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Great Man

Here we go again. A great man (John Wayne) being put down because he said things he believed in, I believe John Wayne had the ability to see things that a lot of others didn’t. Or didn’t want to. He spoke his mind and let others speak theirs. You know, I believe that … some people don’t want to hear the truth. Why? Well, simply put, they don’t want their illusions destroyed.Not all, but some’. His son wrapped it up in just a few words:

“He wanted to work with people who earned their place,” Ethan Wayne explained. “He didn’t think anybody should get a job because he was a man, because she was a woman, because they were gay, because they were straight, because they were Chinese, African-American or Mexican. He thought you should get a job because you were the right person to do that job. Because you had skill and talent, and you would show up and get the job done. He didn’t care what you were.

Canada Day

Shame on Canada’: Thousands attend Cancel Canada Day rally on Parliament Hill.

Here again I just can’t pass this by without giving my opinion. The thing is. Yes, it was a great wrong that was done years ago, relating to a lot of things. Not with just the children. But in saying that, it is no reason in my eyes to stop a day of celebration like Canada Day. Heck, there are a lot of things we have to celebrate, which has nothing to do with the past. I believe, that the past should be left in the past. Learn from it and move on. My wife and I enjoyed our day, our home, and family, along with all we have accomplished over the years here in Canada. And, with all that we have been through for the past two years with this virus, Canada Day celebrations looks mighty damn good to me. But hey! That’s me, you do what you want. All these demonstrations isn’t going to make one I OTA of a difference. Not for me, anyway. GW

In the News Today

Teachers need ongoing anti-Black racism training, experts say.

You know, it makes me shake my head wondering who these experts are. LOL I believe that they are taking things too far these days. It seems you give someone an inch, and they then want a mile. And even then they won’t be happy. My opinion only.

Food for thought

Did you know, that Chinese companies are producing generic versions of branded drugs for a fraction of the price. Of the 3,000 pharmaceuticals – not including traditional medicines – manufactured in China since the 1950s, 99 percent are copies of foreign products, as are almost 90 percent of China’s biotech products. Is it a good thing? I think not as what they are making isn’t what they developed themselves. It should raise a few eyebrows. LOL

Made in Canada Vaccine Make it so!!!!!!

Do something” Made-In-Canada vaccine CEO pleads for federal government to respond.

I agree. The government of Canada should be jumping on this and fast. Why don’t they? Simple … they don’t want to hurt other manufactures feelings. I say to heck with those manufactures that aren’t supplying us … as they said they would, and get to making our own. Makes me shake my head knowing, that Canada is being put on the back burner so to speak and doing nothing about it. I am beginning to believe it is all about money, and one person that doesn’t like being told what to do. Who would that one person be? Hmm … Everyone should know that by now.


When it comes to considering the impact of human-caused pollution on marine life, there could be one major factor that we have been overlooking; the effects of noise pollution.

LOL I am wondering how many millions was spent on finding out that bit of information, that could have been used to help the needy and fighting this virus LOL. That is just a sample of what we humans are doing, and I bet there are billions more being spent on useless things. My opinion only.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is expected to announce Tuesday the makings of an agreement to produce COVID-19 vaccines within Canada.

Hell I’ve been saying that we should have been doing this for years. It’s called being self efficient. If your self efficient you rely on no one which is where we should be today. Especially here in Canada. We have some of the finest minds in the world. Hmm, we also have some du... well I won’t get into that. And one last thing. The money we are giving to a lot of these huge corporations, along with others, should have been used to build these places to make vaccines, and taking it one step further, we should have been looking after the working man, like the farmers. They are the ones that need the help. In other words … do and make things right here in Canada … stop relying on other countries!!!!!! All that does, is make them rich and weakens us!!! I will say that one more time. Makes them rich and weakens us.!!! Which is what is happening right now. Take it for what it’s worth.

Open your eyes

Ontario is reporting an additional 138 cases in public schools across the province today, bringing the total in the last two weeks to 1,526 and 5,402 overall since school began.

And how many have they infected at home and other places?

Ah!!!!!! Do I need to say more? It doesn’t take a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure out what needs to be done. Since opening places like bars, churches, gyms and others. What has happened? Bottom line it all boils down to money, and votes, not what’s good for the people. But hey! That’s my opinion for what it’s worth.

Being Self Efficient

Laboratories in Toronto and Montreal once produced groundbreaking shots for polio, diphtheria, and tuberculosis, among others. But poor business models and privatization programs eventually led to those companies being sold off to foreign multinational pharmaceutical companies. Today, even if a Canadian vaccine candidate is proven effective, the companies developing them lack the means to produce them here.

For the whole story click link below.

Just one more reason why we here in Canada have to stop relying on other countries, and step up to the plate, and not be afraid of what other countries think or do for that matter.

Something we should have done

Great Video and says what we here in, especially Ontario, or the whole of Canada should have done. I think it is too late now though. At least there is one person that has the gumption to speak up. Give it a listen!