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Dandelion Coffee

It’s that time of year. The dandelions are out in full force. If you’re wanting a super healthy drink that tastes like coffee without the acid. Then this is for you.
Dandelion Roots

Scrub roots, drain, and place on a baking sheet.
Roast at 200 °F (93.33 degree Celsius) until roots are dark and dry (about 4 hours).

Cool and grind roots with a coffee grinder. Store in covered jar until used.

Add 1 heaping teaspoon of roasted roots to 1 cup of water. Steep for 3 minutes. Strain and serve. Add cream and/or sugar to taste.
Pretty tasty let me tell you.

Good Morning Port Loring Ontario

Nice looking morning waking up. Sun was shinning and birds were chirping . It is a touch cool though with temperatures at time of post sitting at 2.8 C | 37.04 F It should warm up and be a nice day all way round. Tomorrow is going to be warmer, and we should see some sunshine throughout the day. We might even get some front porch sitting in if things goes right. They were calling for some not so good weather over the weekend, but looks not too bad now. One just never knows when it comes to Nature. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning so there is no reason not to make that trip to North Bay for groceries and things. On another note the grass is growing leaps and bounds. I am thinking that next week we will have to mow it for the first time. My vegetable garden is still quite wet so it will take a few days of sunshine to dry it out, so I can till it. With that I am off to have a cup of coffee with my lovely wife and will see what the day has in store. GW

Won’t be long and fresh veggies will be on the table.

Garlic at its Best

Here is a couple pictures of the garlic I planted last year. We had enough to last us all winter, along with sharing some with friends. There is nothing like fresh garlic to give you the energy you need to put out a good days work. It also is a great asset for those suffering from allergies of spring. 1 clove a day is all that is needed. Cooked or eaten raw, either way is beneficial. GW

Fresh out of the garden!
I of four bundles ready to hang for winter.

Veggie Garden

Well been an unusually hot summer so far, with temperatures reaching into the high 90s F.   In 14 years I haven’t seen it this hot.  Gardens though are growing leaps an bounds with fresh veggies on the table every day.  Actually it is the best garden I have had since moving here.  I took a picture  which shows how it is coming along.  A garden this size will feed a family of six or more all summer long. 

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