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What’s Happening On March 24/2023

Good Morning!

It’s a sunny morning here for a change, with the temperature sitting at -6.2 C | 20.84 F. It will also get warmer as the day moves forward. However, tomorrow we could see some more snow, with another storm heading our way. Kinda depends on which way it tracks, along with how warm it gets. If the temperatures rise, the storm will be mostly rain. If the temperatures hang in around the freezing mark, we will get snow. So it’s hard to determine what we will be getting. But it is that time of the year, being in transition, that we can expect just about anything weather wise. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, which will make travelling good for those having to go to the big cities for groceries. Joys of living in the sticks. And the prices some of these companies are demanding for things, along with the high cost of gas/fuel oil, makes the situation worse.

It always amazes me how we are misled into doing things we shouldn’t be doing.
They are also doing a terrific job of influencing the way we think.
They offer you a little something to get you on their side and agree with them, then they take it away, and everyone is pleased.

Again … it makes me shake my head in a not so good way. But it has been happening from the beginning of time. These leaders, they like to call themselves, know exactly what they are doing, don’t kid yourself.

They say on the news, day in and day out; “I am here to help you.” I say, “THAT’S THE PROBLEM!”

Anyway, that’s my rant for this morning, ha ha. Have a great day. GW

What’s Happening on March 12/2023

Florida Grapefruit are the Best! Forget the rest.

Good Morning!

Starting things off, it is another cold morning here in Port Loring, Ontario. The temperature waking up was sitting at-13.7 C | 7.34 F. It will warm up a bit as the day moves forward, and we could see a few flakes of snow later on this afternoon. Being the nights have been so cold, the snow we do have hasn’t melted all that much through the day. In saying that, the warmer temperatures are lurking in the wing so speak, and it won’t be long before they make their grand entrance. It’s the way Nature teaches us humans patience. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, which once again will make travelling good for those wanting to head on off the big cities or???

On another note, yesterday I worked away here on my new mystery novel I am putting together, and today will do the same. Things are rolling along in that department.

With that, I am off a Pumpernickel Bagel this morning with some good old peanut butter that my lovely wife is preparing for me. It’s good to have an assortment of different foods to eat.

First, though, we’ll have a Florida Grapefruit, which is in season right now.
But, they are becoming increasingly difficult to buy in supermarkets, since grocery companies are now purchasing them from Israel and places other than Florida.
It all comes down to money; they buy it cheap and feel they can earn more money.
To be honest, they lose money since the ones that aren’t from Florida are worthless with no flavour or juice at all.

It’s a pity what some of our businesses are doing these days.
Gouging the working man to death.
Yet, given enough rope, they will eventually hang themselves.
I should say, some will, others will cry the blues to our Powers That Be, asking for freebies, and regrettably, most will get it, since these so-called Powers That Be don’t want to rock the boat and lose some votes in the next election. Sign of the times. My Opinion Only, of Course.

Have a great day and stay safe. It pays to take extra precautions when out and about these days, as there is still a lot of sickness around.

House Prices In Ontario

They say that In some locations of Ontario, the average home price has decreased by more than $178,000 since January.
Hence, in order to compete in the market, anyone wishing to purchase a property in Toronto must now earn at least $207,000 annually.
In my view, there are plenty of better and more interesting places to live than Toronto.
Living in a house that consumes nearly all of your income in my eyes is not a good way to live.
And the thing is, the majority of their owners never live in them.
They are too focused with their jobs to appreciate them.
Food for thought. GW

Politically Correct??

Another Interesting Article

Electric Cars

Interesting Article

Sad But True

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The Truth Is Out There

Heating Your Home in Northern Ontario

The NDP and Liberals voted to raise the carbon tax three times more than it is now on home heating.

I am not sure what their goal in this is, other than forcing the working men and women to sell their homes or to do their bidding. Not to forget the seniors that live in the north. Most seniors here in the north are just getting by as it is. The only ones happy with this are, well … I won’t say, as most of you know very well who they are.

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What’s Happening In & Around Port Loring, Ontario, Canada on Nov 25/2022

Good Morning!

I hope everyone is well. Or as well as to be expected, as these days it’s hard enough to get out of bed knowing what the day might bring. But on the other side of the coin, any day you can get out of bed and walk around is something to be thankful for. Weather wise, it’s a cloudy, gloomy day here in Port Loring. The temperature waking up wasn’t all that bad though, sitting at 2.3 C | 36.14 F. Well above freezing. It also rained for most of the night, which got rid of most of our snow. Which is fine with me. Truth be told, I would be happy if it stayed like this all winter. It sure would save on the heating oil bill. Speaking of the oil bills. I had our tank filled up the day before yesterday. It only needed 3/4 of a tank. I almost fell over when I found out what it cost us. For 3/4 of a tank, it cost us $1,250.00. That set us back a wee bit, let me tell ya. There is no way us here in the north can afford that. The thing is, there is no reason it should be costing us that much, living in a country … that has all kinds of natural resources just waiting to be tapped into. The thing that really makes me shake my head … is that some here in Canada think we are making a huge difference going green. Kind of a joke really, as in one had our powers that be doesn’t want us to use oil and gas here in Canada, but yet … we sell it for huge prices to other countries. All that we are accomplishing going green is nothing, truth be told, as all the large countries are carrying on doing as they always have. What I believe we should be doing, as I said many times, is to tap into what lies under the ground and make it safe to use. Not a big deal with what our scientists know today. Anyway, that is my rant today. That furnace bill kind of ruffled my whiskers a bit.
With that, I am off for a bowl of oatmeal. We picked up a few bags when we went to town yesterday. The trip there and back home was pleasant. We also noticed that around 30% of the people in the stores were wearing a mask. I guess they are realizing now, that it is better to wear a mask than laying in bed sick. My wife and I wear ours and feel good about it. We also put on some hand sanitizer before going into the stores, and when we come out. And when we eat our lunch in our car, we wash our hands with a couple of wash cloths that my lovely wife brings with us in a baggy. Anyway, you have a great day.

In Closing, I Would Like To Wish You Well.

Lumber And How It’s Changed

Just goes to show you how things have changed over the years. Bottom line, as with most things today, we are paying ten times more for ten times less. And the worst part is we are supposed to like it.

Lumber Prices

About right.

It’s even worse now in 2022. Outrageous prices.

More On Laws

The Ontario’s New Democrats said that they will bring in a law to fight Islamophobia and other sorts of hate if elected to form government.

In my eyes, all this will do is cause more problems. People will be people and more laws is not what is needed. Right now, we have tons of laws that are causing havoc all across the country. It’s no wonder why so many are rebelling against Governments, getting worse and worse every day. Canada is becoming a country without leadership of any merit. Soon you won’t be able to say or do anything without someone giving you grief. Actually, we are almost there now. My Opinion Only.

Rules Laws and Regulations

Talking to a person and saying he is bald is now considered sexual harassment by a British tribunal.

What is the world becoming. LOL Hell, I am partially bald myself, and it doesn’t bother me one bit if some calls me bald. Reason being it’s the truth. I kind of think, that some people have too much spare time on their hands. Anyway, in my eyes it’s a ridiculous rule. But then again, we here in Canada have a lot of unnecessary laws and rules too. We can’t do this, we can’t do that. We can’t wear this, and we can’t wear that, because we might offend someone, LOL It’s my opinion that there are a lot of people out there that needs to grow up.

Oil Prices and Other Things

So the oil for our furnace came today. I like to top it up for the summer, so we are ready for winter. That was a shock as it cost us $900.00 for a little over a quarter tank. I told him to stop at 900.00. The thing is, there is no reason we the working man should have to pay such ridiculous prices. We are one of the riches countries in the world with Natural Resources, and our Powers that Be are doing everything in their power to bring hardships to us. With taxes of all kinds. They have taken all our rights away, and now they are working on taking our lifestyles away too.

The next thing is, they are bringing in all these immigrants. Where are they going to stay? Where are they going to work? Well, I will tell you. We the working man has to foot the bill once again. I suspect a lot of them don’t have any heating bills, or food bills or medical bills. Our governments are paying it for them. They say they aren’t, but I don’t believe that for one second. I am not saying all of them are a problem, don’t take me the wrong way. A lot of them are very hardworking people. When they can find jobs. But I think a lot of people knows what I am talking about.

Simply put, we can’t keep on taking in immigrants. We don’t have the funds to do so or the places for them to stay. Oh! That is another thing the government says they will build more homes for them to live in. That’s another laugh, as who is going to pay for these houses.

And the prices of lumber and material. Well, I won’t get into that today, I am upset enough for one day. Think I will go have a drink or two and do some front porch sitting … on a porch that my lovely wife and I worked our whole life for. Over 70 years, with tons of hardships thrown in for good measure. In other words, we deserve what we have today… It wasn’t given to us. We never took one red cent of government money in our whole life, not like some I know. And don’t get me going on some that are on disabilities. Now, I said some, not all.

Handing Out Money

The NDP says they would offer grants of $7,000 to$11,000 for people to make energy efficient upgrades to their homes, and interest-free financing for higher amounts, which would both help lower utility bills and help the environment.

First off … even with the grants, I believe it would be unfeasible for the normal working man to make these adjustments. To me, it’s all about votes. The thing is, the money that these Powers That Be or Wanna Be’s are handing out, is our money … the working man’s money. Not theirs. Simple as that. And I sure didn’t or wouldn’t give them my permission to give it away. And one last thing. Their thoughts on helping the environment is out to lunch. Only in Canada.

Immigration Canada

Canada is confronting a massive immigration backlog.

So here’s the thing. Where are all these immigrants going to live? How are they going to look after themselves. And the biggie, where are they going to live?

Well, it’s simple, the working man is going to have to put up the cash that is needed. It’s not what most want, but there is nothing we can do about it. Sign of a government out of control. But … that being said, it has been that way from the beginning of time.

Schools and Spending

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Ontario Liberals will spend $10 billion on schools if elected.

Who is this guy that wants to spend 10 Billion Dollars of the working man’s money. And on top of that, he wants to spend it on education, of all things. Education is in need of a change, for sure, but not what this feller has in mind. The way I see it, that’s a hell of a lot of money that could go to better places. , it’s all about votes and nothing more. If he can get the teachers on his side, he is smiling. Damn shame the way this country is heading., that’s all I can say.

Removing a few cents in tax

The Ontario Liberals said on Friday that, if elected, they would remove the provincial portion of the HST from prepared food purchases under $20 and get their money back by increasing taxes on wealthy residents and highly profitable corporations.

Kind of made me laugh hearing this. Making it so people eat more junk food. How about lowering the price of healthy food in the grocery stores. Seems these Powers That Be or wanta be’s will do anything to get elected these days. But then again, it’s been that way as far back as I can remember. It’s not what is good for the working man, it’s all about making them more money, and they make a good wage once elected, let me tell ya. Anyway I am off for supper been a long busy day.

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