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Adirondack Swing

Here is the swing I just finished making. Turned out nice and will hang it come spring. I will put a finish on it and then a varnish. Once that is done will take another picture and let you have a look see.

Out for a Walk

Here are a couple pictures I took while out with a friend of mine awhile ago. We think as humans we are good at taking down trees, but these critters are pretty good at it too, and they don’t mind how large or how small they are. LOL One thing is for sure, they love Yellow Birch. Can’t say I blame them, as I like it too when cut into lumber for making some choice items in the woodworking shop. It has a unique grain in it that stands out when you hit it with a natural stain and add three coats of urethane. Thought I would share.

One of Our Stores

Here is a picture of one of our stores when we lived in Niagara. Gives you an idea of the things that were in, so to speak years ago.

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Pine End Table

Here is an end table my wife designed with a magazine rack on one side with a cutting board or ? I made it out of white pine. Customer was happy.

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Bird Feeder

Here is a Bird Feeder with a lift lid on the front, that my wife designed and painted. Turned out great and customer was very happy with it. It is made of White Pine.

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Wooden Items

Here are a few items I made awhile back. A stool with a lift lid made of pine. Stained in an Early American. Then a Key Holder out of Red Oak, a Walnut Jewellery Box and a couple small bowls I turned on the lathe.

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Small Wooden Stool

Here is a small stool my wife designed and painted for a customer’s young one. I made it out of solid white pine. Very sturdy stool. They were happy with it.

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Making Hearts

Here is how I made my hearts using a scroll and hole saw. I found if I needed them to be all the exact size this worked out great.

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