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What’s Happening in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Sept 28/2022

It’s a cloudy day for us here in Port Loring. But at least the rain is finished for now. I think. We should be seeing lots of sunshine after today for the next week. That is … if Hurricane Ian doesn’t causes any grief. Not that we would get the storm that Sarasota Florida is going to get, but we could get some more rain. So we will see, I am hoping for sunshine. Highway 522 is slow this morning but it will pick up as the day progresses. Not as busy as it has been but there are still a lot of campers moving into our area. A lot of hunters and fishermen.

On another note my lovely wife and I went to town yesterday to pick up a few things. Along our way we noticed how the leaves were changing colors and I suspect in another week we will be in the middle of it. It is nice right now. If we have more rain it will make short work of them. Lets hope the sun holds it course, which will make it real nice for folks to get out and take in the beauty they are giving off.

In North Bay it was quite busy. I don’t think anyone works anymore as the parking lots were full, and the streets were bumper to bumper. Sign of what is going on these days. While there we picked up our groceries, bought some lunch and ate it in the car while people watching. Interesting to say the least. Something different to do for a change. We still wear our mask when going into stores as we don’t want to catch the virus ,or any other thing that is going around. We are in the minority now. But that is okay they can do what they want to do, and we will do what we want to do.

After picking up what we needed we headed on back home enjoying the scenery as we drove along. It was a full day but a good day. Today we will take it easy. Or at least I will. I have to still finish up my Thanksgiving Podcast. My wife is going to be making some things for Thanksgiving dinner, which is closing in on us fast. Boy time has flown by this year.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal and a piece of toast and will then get to work.

In Closing, Would Like To Wish You Well. GW

What’s Happening In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Sept 27/2022

We sure have had our share of rain lately. But it is necessary, as the plants and trees were in dire need of a good drink before their long winters nap. Highway 522 is picking up a bit these days with lots of campers moving around. The temperatures haven’t been all that bad so far, but we have had to turn on our oil furnace for the past week. We don’t need it on long, just in the mornings, long enough to warm up our old bones, along with taking out the dampness in the house. Feels good too. We haven’t had to burn any wood yet, which is a good thing, as we like to keep it for January and February when it gets real cold. Occasionally we burn a bit in December. Another reason is, it gets to hot in here if the temperatures are not that cold outside. It wasn’t always that way, but now that we insulated all the walls and under the eves upstairs, things are much warmer. It was a good investment that we made a few years ago. It took my wife and I all of one summer to do everything. Saved a lot of money doing it ourselves. We are also happy we did it when we did. As we wouldn’t be able to do it now, with the price of everything. There is some crazy prices out there today and there is no reason it should be this high. They think they have us by the short hair, but they are wrong, as people now are not buying things as they once were. Eventually they will have to drop their prices … or go out of business. Once that happens, you will hear more … crying the blues wanting more of the working mans money … saying they need it to stay afloat. It’s a crazy world we live in right now. But … we the people still have the upper hand, all we have to do is put our money away until things comes down in price. That’s what we are doing and will continue to do, till the country comes to it’s senses. Of course that might take awhile knowing the mentality of a lot of folks these days.

On another note with the rain and all, my lovely wife and I have been working on some projects here in the house where it is warm and dry. Today by the looks of things we will do the same.

It’s good to vent, now and then ... releases the pressure. Ha ha. Good to laugh too.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well.

What’s Happening in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Sept 26/2022

Yep another rainy day here in Port Loring. We also had a lot of heavy rain through the night. I don’t really mind though, as I enjoy listening to it on the roof. The temperatures are holding these days with it sitting at 11.1 C | 51.98 F getting out of bed. The good news is the rain should give away to lots of sunshine starting Thursday. But that all depends on which way Hurricane Ian heads. At the moment it looks like it has Florida in its sights. I hope they make out okay, as life has been hard enough the past two years without having to deal with Nature. But then again that is what life is all about. What will be will be, so best make the most out of every day. I found that to be true over the years. Highway 522 was quiet yesterday, but I suspect it will pick up later on today and get real busy nearing the end of the week. Its been that way since we moved here 20 years ago.

Yesterday I took it a bit easy working on my 101 Podcast. Which is all about how we celebrated Thanksgiving years ago. Today being a wet day I will finish it. The wife however worked all day doing the wash and making meals. She is a hard working woman for sure. A pretty one too! She is trying as I am to get things done up … so she has time to do her paintings this winter. Which is something she enjoys.

With that I am off for a bowl of cereal and will then see what mischief I can get into. Stay safe.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well!

Only In Canada

I have to admit that this young fellow doing the talking is very good at what he does. He sums things up quite nicely, if I do say so myself.

But you know. After watching this video, I am thinking that in part, it might be a good thing, as this big breasted woman/man … in reality … is truly showing what our world is becoming.

My opinion only.

What’s Happening On Sept 25/2022 In Port Loring, Ontario, Canada.

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It’s a cloudy rainy morning here in Port Loring. It isn’t as cool as it was, with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 10.3 C | 50.54 F. Yesterday turned out to be a really nice day with lots of sunshine thrown in for good measure. Highway 522 has been quite busy. Today with the rain and being Sunday … I suspect things will slow down.

On another note my wife and I have been real busy for the past week getting things done up for winter along, with all the things I didn’t get done with being laid up all summer. It’s amazing what can be done when two old Clydesdale’s pull together. Same goes with my wife and I. I wrote a story about that awhile ago for one of my columns.

Being that we worked so hard the past few days we are going to take the day off today. At least for most parts, as my lovely wife is doing a wash. Women’s work is never done they say, and I agree with that. Men would be hard pressed if we didn’t have them.

I might make a loaf of home made bread this morning. I did have a great recipe that I was given to me by the folks that used to have the General Store here in town, but somehow I lost it. It was a real good one too, that could be made in a bread maker. Since I lost it the bread isn’t the same.

With that I am off for a bite to eat and will then see what the day has in store, other than what I have planned. You never know. Stay safe. GW

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well.