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What’s Happening in Cottage Country On June 2023

Good Morning!

It’s a bit cloudy this morning, waking up, and it has cooled down some. Which is okay with me as I don’t really enjoy it when the temperatures are in the 90s F. But then again, I am not one to complain, as winter is long enough. Highway 522 is a bit busy, but not all that bad for this time of year. I suspect though, closing in on July, things will pick up.

Bug Report: Actually, for the past couple days being so hot, the Black Flies and Mosquitoes haven’t been all that bad. My lovely wife and I mowed yesterday, and we didn’t need our bug jackets. Truth be told, no matter how bad they are, they don’t usually bother me much. My wife says I’m not sweet enough. She could be right. At any rate, we did manage to get all our grass cut, her using the walk behind and me using the rider. I was all in when done and didn’t do much the rest of the day. Today we have to water our veggie garden as the plants are in need of a good drink. We will do that this morning and maybe plant our pumpkins in another garden that I have ready. Nothing like fresh homemade pumpkin pie in the fall. Especially using pumpkins you grew yourself, organic, that is.

With that, I am off for a bite to eat and will then see what the day has in store. I never know. I start off in one direction and end up going in another. But I wouldn’t want it any other way.

Have a good day. GW

What’s Happening On May 31/2023

Good Morning!

Well, it’s been a couple of days since I have been able to post here on my blog. My lovely wife and I have been so busy with things going on around the house here, and … I am still not able to walk too far. But as I say, lots is being done. Like our new roof here on our home. The roofing company did arrive on Monday and finished it yesterday. And I have to tell you, they did a fantastic job. I have seen a few roofing companies in my lifetime, but these guys sure knew what they were doing. Ended up once the old shingles were off, my wife and I decided on covering our whole roof of our house with new plywood. Not cheap by any means. The reason being that when they built this house in 1926 they used boards and when they installed them they were probably still somewhat green, and well over time they shrunk leaving some gaps, and some were different thickness’s. So knowing that being a woodworker for many years, we brought it up to modern time so to speak. Now, when looking at the new shingles they are all laying nice and flat and with the new plywood it will also make our house a bit warmer come winter. They also laid down all the new ice shields and coverings before the new shingles went down, along with new vents, flashings and drip edges. All in all it turned out real nice, and we couldn’t be happier. If anyone is in need of a good roofing company, the name of the company is All Heights Roofing from Field, Ontario. Ask for Steve. Say George From Port Loring sent ya. Great company to deal with and on top of that they are fair when it comes to pricing. Kind of sad that we had to go out of town to get someone. But it’s not that we didn’t try! As we have been looking for someone for two years, and either their prices were way out of line and I mean way out of line, or they just didn’t want to do it. At any rate, maybe it was for the best, as we did find these guys, and they looked after us. We also got the top of the line shingles.

On another note, my wife and I did manage to get our veggie garden planted last Sunday. It was a challenge with all them pesky black flies annoying us and the both of us not being all that well. We got up around five in the morning and were finished around 11:00 AM. The reason for that was, we wanted to beat the heat, as I knew the hot weather was closing in on us. At any rate, it is done and now other than keeping it watered, we can sit back and watch it grow. We are sure looking forward to enjoying them when they get up to size. Especially the tomatoes and lettuce and garlic…. oh hell, we enjoy them all. Ha ha.

With that, I am off for a bite to eat and a cup of tea that my wife is preparing for me, and will then see what the day and my body has in store. Stay safe and have a great day. GW

What’s Happening In Cottage Country On May 28/2023

Good Morning!

It looks like another nice day shaping up for us here in Cottage Country. The sun is shinning and things are looking good, at least temperature wise. Waking up it was sitting at 10.4 C | 50.72 F. Nice out there for working at the moment, but it is going to get down right hot as the day moves forward with the temperature getting up to … 30C| 87F. Highway 522 has been busy and will get even busier in the coming days. Lots of campers and tourists starting to move around. And the folks that own cottages are opening them up for summer. Kind of nice seeing new faces for a change.

On another note, we have had a lot of activity around our home for the past two days, with my son Craig and his friend Mike coming for a visit to help my wife and I get some things done that needed doing. The worked like two beavers getting things done up that my lovely wife and I can’t do right now. The only thing left now is to get our veggie garden planted, which we might start early this morning, we will see how that works out as both of us are still hurting.

Also, the roofing company said they will be here on Monday morning, which will be another busy day. SO lots going on in spite of both of us not being able to do much.

Bug Report: The Black Flies are around with a vengeance these days and for those that they like they are biting like crazy. I felt bad for my sons friend as where he was bitten he was swelling up especially around his fingers. I told them to wear gloves and things, along with a net, but they wouldn’t hear of it. Eventually they did, so they learned. The mosquitoes are also annoying, and they will remain with us for a while longer until it gets real hot and the dragon flies make their appearance. They clean them up pretty fast.

With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal and will then see what my body will allow me to do.

Have a great day. GW

What’s Happening In Cottage Country On May 26/2023

Good Morning!

It looks like a nice day once again is shaping up for us. The sun is shinning, and the temperature is rising. It was a bit cool with it sitting at 6.1 C | 42.98 F getting out of bed. We did have another frost overnight and into this morning. I am thinking we should be good now. But in saying that, my wife and I aren’t going to plant our veggie garden until Saturday. As that is when the nighttime temperatures are in the high 40s and 50s at night. So we will see, as I sure wouldn’t want to lose all our seedlings. Especially our tomatoes, as I am looking forward to a few tomato sandwiches.

Bug Report: Yesterday, the Black Flies started to return after lunch, along with the Mosquitoes. Somehow a few got into the house through the day and last night my lovely wife and I were up around 2 in the morning swatting them. Nothing is worse than having them irritating you when you want to sleep. Today they will be out in full force as the temperatures are going to rise steadily all day.

On another note, our roofer didn’t make it yesterday for some reason, so I guess I will have to give him a call and see what happened. I know his son had some issues with a broken finger, so we will see. Hoping they come soon, as I sure would like to get it done up before summer hits. Been a longtime coming.

With that I am off for a soft-boiled egg and a piece of toast and will then see what my body says. It is still playing hell with me. Have a great day. GW

Frost Warning For Cottage Country

Don’t forget to cover your tender plants before going to bed, as we can expect some frost late tonight and into tomorrow morning.

What’s Happening In Cottage Country On May 25/2023

Click on Image to Enlarge!

Well, starting things off, I hope everyone covered their plants before going to bed last night, as it did get down to where we had another frost. The temperature waking up was sitting at 0.6 C | 33.08 F. And it should also be noted that tonight it will become cold once again and another frost is likely. Looking at things, I would say our summer will be near normal for our area. We will see a few hot days, but for most parts, it looks like a real nice summer is shaping up for us here in Cottage country. At least that is what I get from looking at nature. So we will see how that pans out.

Bug Report: Yesterday turned out to be a real nice day, warming up in the afternoon. Being a bit cool, the Black Flies were kept at bay along with the Mosquitoes. Them blood sucking parasites. Some say every thing has a purpose in our old world, but in my mind, I kind of think, we could do without a few of them. But then again, the birds, bats and others feast off of them. And as hard as it is to believe, some plants rely on them for pollination. At any rate, what will be, will be.

On another note, yesterday, my lovely wife managed to get our grass cut. I hobbled out to my old Roper Riding Mower and managed to cut the front, but I was all in after that, and was ready to get to my lazy boy chair. Today I will take it a bit easy. I think, or hope, so. However, we are having a new roof being installed on our home today, I think, so that should be interesting. Long time coming, as with today’s prices, it took us awhile to save up. Some say, “George, why not just finance it?” Well, all my life, I never bought anything that we couldn’t pay for. If we didn’t have the money to pay for it outright, it didn’t get bought. We did without. And I am not about to change, or get dictated on what to do now.

It might be a bit cool up on the roof, and the old shingles at the moment are covered with frost. But it will be short-lived once the sunshine hits them.

With that, I am off for a pancake or two that my lovely wife is making for us with a touch of Mike Clappertons’ world renown Maple Syrup, and will then see what the day, and my body has in store. I am determined not to let it get the best of me. For every aliment there is a reason and my wife and I along with some very good friends are working on it.

Have a great day, and soak up some of that sunshine, as there is nothing better than Vitamin D3 to keep you healthy, strong and wanting to move ahead in life. GW

What’s Happening On May 24/2023

Well, here it is, the 24th of May. The good news is we didn’t have any frost overnight or this morning. However, in saying that, it isn’t all that warm with the temperature sitting at 2.8 C | 37.04 F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. And will continue to get even warmer as the week goes by. Actually it will get down right hot nearing the weekend with lots of sunshine. Which is okay with my wife and I as we do enjoy sitting and working outside.

Highway 522 is getting very busy with campers and even some tourists and day trippers roaming in and around our small town. If you like the solitude and enjoy nature, then this is the country for you. Of course, there are a few things that aren’t all that nice. Like them pesky black flies and mosquitoes. But as soon as it warms up, they will move on for another year. Then we can get on to doing some fishing. Can’t wait. I just hope I am up to it, right now my groin and old back sure isn’t. But I think it is slowly improving as I am able to walk a wee bit further every day.

Bug Report: The Black Flies haven’t been all that bad for the past day or so, and today with the cold weather they shouldn’t be all that bad. But after today they will make another grand entrance. Not much we can do, other than wear light clothing, it helps somewhat.

On another note, I was able to walk slowly to my woodworking shop yesterday. My wife placed a chair so when I got to it, I could sit down. After a bit of a rest, I put a coat of Marine Varnish on a Checker Board top that I made awhile back. My wife painted a nice checker board and a scene on top. The varnish will protect it, so we can use it outside. If you happen by this summer, maybe we can have a game or two. Just because we can. It’s a one of a kind, as for the base I used a 100-year-old washing machine base.

With that, I am off for another bagel with some jam and cream cheese. After that we will see.

Have a great day. GW

Frost Advisory For Port Loring, Ontario, Canada May 23&24/2023

Hi folks. So it would be a good idea to cover your plants before going to bed tonight, if you happen to have them in the ground. I would hate to see anyone lose them. And if you haven’t planted anything as yet, I would wait till Saturday, as after that the nighttime temperatures are looking pretty good. That’s what my wife and I will be doing.

Enjoy your day!

What’s Happening On May 23/2023

Good Morning!

It looks like another nice day shaping up for us here in Cottage Country. The sun is burning off the haze, and it should be showing off within an hour or so. It will also warm up a lot as the day moves forward. Which means that my lovely wife and I can do some front porch sittin’. Truth be told … that is about all we can do at the moment, especially me with not being able to walk very far. But I am still getting out of bed in the morning, which is something in itself.

On another note we both didn’t do all that much yesterday and I suspect we will do the same today. However, my wife did make some Carrot Muffins yesterday that were pretty tasty, with a cream cheese topping.

Bug Report: Lots of Black Flies and the now them Blood Sucking Parasites the Mosquitoes have entered into the picture. I was swatting a few that got into the house yesterday. Nothing worse than a couple mosquitoes bothering you, when you want to sleep. At least for me. They will remain with us now till it gets really warm.

With that I am off for a toasted bagel this morning with a touch of cream cheese, and some homemade jam. Which should hold me till lunchtime. Kind of amazing really. I can’t do all that much right now, but still work up an appetite.

Anyway you all have a great day, be careful when doing things, and try and soak up some of that sunshine that we all are in need of these days. GW

What’s Happening On May 22/2023

Good Morning!

It looks like a nice day is shaping up for us here in Cottage Country. The sun is shinning, the leaves are almost out in full form, and … the Robins are enjoying their breakfast feasting on some pretty good size worms in our front lawn.

Highway 522 wasn’t all that busy yesterday, being the long weekend. But it will pick up after today, with folks opening up their cottages for the summer and the stores reopening.

Bug Report: The Black Flies started to return yesterday afternoon once it warmed up some. And I suspect they will be a little thick for most of the day and on into the week ahead. The Mosquitoes are around, but not too many at the moment. But that will change when the temperatures start to rise. Especially at night. The temperature waking up was sitting at 2.8 C | 37.04 F which is quite cool, and we did have some frost early this morning.

On another note, with my wife and I both being laid up, took it easy yesterday and will do the same today.

Our firewood is piled up now for the summer out of the weather, and all that’s left now to do in that department, is to let nature take its course, drying it for winter. Sure is nice seeing it all piled up in our Lean-To. Kind of gives you a good feeling knowing it’s done and that no matter what, we will be warm come winter. Once again, our thanks to those that helped us out, it sure means a lot to us.

With that I am off for a bite to eat that my lovey wife is making for me and will then see what the day and my body has in store.

Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. GW

What’s Happening On May 21/2023

Good Morning!

Well … it is a bit cloudy starting things off, and it is a bit cool with the temperature sitting at 9.9 C | 49.82 F. It will warm up a bit more, and the sun will come out a bit later. Which will be nice. Highway 522 is getting busier every day, and it will continue that way now for the rest of the summer.

Bug Report: The Black Flies are around, but the cool, wet weather is holding them back. The mosquitoes did start to show themselves, but as with the Black Flies, the cool weather is holding them back as well. So enjoy it while you can.

On another note, I am still laid up with my groin and back injury. Still very hard for me to walk. But it is slowly getting better I think. I say that, as for a while through the day it seems to be improving a bit, then it doesn’t. My very good friend who is a doctor has helped me a lot, giving me advice on what the problem is and how to treat it. So taking his advice I am sure things will get better as time goes by. Might take a while though. It’s the same thing as I had last summer that laid me up for 4 months, it’s just on the other side of my body. I sure hope it doesn’t last as long this time.

On another note, we had 18 cords of firewood delivered late last week and not being able to pile it myself, I asked for some help on Facebook. I had one nice fellow who got back to me from Brantford Ontario. He called again yesterday, and him and his wife, along with his parents and 10 young ones all came by late in the day and took the bull by the horns, and with in two hours they piled over 11 cords in spite of the rain. I can’t say how much we appreciated their help. Even the young ones helped out between the ages of 4 to around 17. I asked them what they wanted when they were finished, and: You know what they said? They said it isn’t about money, it’s about helping someone in need. And these people aren’t even from around here. They simply heard we were in need and arrived at our door wanting to help. People like this are hard to come by these days, which is a shame. My wife says we got back some, for what we have given all our life. Once again, I would like to thank Mike and his family from Brantford for giving us a hand, it sure meant a lot to us.

Another fellow by the name of Brian, who offered his help, is finishing up what is left to pile today. He also is a nice chap and a hard worker. Our thanks also goes out to him.

Now all my wife and I have to do is get better, so we can plant our veggie garden in another week. We will see how that pans out. My lovely wife has a bad leg, as somehow she twisted it yesterday, the same darn leg that she had the log splitter fall on a week ago. So both of us are laid up at the moment.

With that I am off for a cup of tea, it looks as if the sun is going to come out and if so, we will see if we can make it out to our lawn chairs and soak up a bit of it. The sun has some mighty good healing properties in it.
Take care and stay safe. GW

What’s Happening May 18/2023

Good Morning!

It’s another cool morning here waking up, sitting at 4.7 C | 40.46 F. It will warm up some as the day moves forward. Then tomorrow we will be back to summer weather. But Saturday, rain will enter into the picture. So kind of a mixed bag of weather for the next few days. Highway 522 is getting busier every day, with lots of campers moving into our area. It will remain this way now for the rest of the summer.

Bug Report: The Black Flies have subsided a wee bit caused by the cool weather, but they will be back today and get even worse tomorrow with the temperatures climbing. Not much we can do about it.

On another note, it is mowing day here at our home. My lovely wife is going to be busy today as I am in no shape to help her. Upsets me because I can’t, but such is that.

With that, I am off for some waffles this morning and will then see what the day has in store. I keep trying to walk a bit every half hour, so things don’t stiffen up completely.
Have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. It looks nice outside and with the cooler temperature it will be nice for working. GW

What’s Happening On May 17/2023

Click on image to enlarge! Just looking at the rocking chairs and checker board relaxes a person.

Good Morning!

It’s a cold morning here, waking up. Well, not winter time cold, but cold enough you need a coat on when going outside. The temperature struggling to get out of bed was sitting at 1.8 C | 35.24 F. However, in saying that it will warm up a bit as the day moves forward, and we will be having some sunshine, which will make things feel a lot nicer. If my wife and I can get out of the wind, we will try and do some front porch sittin’ a bit later. We will see how that works out, as I still can’t walk very far with my one leg hurting too much when I stand on it, and not being able to stand up straight. But it is slowly getting better, I can at the very least sleep a wee bit through the night after taking two extra strength Tylenol. But I am still taking in my lovely wife’s smile every morning. Makes my whole day.

Bug Report: The Black Flies haven’t been all that bad lately, being that we have had so much wet, cool weather. But once it warms up some, they will be back looking for some of the liquid that runs through our veins. The mosquitoes and deer flies are still resting, getting ready for the warmer weather. Other than that, it’s not all that bad outside. Besides, the not so good weather.

On another note, being laid up, I am not doing all that much. My wife has been kept busy looking after me, along with doing some of the chores I would be doing if I was able. In between, she is painting a top I made awhile back, which will be a Checker Board. We have a vintage washing machine bottom over a hundred years old, and once she has the checker board painted on the top, we will put it together and place it outside on our front porch, so when a friend or family member drops by for a visit, we can sit and have a cool one and a game or two. You know … more folks should be doing things like that these days. Taking time to chat to old friends, while enjoying a friendly game of checkers. You just don’t see things like that anymore. Today it is all about cell phones or computer games.

Other than that, not much else going on around our home. There is lots to do, but it will have to wait till I feel better. My lovely wife has enough on her plate at the moment.

Take care and enjoy some of that sunshine today. GW

Frost Warning

West Nipissing – Port Loring, Tuesday 16 May 2023

Some plants may be damaged or even destroyed by frost. Temperatures will drop to near or just below the freezing mark overnight into early Wednesday morning.

What’s Happening On May 16/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a bit cloudy waking up here in cottage country. The sun will come out for a while this morning, but in saying that we could see a few showers around noon. The temperature has also dropped a wee bit, sitting at 13 C | 55.4 F. It will warm up a bit as the day moves forward. It will also start to get even warmer on Thursday. After that, we should be seeing nice temperatures for the remainder of the summer. So all in all things are looking pretty good.

Highway 522 is getting busier and busier every day, with lots of campers moving into our area, roaming around looking for a place to park. The cottage owners are also opening up their cottages for summer on the lakes and rivers. It is nice to see folks out and about.

Bug Report: Lots of Black Flies out there these days, bugging folks. The mosquitoes aren’t bothering anyone yet, but that will change once the temperatures warm up at night. Along with them, pesky deer flies. But hey! You got to give to get, as the old saying goes. Meaning, in this case, a bit of blood for the enjoyment of taking in what nature has to offer, along with the occasional piece of meat.

On another note I am still laid up not being able to walk, it is improving a wee bit, but I suspect it will be awhile by the way things are looking before I can stand upright without pain. However, I can still see that smile on my lovely wife’s face each morning I wake up, so I can’t complain too much. You know, a person can sure take things for granted. Just take walking, you don’t know how lucky you are to be able to walk till you can’t.

With that I am off for some waffles my wife is preparing for me and will then see what the day and my body as in mind for me.

Take care and stay safe. GW

What’s Happening On May 14/2023

Good Morning!

Well, It’s been awhile since my last post. Lots going on these days. First my wife hurt her foot, so she couldn’t walk, and then a couple of days ago I hurt my groin and things, and now I can’t walk across the room. Hurts so bad, I can’t lay in bed, so as of now I am sleeping in my lazy boy chair. I talked to my doctor, and he helped me out on what to do, so now waiting to see how that works out. He said it is going to take some time. Always something.

On another note, I ordered 18 cords of split firewood and the fellow called and said he was bringing it next week sometime. I am not sure how we are going to pile it. I have been calling a few folks, but so far no one wants the job. If anyone that reads my blog knows of anyone, I would sure appreciate hearing from you, as there is no way I can do it. I don’t expect the work done for nothing, as we will pay someone to do it. I think it will take a person two days, but in saying that, we would take any help we could get.

On another note, with the weather being so nice, the grass is sure growing. My wife did manage to get most of it cut down on Thursday and Friday, even with a sore foot. She is a worker, that’s for sure. But the firewood would be too much for her on her own.

Our tulips are also showing off these days. We have been enjoying them. They don’t last all that long, but they are sure a treat to see every spring. We have colours of all kind.

Bug Report: The blackflies are out with a vengeance at the moment and will stay with us till Father’s Day. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day to all you Mothers out there.
With that, I am off for a bagel and then will be taking it easy. Truth be told, I can’t do anything else.

Oh, and if someone is or knows of someone that wants to make some extra cash helping my wife pile some firewood, you can call us at 705 757 1640 or email me at [email protected]

Take care and have a great day. Enjoy the sunshine. It’s been a long time coming. GW

What’s Happening on May 10/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a nice morning here, waking up. The sun is with us, and it should remain with us all day long. I hope so, as we sure need it to get the plants growing, and the soil warmed up, so we can get to planting our spring crops. Highway 522 is still busy and will continue to get busier as the days go by, with more tourists and folks moving into our area, taking advantage of our nice country. I can’t say I blame them neither, as we sure do live in a great area. At least in the summer.

Bug Report: As of now, we have some Black Flies roaming around looking for prey, but they aren’t biting all that much yet. However, that will change in another few days. Or it could be sooner if the temperatures warm up a wee bit more. Which it is looking like it is going to do, as things will warm up a lot more today than it has been.

On another note, yesterday my lovely wife and I went to town to pick up a few things that we were in need of, and along with that she had a dentist appointment. It was a really nice day other than spending money. I couldn’t believe how much things cost us. Especially groceries. I almost fell over at the cash register checking out. It sure amazes me that they can get away with charging what they do. In other countries, people would be marching in the streets. Here in Canada being a multicultural country no one complains, fearing what might happen if they do. Sure is a mixed up country we live in, that’s for sure. These huge corporations, and …. hold all the cards, so to speak. I will say this, though. They are cutting their own throat, as eventually things will catch up to them. I just hope I am around to see it. So to speak, that is. Ha ha After we picked up our groceries we got gas, which was also up there in price. Our powers that be has people believing that taxing our fuel is helping the environment, which if looked at, isn’t helping at all, at least from where I stand. Kind of funny, they now say that if you take a vacation in Canada, you can claim the vacation on your taxes come the end of the year. The only thing is, the tax on the gas is so high that people can’t afford to go anywhere. They in my mind do as they always have. Give a little to make people happy, and then take it away. The trouble with that is, they take a pile more than they give. And the taking part in my eyes doesn’t accomplish anything, other than …. well, I won’t get into that this morning.

Anyway, after we bought what we needed we picked up a bite to eat and ate it in our car, while people watching, we still don’t feel it is all that safe to sit in a restaurant without a mask on. And it is pretty hard to eat with a mask on. We might change our ways in another month or so, We don’t wear our masks around our home any more or around people when outside. Once we finished our lunch, my wife poured us a cup of tea, that she made before we left and headed on home taking in the sights. The trees are sure putting on a show right now with them showing off their brand-new leaves. I call it spring colours. Sure is nice to see things waking up.

With that I am off for a bagel with some cream cheese and will then see what the day has in store. Have a great day and try and get outside and take in some of that sunshine, which we all are in need of. GW

What’s Happening On May 9/2023

Good Morning!

It looks like a nice morning here, waking up. We do have a few clouds at the moment, but the sun will return shortly. And it will warm up nicely as the day moves forward. Highway 522 is getting busier and busier every day with tourist and day trippers roaming about.

But Report: The Blackflies are starting to show themselves now and will continue to do so now right up to Father’s Day. My lovely wife’s saying, is you can expect them pesky parasites from Mother’s Day to Father’s Day.

On another note, my wife and I worked in the bush yesterday splitting some old pine logs that has been sitting for the past few years. Now they can dry, and I will be able to use them in my woodworking shop throughout the winter months. We don’t like burning pine in our house furnace, as it creates a lot of creosote, and you have to clean the chimney more than if you’re burning hardwood. And it also burns a lot faster. Now in saying that, there are a lot of folks that does burn it and makes out okay.

With that I am off for a piece of toast and will see what the day has in store, my old back isn’t all that good these days, and my wife is laid up with a sore foot, as the log splitter fell off a block that was holding up the tung, and fell right on the top of her foot. It had to weigh over a hundred pounds. Her foot didn’t look all that good yesterday, let me tell ya. We called the Nursing Station, they were unable to look at it, and said to go to the hospital. So being far away we called 811, and they connected us with someone that told us what to do over the phone and this morning following their instructions it is a lot better. We are lucky to have them to go to for advice. Have a great day. GW

What’s Happening On March 7/2023

Good Morning.

It’s a cloudy morning here, waking up. And by the looks of things, we could see some showers getting closer to lunchtime. Tomorrow, however, the sun will return, but it will be a touch cooler. The temperature crawling out of bed was sitting at 9.2 C | 48.56 F, and it won’t warm up much more than it is now for the remainder of the day. So not much we can do about that. Highway 522 is getting busier every day with folks travelling here and there.

On another note, my lovely wife and I took a trip to Field, Ontario yesterday to see a friend of ours. We had a good trip, visited for a spell and then headed on home, taking in the sites along the way. It took us pretty well all day. Kind of glad we went as today being that it is going to rain it wouldn’t have been as nice.

Today we will finish up some things outside that need attending before the rain begins and will then take it easy for the rest of the day. After a trip like that, we both need a rest.
With that, I am off for a bowl of cereal and will then see what the day has in store other than we have planned.

Take care and have a great day. GW

What’s Happening On My 5/2023

Click on image to enlarge! I keep on saying that, as some picture look all that much nicer when enlarged.

Good Morning!

Well … for a change, we are waking up to some sunshine this morning. And it sure looks nice, the grass is green and about ready to cut, the buds on the trees are starting to show their leaves, and the temperatures have started to rise with it sitting at 8.8 C | 47.84 F. It will warm up more as the day moves forward, and even more tomorrow, so … you won’t be needing a jacket. Can’t beat that.

Highway 522 has been steadily getting busier with city folks moving into the area, checking things out, as they do every year. Some stay, some move on to where it is more populated. What ever tickles their fancy, I suppose.

On another note, I didn’t do all that much more yesterday, than play around here in my computer, as you probably have noticed, with all the post that I made. But it won’t be that way from now on, as now that it is warming up, my lovely wife and I will be outside.

Today I have a few things that need attending outside, and I will get at them directly, after having some breakfast that is.

Taking a look at my vegetable garden yesterday, I noticed our garlic we planted last fall, is up around 4 inches or so. Which means in another month we will be having some for our table. Maybe two months, it’s kind of choosy when it likes to be picked. Kind of like it’s owner I suppose.

With that bit of information under your hat, I am off for my breakfast, which I am thinking will be pancakes for a change. My wife has a knack for making them, and with Mike Clappertons world renown Maple Syrup on top, I am in for a real treat.

With that, have a great day and enjoy the sunshine. We all are in dire need of it, as it’s the best way to get the Vitamin D3 we need. You only need 15–30 minutes of it a day, to keep you healthy.

No blackflies yet! GW