The Old Woodworking Shop

Around this time of year my old shop starts to get busy. The main reason is there is always a few presents that has to be made for Christmas,  along with my lovely wife wanting a few projects done up.  In other words us woodworkers call that Honey Do Projects.  I can’t think of anything more that gives me such pleasure than working out there where it’s warm  looking out at the snow covered gardens that I have out back.  Sort of a piece of contentment I guess one might say.  Once and awhile my wife comes out to chat, which we do a lot of by the way.  We call our breaks,  Talk A Tea and Talk A Water and around two, Talk A  Coffee.  Sounds kind of crazy in most folks eyes I suppose,  but that is what they are.  I got to say this we sure enjoy each others company.  Has been that way for over thirty years now.  Once the Christmas orders are done up I will get back to making my Native American Flutes along with my wife whom makes  them look beautiful after my part is done,  which fill our store from wall to wall come spring.  They also give me great pleasure, as I can find nothing more special than taking a piece of old time forgotten wood and making it sing.  Well,  home made chicken soup here is on the menu,  so figure I should go and get a bowl. Talk Soon.

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