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This is a spot where you can take a look at the weather here at our home and in and around our area. I just like to let folks know a bit on what’s happening each day. There is also a a link if you scroll down which will take you to our own personal weather station which uploads the daily forecast along with a lot of other info of the weather which is uploaded ever fifteen minutes or so and it is all free. Can’t beat that huh?

Morning Report

Us humans woke up to a few clouds this morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. We also had a touch of rain through the night but not enough to wet the ground. Today we will see clouds and sunshine. Tomorrow there is a slight risk of a thunderstorm. With these hot humid Florida like temperatures we could get anything. But for most parts it is looking like a not so bad week. It will be quite warm though and humid today. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 21.3 C | 70.34 F. Black Flies are pretty well all gone. Mosquitoes are still with us but not as bad. Horse and deer flies are another story. If you are near the bush they find you. On another note it looks like I might have to carry some water for my gardens with it being so dry. Today I will be working in the shop once again. Took me all day to set up for making Flutes. Lots involved in their making. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will let the day unfold around me.

Fishing Times For Port Loring

I would think it will be a good day for fishing by the looks of my old weather stick, wind direction and barometer. I give it a 5 Star Rating out of 5. Good Luck!


Good Times
1:00 PM-4:00 PM

Slower Times
7:30 PM-10:00PM

She has a point.

Morning Report For Port Loring Ontario

Great looking day waking up. Sun is shinning and the birds were all enjoying themselves outside my bedroom window. Cars and trucks are manoeuvring up and down the highway with even the odd plane flying over our home. Yep summer is here along with the tourists. Nice to see folks entering back into the picture. Temperatures were sitting at 17.6 C | 63.68 F. By the looks of things we are in for a very hot week with only a slight chance of rain mid week. We do need rain. On another note we did have a busy day yesterday at our store. Folks dropped by to pick up a few things along with friends coming in to say hi letting us know they are back for the summer. You could say it was a talking day. Today I will be working on some small orders and things. Once they are finished I will get back to working on my Flutes. Lot of tedious work making them. After three in the afternoon it is front porch sittin’ time. Why is that? Just because I can. With that I am off for a cup of coffee and then get on with my chores.

Fishing Times For Port Loring Ontario


Major Times
12:00PM-3:00 PM
Slow Times
7:00PM-9:00 PM
Today fishing will be pretty good. With this heat that is coming things might slow down. But hey! Fish have a way of defying humans thinking.
I give it a 3 Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few nice ones. Good Luck!

Great way to start the day other than getting out of bed.

Good Morning

A few clouds waking up here in Port Loring Ontario Canada. Temperatures were sitting at 16.6 C | 61.88 F. We will see more sunshine as the day progresses. Actually it will be a really nice day all way round. Black flies are all but gone, the mosquitoes are still with us. But this dry warm weather takes a toll on them. Today I will finish up some small orders for folks then I am thinking some front – porch sittin’ is the thing to do. It’s hard not to take advantage of this nice weather. I also have to water my vegetables as it is quite dry. The old saying is: You have to give to get. Seems that is correct in some ways. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and let the day unfold around me. GW

Fishing Times For Today


Good Times
11:00 AM-2:00 PM
Slower Times
7:00PM-9:00 PM

I give it a 3 star rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

Good morning Port Loring

Another beauty of a day here in Port Loring. We had a few clouds waking up, but they are slowly leaving us bringing in the sunshine. Temperatures overnight were great for sleeping and at the time of this post they were sitting at 18 C | 64.4 F. Black Flies are all but gone they still linger in the bush areas. Mosquitoes are another story them blood sucking parasites are still annoying. Working in my shop they got on my nerves a touch yesterday, till I turned on the big shop vac with the six-inch hose and, well that made short work of them. After that, I put a fan on my bench blowing them back out the door. Works great. The old saying is if there is a will there is a way. True in some respects. Our vegetable gardens are growing leaps and bounds these days with fresh veggies every day for the table. Today I will be working in the shop on orders once again. Nice to be able to work out there with the doors open. Lots of folks dropping by these days picking up items of choice at our store. I would have to say it is the busiest year we have had in a lot of years, especially for flutes, my books, paintings and custom signs. Not complaining mind ya. With that I am off for my morning cup of coffee and will see what mischief I can get myself into. GW

These women have it all over us men. Just can’t beat them. Damn!

Good Morning

Cloudy morning waking up here in Port Loring Ontario Canada. Actually cool this morning, with temperatures sitting at 15.2 C | 59.36 F. The reason for the coolness is the wind is coming in from the North West. Things will warm up some in a bit, with sunshine entering into the picture. We did have a wee bit more rain which was needed. Under the trees though it is still dry. My tomatoes are starting to take shape … but it will be a few more weeks before we get to taste one or two. This year I put in a row of low acid ones. I got them started from some seeds that I brought with me seventeen years ago. Should be interesting to see how they taste. I do know when we had the farms years ago they were a good seller. Time will tell. Another thing that amazes me is how old these seeds are, and they still germinated and grew into some nice plants. You never know with Nature let me tell you. Today I will be working in the woodworking shop as I have a couple orders to fill along with another sign I need to cut out for my lovely wife. People sure love her signs, I can’t say I blame them as they all turn out beautiful. With that I am off for a bite to eat and then let it settle with a cup of organic perked coffee. GW

Complaints always welcome.

Good Morning

No sunshine so far this morning in Port Loring Ontario Canada. But the good news is we did have a bit of rain which my vegetable garden needed badly. I think things grew a foot overnight. It never ceases to amaze me what Mother Nature can do. As hard as we try to do things, Mother Natures makes it look easy. Of course, she can cause havoc too if we aren’t prepared. Temperatures waking up were sitting at 21.7 C | 71.06 F. Actually quite warm for this early in the morning. We could see a couple of morning showers; otherwise, clouds will slowly leave us making way for some sun. We also have a nice breeze coming in from the 298 deg | WNW. On another note I will see about doing some mowing in a bit. The grass though has slowed down some which is fine by me. With that … I am for my morning cup of perked coffee and will just let the day do as it wants. Seems to do that anyways. LOL

That’s what the wife says about me. Hmm.