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The Old Craftsman Hours

Some have asked when I open my woodworking shop.

New Road Side Stand

Here are a few pictures of the new Roadside-Stand that I have been working on for the past week or so. From start to finish. It turned out not so bad, and will be nice to put some outside things on throughout the summer months. When I get to making them, that is. Ha ha. And … we usually have some fresh veggies, tomatoes and things, that we sell from time to time. The axle on the front is off an old Stage Coach, and the Back Axle is off an old Model T Ford. I just put everything together years ago and came up with this. It was a bit shabby from sitting out front for years, as you can see in the one picture, but all new now, with a steel roof. Anyway, as requested, here are a few pictures.

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Helpful Tips

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Gas Prices Versus Lumber

Well, it’s cheaper than what they are charging these days here in Canada. Can’t blame a guy for trying. Sheesh!

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Lumber Alternative

Being a woodworker, I am now saving my shavings for those that might be in need of some lumber. Hey, with the prices they are charging these days, we all need to do our share helping those around us.

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