Tea Time Problem Solved

Well not a bad day here.  Decided on cleaning the shop a bit along with my shop vac.  Then since it’s such a nice day would leave  the door open to air out the place, the shop that is.  You know I have been giving this tea a bit of thought. One thing us folks in the country have to deal with is scum on our tea.   It’s nothing to do with anything being wrong with it, it’s the hard water we have.  The minerals and things tend to cause this scum.  Over the years folks have tried all kinds of things to eliminate it with out to much success.  The folks that raised me years ago had a simple remedy and thought I would share it with you.  Simple and one doesn’t need a diploma hanging on the wall to figure it out. Lemon, yep that’s it.  The acid in the lemon counter reacts with the scum and prevents it.  Simple huh?  Well I got to be honest here as I didn’t remember what the solution was till one night while I was sleeping.  I dreamed that Laura the lady of the house was putting a touch of lemon in her tea pot.  Then it all came back to me. So in the morning I got up and tried it. Took a bit to get it right as I don’t much like the lemon taste in tea. But after four or five mornings of making tea we finally got it right.  About a 1/4 tea spoon per tea pot.  Works slick and no more scum.   Talk Soon

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