Well earlier I told you I had the firewood put away for winter, which I do. I store my wood in a separate room along with my wood furnace.  Nice thing about that I just shut the door for a week or so from the rest of the basement and it sure drys out the wood fast.  I do dry it all summer though outside which is the best way to do it.  Next spring I am going to start building a lean-to for the firewood so it has a place to dry nicely.  Also it will make it nice for piling the wood come cutting time. Which by the way isn’t to far off.  I am giving some thought this year in buying logs and getting them delivered to the house.  Figured it would save me a good amount of money.  I also figure one can get two years for the price of one if he cuts it himself.  A bit of work but what the heck.  Not that one shouldn’t be in pretty good shape to do that as it can take a toll on the old body.  For me, well I have physically worked hard all my life but with saying that the older I get the more I notice things  that pop up  now and then,  like things  hurting in spots that I never  knew existed.   Talk soon.

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