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Morning in the Countryside on May 26/2024

Good Morning! The day’s just getting started, and it’s already looking mighty fine.

However, it is a touch foggy in some areas, which should clear out when the sun manages to break through. Now in saying that it looks as if we are in for some more rain tomorrow and into Wednesday, but after that things start to warm up a bit, and we will be seeing a lot more sunshine. At the moment, you could say we are in transition stage from spring to summer. Which is normal for our area. But things were a touch dry, and I was hoping for some rain as we planted our vegetable gardens, and nothing could be better than a nice rain to get them settled into their new home. And I have to say they are doing quite well.

On another note, yesterday my wife and I made a trip to North Bay as we were in need of a few things. We ended picking up, more than we needed, had a pizza at East Side Mario’s, grabbed a coffee at a local shop, and then headed home feeling a bit poorer. Man, things are so expensive these days. And another thing we noticed is that people are in a real hurry. A few times, folks bumped into my shopping cart, telling me to get a move on. I’ve heard of road rage with folks getting upset, but now I see it has moved onto shopping cart rage. Who knew grocery shopping would become so extreme. But all in all, other than my wife getting her hair wet and looking like a shaggy dog, as it was raining and feeling a bit poorer, we had a great day.

Highway 522 we noticed was quite busy yesterday with a lot of campers trucks, boats and ATV’s coming into our area.

Wisdom I’ve learned growing up : Don’t let a small weed turn into a big one. Pull it out fast and keep your fields clear. It ain’t always easy, but it’s got to be done if you want a good harvest.

With that I am off for my morning breakfast that my lovely wife is making for me and I will then get to installing two new bearings to my water wheel that I made a month or so ago. Which should keep me busy for the morning, that is if the weather stays nice.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you with this: Life’s full of ups and downs, just like the seasons. You have to roll with it.

Fishing Times For Sunday

Major Times
2:42 AM-4:42 AM
3:12 PM-5:12 PM

Minor Times
7:06 AM-8:06 AM

Day Rating: Not the greatest day for fishing. I give it a 1-Star rating out of 5 for catching a few. But as I always say… you never know till you throw that line in the water.

Fishing Tip of the Day: When you’re out on the water trying to catch some fish, remember to keep the noise down. Fish get mighty skittish when they hear loud sounds or see too much commotion. So, keep your voices low and the racket down to a minimum if you want to reel ’em in. GW

An Old Feller’s Morning on May 24/2024

Good Morning! Where the woods, the fields, the critters – they all got somethin’ to teach us, that is… if we just take the time to listen.

It‘s another beautiful day here in the north. The sun is shinning, the birds are enjoying their breakfast at our bird feeder, and our lilacs are showing off, like no get out. And being a white heirloom lilac, they smell absolutely delightful. I brought one into the house for my lovely wife, and it has filled our home with its wonderful fragrance. We don’t need any air fresheners. Actually, we never use them, and for those who don’t know, some products, like Febreze, can mask odors by dulling your sense of smell. Which isn’t a good thing.

On another note, yesterday, my wife and I managed to get the grass cut in the morning. I have to say, it sure looks nice around our property when everything’s all cleaned up. Even more so now, with all our perennials growing nicely. We’re sure lucky to have such a beautiful piece of land. In all my years, I’ve never seen another place so inviting. Well, there was one other, our cottage in Sarasota, Florida, back in the sixties. We sure do miss it. Looking back, if we knew then what we know now, we’d have never let it go.

Well, today my wife and I are planning to finish planting our vegetable gardens, which will likely take up the whole morning. After that, I reckon we’ll get cleaned up and open our gift shop for the season. We’ve got a lot of new products for folks to check out. Now, all our items are handcrafted right here at our home—none of that offshore stuff like you see in most gift shops. My wife and I have pretty much made everything ourselves, putting our heart and soul into each creation. It’s a real labor of love for us.

Highway 522 is still very busy, which will continue now for the remainder of the summer.

Bug Report: Actually, with the wind and cooler temperatures, the bugs haven’t been too much of a bother. The good news is that yesterday, my wife and I noticed the dragonflies have made their grand entrance. While we were mowing, they were flying all around us, gobbling up the bugs. A few even perched on my hat while I was on the riding mower—guess they were enjoying the ride! We sure do love seeing them every year.

Well… I reckon it’s time for my morning cereal, made by my little woman. . After that, we’ll sit on the porch with a hot cocoa and admire what we got done yesterday. Sets us up nice for the work we’ve got today. Ain’t nothing like living where we do

You all have a great day, make it a great day, and I will leave you all with this: “Life’s like farming: you reap what you sow, so plant good seeds.”


Major Times
12:47 AM-2:47 AM
1:15 PM-3:15 PM

Minor Times
5:18 AM-6:18 AM
10:18 PM-11:18 PM

Day Rating: I give it a Star Rating for catching a few today.

Fishing Tip of the Day: Rub your hands with grass or leaves before handlin’ your bait. This helps mask any human scent that might spook the fish. Good Luck!! GW

Morning Moments from the Country on May 23/2024

Good Morning: The best part of living out here away from the cities is the daily reminder that life’s richest when it’s simplest.

It’s another sunny morning here in the north and all that hoop haw yesterday, about heavy rain, hail and wind never took place, at least for us. However, it has cooled down some with the temperature climbing out of bed sitting at 15.4 C | 59.72 F. It will warm up a bit as the day moves forward, which is good as my wife and I have our mowing to do today, which should keep us busy for the morning. The weather should stay nice now for the next few days, at least that is what Mother Nature is predicting, so we will see.

On another note, my wife and I spent yesterday planting some of our vegetables in the garden. We also moved a few shrubs and other plants to spots where we think they will be happy. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, they don’t do well in the locations we choose, and when that happens, the only solution is to relocate them.

The Wisdom of Generations Past: I found that growing up in the country, means inheriting, learning a wealth of wisdom passed down from generation to generation. Whether it’s learning how to read the signs of an incoming storm or knowing which berries are safe to eat, being a country boy means carrying on the traditions of those who came before. Nowadays, there’s a lot of focus on spiritual beliefs and what comes after this life. But from my years of experience, true fulfillment comes from the here and now—learning from the past and applying that knowledge daily. The practical wisdom our ancestors left us, in my mind, holds more answers than any spiritual teachings. Of course that is just my opinion as always.

With that, I am off for my morning bowl of cereal that my lovely wife has prepared, and then I will see if that old Roper Mower of mine will start. It can be temperamental at times. Kind of like myself more often than not.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you this morning with this: “Old barns and some old folks got a lot of stories. It pays to listen to both.”

Fishing Time for Thursday

Major Times
12:20 PM-2:20 PM

Minor Times
4:43 AM-5:43 AM
9:09 PM-10:09 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 5-Star Rating once again out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of the Day: Don’t be too quick to reel in your line. Let the fish take the bait and run with it for a bit before settin’ the hook. Patience is the angler’s best friend. GW

Thoughts from an Old Timer on May 22/2024

“Mornin’, folks. Another day to walk barefoot in the dew and feel the heartbeat of the earth under your feet.” They call it grounding, that has been lost over the years with the introduction of socks and shoes.

We are once again in the midst of some sunshine this morning. Yesterday morning and throughout the day we did have a few showers off and on, but nothing that raised the water level in my rain barrow. Actually, I added another rain barrow on the other side of our home yesterday, as I have a feeling our veggies will be in need of it later on. As a farmer, I’ve learned there’s nothing better for plants than a good, old-fashioned rain. You can irrigate all you like, but when the rain comes, the crops just flourish.

Yesterday I worked away trying to take the wheel off my rototiller, which didn’t happen, as it is ceased on there, like all get out. So I took the tire off, leaving the rim on the machine. It was a tubless tire, so I went online and ordered a tube from Amazon, which should arrive this week, and the best part is… it cost less than half as much as it would have cost me in the stores in North Bay. And on top of all that, I got two for the price of one, which in total cost me… $18.00 for both delivered right to my home. How can you beat that/ Well simply put… you can’t, especially living where we do.

Today I am planning on planting some lettuce and spinach, since I have my garden worked up nicely, as lettuce and spinach likes the cooler weather, and looking at things there isn’t any frost on the horizon. But even if we do get a touch on Thursday night, as that is when we will have a full moon, the seeds are underground which won’t hurt them a bit. The thing I learned over the years is you have to work alongside Mother Nature… not against it, as you will never win.

Highway 522 is still bustling with new folks roaming around, looking for things to do. It’s like a never-ending treasure hunt, except the treasure is a decent parking spot and the ‘X’ marks the spot where you might find cell service. Welcome to the country, where the GPS is more lost than you are!

Bug Report: The black flies and mosquitoes were awful yesterday for a lot of folks. They don’t bite me, but they sure do annoy me by flying around my face. Some ask, “George, how come they don’t bite you as much as most folks?” I say, “Well, truth be told, we have an understanding: I leave them alone, and they, well, sort of leave me alone. Either that, or they’ve finally realized that biting an old farmer like me is like choosing a dry, tough jerky over a fresh steak!”

With that I am off for my morning breakfast that my lovely wife has prepared, and then we both will head on out to our front porch and enjoy a cup of hot cocoa, taking in nature that surrounds us, and we have lots of it.

You have a great day, and I will leave you with this: “Good things take time – whether it’s crops growing or folks learning.”

Fishing Times for Wednesday

Major Times
11:29 AM-1:29 PM

Minor Times
4:15 AM-5:15 AM
7:56 PM-8:56 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 5-Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few. A great day for fishing, but just in case, don’t forget your raincoat. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of the Day: Follow the feeder streams that flow into larger bodies of water. These streams are like highways for fish, leadin’ ’em right to your doorstep. GW

Welcoming the Day in the Countryside on May 21/24

Good Morning! “Where the simplicity of life teaches us that happiness isn’t found in what we have, but in who we are.”

Not a bad morning here in the north. The temperature was sitting at 14.8 C | 58.64 F which is about right for this time of year. It will warm up a bit more as the day progresses. We also had a shower or… half a rain barrow full through the night, which worked out perfect, as it always does when my wife and I plant some trees and things. It’s always been that way. Seems Mother Nature is watching what we are doing.

Highway 522 was very busy over the weekend with lots of tourists visiting and driving through our area. Most of them don’t stay long, which ain’t surprising considering how far out we are. But I reckon that’s a bit of a blessing in disguise.

Yesterday, my wife and I kept busy working outside. We put up our American flag for our American friends along with our old Maple Leaf. Kind of nice seeing them blowing in the breeze throughout the summer months.

After that I tilled up our vegetable garden one more time adding a whole mess of grass cuttings beforehand, and then planted one row of potatoes along with some beans, cucumbers and zucchini. Today I am going to see about fixing a tire on my rototiller as it has been leaking slowly for the past ten years, but yesterday it wouldn’t hold air at all, so I will have to see how that works out as it isn’t going to be the easiest thing to change, as the rim rides on a spindle, and it is frozen solid on there with rust and won’t come off. I have been spraying it will WD 40 in hopes it loosens it for the past five years, but it still hasn’t moved. Anyway, I will have to do something, as it’s no good the way it is.

Bug Report: Truth told the Black Flies hasn’t been all that bad for the past two days which made it real nice for my wife and I, as we have or had a lot of outside work that needed doing. Still lots to do though, but in saying that we do enjoy working alongside nature. The Mosquitoes also weren’t all that bad, but there were a few irritating me inside my shop, as I had the doors open for most of the day. They like to get inside buildings as they know there is usually fresh blood around somewhere. Them blood sucking parasites!

Wisdom I have learned: “One thing I’ve learned over the years is that you can’t control everything. Sometimes you just gotta let go and trust that things will work out in the end. It’s like plantin’ seeds in the spring – you do your best, and then you let nature take its course.”

With that, I’m off to have breakfast that my lovely wife has prepared for me. Afterward, I’ll head out to my woodworking shop to fix the tire on my rototiller. It certainly has been a year full of repairs for it, that’s for sure.

You all have a great day, and I will leave you with this: “A rainy day ain’t so bad if you’ve got a good roof and a dry spot to sit. Preparation and a positive outlook make all the difference.”

Fishing Times for Tuesday

Major Times
10:43 AM-12:43 PM

Minor Times
3:54 AM-4:54 AM
6:45 PM-7:45 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 4-Star Rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of The Day:
Some say the best fishin’ happens when the moon’s directly overhead or underfoot. It’s an old wives’ tale, but many like myself swear by it. And there will be a full moon on Thursday.

Humor, Wisdom and Northern Living on April 20/2024

Good Morning! Where the only rush we know is trying to beat the sunset to get the laundry off the line before the dew sets in – talk about living life in the fast lane!

We are all waking up to some sunshine here in the north. The robins are listening for worms, the crackles, sparrows, nuthatches, finches, morning-doves, cow birds, starlings, and the crows all greeted me as I walked to my woodworking shop. Sure nice to see. Some even sit on my hand occasionally. I even spotted a butterfly looking for some flowers, finally settling for some snowdrops in one of our gardens. Pretty hard to top that, for a warm morning greeting.

Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning for those having to do some shopping in the cities. You know, they say good things come to those who wait, and on Highway 522, we’ve got all the time in the world. So what if it takes a little longer to get from point A to point B? It just gives my lovely wife and I more time to enjoy the ride.

On a different topic, yesterday, I spent the entire day in my woodworking shop making the new water wheel for our fishpond. It’s quite a challenging project, but I made some good progress. If things continue as they did yesterday, I should have it completed by tomorrow. Then, once the weather warms up a bit, my wife and I will install the new pond liner. After that, my wife will apply her landscaping design skills. Over the years, she’s created many beautiful gardens for homes. I’ve lost count of how many she’s done, but the ones we worked on together years ago most still look good today.

Today, I’ll be continuing my work in the shop, while my wife tackles washing day with our new machine. The old Sears washer we had served us faithfully for over 40 years. I doubt these newer models will live that long, but only time will tell. My wife has a habit of chatting with household appliances; perhaps that’s why our old washer lasted so long. I can’t deny I engage in a bit of chatter with my tools too, and they seem to appreciate it, believe it or not!

Garden Chatter: You know, there’s a certain rhythm to gardening. It’s like a dance takes place between me, the soil, and Mother Nature herself. Sometimes we step on each other’s toes, but… most times, we end up working together. After all these years, we have gotten to know each other.

With that, I am off for my morning bowl of porridge and an English muffin, with honey on it, that my lovely wife has prepared for me. After that, we will have our regular morning chat over a cup of hot cocoa, and then I will head on out to the woodworking shop, and see how much more sawdust I can make. I made a pile yesterday. Sheesh!

You all have a great day and I will leave you with this: “They say city life is glamorous and exciting, but for my wife and I, there’s nothing nicer than watching the stars come out one by one on a clear, country night.”

Fishing Times for Saturday

Major Times
10:04 AM-12:04 PM
10:23 PM-12:23 AM

Minor Times
4:46 AM-5:46 AM
4:32 PM-5:32 PM

Day Rating: I give it a 2-star rating out of 5 for catching a few. Good Luck!

Fishing Tip of The Day: When fishing from a boat, gently tap submerged stumps or logs with your lure to mimic the sound of prey hitting the water. This sometimes attract predatory fish hiding nearby and if you’re lucky, you’ll have fish in the frying-pan come supper time! GW

Dill Pickle Relish

My lovely wife used the last of our cucumbers for the year making some relish. It sure is going to be tasty on top of a burger, or? So here’s to my cucumber-transforming wife and her relish adventure. Our cucumbers may be gone, but our taste buds are in for a surprise!

Click On Image To Enlarge!

Sour Cherry Pie

Desert Last night was a tasty Cherry Pie Made from our very own Montmorency Cherries grown in Niagara, close to where we had our farm. There is no other cherry that makes pies like they do, but it doesn’t stop there, as the Montmorency Cherry has an uncountable amount of health properties in them. Especially for those with Cancer, Gout and Rheumatism, which is what we old timers called Arthritis in the olden days, as the name Rheumatism covers more than one ailment. Today the so-called Powers That Be, broke it up, so they could sell more drugs My opinion only of course. Anyway, I took a picture of how the pie turned out after I had a piece or two. GW

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The Mullen Plant

You know there are many medicinal plants on this old earth, but here is one that has numerous properties that one can use, from ear aches to coughs that won’t stop. It grew all on its own right outside our door this year, so seeing that I kind of figured it is trying hard to tell us something, so we harvested some of its leaves and flowers just in case. I remember one time I had Bronchial Pneumonia and no matter what the doctors gave me, my cough wouldn’t go away. I coughed so much/hard that I tore a lot of my chest muscles. I then remembered my old friend Grey Wolf saying one time many years ago that Mullen Leaves will help with the coughing. So we took a leave after it was dried, ground it up and then strained it good, as you want to remove the small hairs it has on it. We used an organic coffee filter, not the white ones, the light brown ones. We then made a tea from it and within an hour my coughing subsided. So … Once again, Mother Natures Plants came to my rescue. In this case, the Mullen Plant.

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Rust In Peace, My Old Friend

You know, every so often in one’s life, something comes along that a feller can’t get rid of. In this case, it is an old Roper Riding Mower that the previous owner left me when we bought the place. I do have another, but this one in the picture is special, as it is well over fifty years old. So as a remembrance my lovely wife and I gave it a home for its remaining days out front with a garden around it. The sign says …. RUST IN PEACE. I thought that kind of fitting.

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Flower Garden

Another picture of some flowers out front, which comes back every year. I call them upside down daisies Ha ha, but they are really called …. Helen Flowers. I have to admit, they sure put on a good show this year. They like that manure I put on them last fall.

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Vegetables For Sale, Port Loring

Hi Folks, I thought I would let everyone know that our tomatoes are ready, and I have put some out on the trailer in front of our house for sale. Self Serve. This year I have some yellow low acid ones along with the regular ones Early Girl. I have to tell you, they sure are tasty. They are all organic, I never put any chemicals on them. I don’t have a lot, but I do have some. I also have some nice English Cucumbers and Zucchini for sale, which are also on the trailer. The Cucumbers are somewhat large, but they are real tasty. My wife made up a bunch of relish out of some of them, which turned out real nice. Anyway, they are there for anyone that wants some. Oh, and I also have some Fresh Dug Gaelic for sale. 3 for $5.00

Sweet Cucumber Relish

When it comes to food, there’s something truly special about creating your own culinary masterpieces right in the comfort of your own home. One such delight that brings a smile to my face is homemade sweet pickle relish. This simple yet delightful condiment is a perfect example of how a few basic ingredients, along with homegrown cucumbers, can come together to create something utterly delicious.

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My Views On Carbon Tax

Imagine our planet as a big balancing act. On one side, we have things like trees, plants, and oceans that absorb carbon dioxide (CO2) – that’s the stuff we call carbon. They’re like nature’s vacuum cleaners, taking in CO2 and giving us oxygen to breathe. It’s been happening for millions of years, and it’s one of the reasons our air is clean.

Now, on the other side of the balancing act, there are things like cars, factories, and power plants that release CO2 into the air. This happens when we burn fossil fuels like coal, oil, and gas. The CO2 they produce adds to the natural carbon cycle that’s been going on for ages.

Some people are suggesting a carbon tax. This is like a fee on the things that release CO2. The idea is that if these things cost a bit more, we might use them a little less. The money collected from this tax could also go towards projects that help the environment.

However, some folks think this might not be necessary. They believe that changes in the climate have happened naturally in the past. For example, long ago, places with lots of plants became cold, and then they warmed up again. It’s like the Earth’s thermostat going up and down. They believe that recent climate changes might be part of this natural cycle.

So, their point is that since we have all these trees and plants in Canada that do a great job of soaking up CO2, we might not need to tax people for carbon emissions. They think nature’s already doing its part, and human activities might not be the only cause of climate changes.

In the end, it’s a bit like figuring out a puzzle. Some people think a carbon tax is a good way to help balance things out and reduce our impact on the environment. Others believe that the changes we’re seeing could be part of the Earth’s natural ups and downs. It’s an ongoing conversation with a lot of different perspectives.

Building Homes On The Green Belt

Title: “Preserving Ontario’s Green Belt: A Farmer’s Perspective on the Importance of Agriculture”

As the sun rises over our fertile lands here in Ontario, a farmer’s heart is filled with a deep sense of connection to the soil that sustains us all. Our fields are more than just patches of earth; they are the lifeblood of our communities, providing us with nourishment and sustenance. That’s why the idea of building homes on the cherished green belt strikes at the core of our values and concerns.

The green belt, oh, it’s not just a belt of greenery; it’s a shield that protects our ability to feed our families and communities. When we talk about the green belt, we’re talking about a sanctuary for agriculture, a haven where the magic of growth happens. But the proposal to build homes upon this precious land threatens the delicate balance between our food sources and urban expansion.

Picture this: fields of waving wheat, rows of sturdy corn, and the vibrant hues of ripening tomatoes. This is the symphony of nature’s bounty that our green belt conducts. You see, my friends, the land we farm is not just a canvas for houses; it’s a canvas for life itself. Each acre is a canvas on which we sow the seeds of sustenance, hope, and tradition. It’s a canvas that transforms sunlight, water, and earth into the nourishment that graces our tables.

Now, some might argue that building homes on the green belt is a necessary step for urban growth. But let’s take a moment to ponder the repercussions. When these lands are paved over, not only do we lose valuable agricultural space, but we also disrupt the natural processes that sustain our delicate ecosystem. The rich soil that took generations to nurture is covered in asphalt and concrete, suffocating the very essence of life beneath it.

And what about the impact on our food security? Friends, building homes on the green belt is like tearing pages out of our cookbook for survival. It’s a recipe for disaster, as it shrinks the space we need to cultivate the crops that feed our families. Our ancestors knew the value of these lands, and it’s our duty to carry forward their legacy by protecting them.

Imagine a future where our children and grandchildren must rely on imported produce because we failed to safeguard our local farms. It’s a haunting thought, isn’t it? But we can prevent this bleak scenario from becoming a reality. By preserving the green belt, we ensure that the seeds of sustainability continue to sprout, the roots of tradition continue to deepen, and the fruits of our labor continue to grace our plates.

In conclusion, my fellow stewards of the land, let us remember that the green belt is not just a collection of fields; it’s a sanctuary of sustenance. It’s a reminder of our responsibility to the earth and to one another. Let us stand united against the notion of building homes on this precious land, and instead, let us cultivate a future where the fields continue to thrive, and the harvest continues to bless our tables. For the green belt is not just a belt; it’s a lifeline, and it’s our duty to protect it for generations to come.