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Crib Coffee Table

Here is a Coffee Table I made awhile back, using an old washstand for the base. Different but nice. The top is a thick piece of pine that I had lying around, and once I added a crib game on top, my lovely wife worked her magic, painting a nice scene on the top. Amazing what can be brought to life using a wee bit of ingenuity.

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Here are a few flutes I made last year for our small Gift Shop. I am in the process of making some more. All different Keys.

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Picnic Table

Here is a picnic table I made for a fellow a few years ago.

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Write up Relating To Our Store Many Years Ago

You will have to enlarge it to read. Just click on Image and put on your glasses. Ha ha. My lovely wife and I look a wee bit younger then, as the picture was taken in the spring of 1996. Thought I Would Share.

My Old Woodworking Shop When Farming

I will have to see if I have a better picture.

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Old Wagon Waiting to Be Made

From Start to finish, using a bit of ingenuity. I thought it turned out real nice. Looks good out front of our home and a great spot to sell some of our vegetables come summer.

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Here is a Hutch my lovely wife designed, and I made out of Reclaimed, White Pine. I enjoyed making it.

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Chimney Cupboard

Here is a picture of a nice cupboard made out of White Pine I made awhile back. My lovely wife worked her magic painting the door.

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Couple End Tables

Here is a picture of a couple end tables I made awhile back out of White Pine, stained an Early American with three coats of Semi Gloss Urethane.

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My Old Fish Cleaning Station

Here is a picture of my old fish cleaning station. MY lovely wife painted the signs. I made another one and will take a picture of it come summer.

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Cedar Strip Boat

Here are a couple pictures of an old Cedar Strip boat I restored awhile back. It sure was a beauty. Hated to part with it.

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Our Sign Out Front of Our Home

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Handcrafted Flutes

Took a picture of a few of the Flutes I make. I just finished a new bunch a week ago and now starting another batch. Should have around a hundred or so for our gift shop come spring. Lot of work, but I do enjoy making them. Tedious!

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Crib table and curiosity box

Here is another picture of a crib table and curiosity box I made awhile back. My lovely wife did the painting on it. The curiosity box is made out of Birds Eye Maple. It has around twenty compartments inside. Nice piece.

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Rustic Log Paintings

Here are a few more paintings my lovely wife does on White Birch. Nice gift items for sure.

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Ruth’s Sketched Cards

Here are just a few of my Lovely Wife’s Cards that she makes. She also has lots of coloured ones too, which comes with envelopes. We call them all Occasion Cards. Oh, and we also have a lot of Christmas cards designed and painted by Ruth.

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New Gift Shop Items

I just finished these the other day and my lovely wife made them look pretty. All set for next spring when we open our Gift Shop.

We only sell our own creations made right here in Port Loring Ontario.

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Last Night’s Supper

Took this picture of a new crib table I made with our New year’s supper sitting on it.

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More On Shopping

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Yep, us fellers have to be so careful these days. One mistake and it’s all over social media. Damn!

Shopping For Lumber

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