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Wooden Items

Here are a few items I made awhile back. A stool with a lift lid made of pine. Stained in an Early American. Then a Key Holder out of Red Oak, a Walnut Jewellery Box and a couple small bowls I turned on the lathe.

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White Pine End Table

Here is a Pine End Table, with shelf that my wife designed, and I made for a customer. I turned the legs giving it a unique flair, and my wife covered it with a white stain. Once finished, I sprayed it with a couple coats of semi-gloss lacquer. Nice piece.

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Sold Pine Stool

Here is a sold pine stool my wife designed for a lady, so she could get into her top kitchen cupboards. She was just a touch short. LOL. I added some leather to the centre of each step for slippage. Once made I stained it with an Early American and topped it off with three coats of Semi-gloss Urethane. Happy customer.

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Wine Rack

Here is a wine rack my lovely wife designed and I made. It has a lift lid for storage with a slide for your wine glasses under the storage department. Holds 20 bottles of wine. Once made my wife painted the letters and grapes on the top. It was made of white pine. Another happy customer.

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Black Walnut Butcher Block

Here is a picture of a Butcher-Block I made awhile back. The cutting block is made from a 10 inch (25.4 cm) sold piece of walnut with a knife holder on one side. I then surrounded it with Red Oak. The legs are made from white pine. Turned out great and the customer that ordered it was very happy. Hard to get thick pieces of walnut anymore.

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Pine Chest

Here is a pine chest I made awhile back. It is lined with cedar. The wood is called Zebra wood comes from Germany. I got the wood from my Brother in law Walt, many years ago. He worked at a factory that brought in items in crates. When ever he got some crates with some good-looking wood he would give me a call and ask if I wanted it. For a few years I got wood from all over the world. I sure miss them days as it is hard to find unique kinds of wood anymore. Especially from other countries.

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Numerous Store Items

Here is a picture of different items my wife Ruth Designed and I made for our store, when we lived in Niagara. Was a great time in our life. Not saying we haven’t got it good now. Gives you an idea of what we carried.

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White Pine Shelf Unit

Here is a shelf unit I made for an order made from white pine and designed by Ruth my wife. It also has pegs on the bottom to hang items of choice. It is 4 Feet long, 7 inches (17.78 cm) high, and 6 inches (15.24 cm) wide. Nice shelf and another happy customer.

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