and I also cleaned up a portion of our vegetable garden yesterday, pulling out our tomato plants for another year along with some pesky weeds. We will do the rest once what we have still growing is finished for the year, which is some cucumbers, acorn squash, lettuce, spinach and beans. Oh, and some of our peppers haven’t turned color yet, so leaving them on for a touch longer. But if it looks as if we are going to have some frost, I will pick them. As I don’t want to lose them. They are a nice size this year and will make for some really nice red and yellow pepper jelly. My lovely wife is a master at making it, and it sure tastes good on some crackers with cheese, or other things of choice. Just one more item that will save us some money come winter, along with eating healthy. It’s nice to be self efficient, which my wife and I have been all our life’s.

With that I am off for an egg on lettuce with a sliced up tomato which should hold me till lunchtime. I stopped eating bread as I found over the years it causes a lot of inflammation in the body. I feel a lot better not eating it, and truth be told I don’t miss it one bit. We use lettuce instead for making sandwiches. Along with the occasional thin wrap. Hmm, maybe being so cool outside, I might take a few extra minutes and have a hot chocolate. Just because I can.

Have a great day! GW