Just One More Reason To By A Ford

The federal and Ontario governments may have to cough up as much as $10-billion to keep the Canadian subsidiaries of Chrysler LLC and General Motors Corp. afloat, and thing is they want more.

And what do I say: Well I said here this year I wasn’t going to add my opinion any more but I gotta’ tell you it’s  hard not to say something, when something needs to be said.  Anyways, I say buy Ford they haven’t asked for a cent and are making it on their own.  Also remember this Ford was the pioneers here in this country for cars, trucks, and tractors.  They made us what we are today.   No Brag, Just Fact.  MY Opinion Only.   Guess I am back huh? Well there has been enough of you asking me to start it up again so……… if I see something that I think needs my opinion, I will let you know.  Talk Soon

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