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Handing out the working man’s money

The former Ukrainian president says war can still be avoided, but says Canada needs to give them more aid. MONEY, Weapons and so on. Who is this guy?

Oh! This just on January 24/2022: Ukraine says thanks for the cash, but they’d prefer guns.

Give certain countries an inch, they take a mile. Heck, we just gave them 150 Million or so. Oh sorry, loaned them 150 million or so. That’s a knee-slapper in itself.

Giving any country money isn’t the answer in my eyes. I say. Support them with advice, food and clothing if needed and let things run its course. That is what some countries are doing. All this money we are handing out to other countries, we could be putting to good use right here in Canada. How about helping the homeless, housing, truckers, or our seniors. I know I sure could sure use a raise. And I would put it to good use right here in Canada. Another would be making our own vaccines right here at home.

You know, many years ago my old Dad told me. That a country, I won’t mention the name, asked for help. Knowing that, Canada started giving them money. We soon found out that wasn’t the answer. Then we decided to buy them equipment, so they could make their country better themselves. That didn’t work either, because as soon as we showed them how to operate the machinery … and left. They just went back to the way they were, and the equipment rusted away, not being used. Goes to prove, that some countries you can’t help.

We need to learn that interfering in their lifestyle, or trying to convert them, which is what some have been doing for years now, isn’t the thing to be doing. Just make’s me shake my head, seeing all the waste. But … then again, that’s what Canada is all about, always has been. I should say … that is what our Governments here in Canada are all about. I didn’t mean the working man.

Oh … alright, there are some Government officials I am sure that are on the right track. I just haven’t met them yet.

And one last thing that some forgets. The money that the Government has isn’t theirs. The money belongs to the people that make up this country that we call Canada, not them. But you wouldn’t know it by the way they are handing it out.

That’s my rant, or whatever, for the day. Now I am going for a coffee. I would have thought all that snow shovelling I just did would have cooled me down some. Ha Ha.

India Gaining Ground

You know. I have to give them credit. As they have seen that the future is the way to go, to grow and become self-reliant. The problem with Canada, and other countries, is that countries like Canada has contributed to their advancement and success, instead of doing it themselves. These countries, like China, know exactly what they are doing, and behind the scenes they are smiling and saying. Keep sending us money, buying our clothing, produce, pharmaceutical drugs, and funding our military. We will be there for you in your time of need. Now, I am not saying they are in the wrong. As I am not. What I am saying is, we, here in Canada, are in Dire need of a Government that will work towards our country first. The issue I am having with that is … I haven’t seen one yet. That’s my rant for the day. But the video below does show you, what can be done, if you set your greatest minds to work with the support they require. Stay safe.

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Strawberry producer

Strawberry producer, Ever Tru Farms launches in Ontario.

I wish them all the best. We need more like this. Grown in Canada. I will be looking for them in the grocery store.

Ontario Election

A new Ontario poll gives Doug Ford’s PCs a 9-point lead.

Well, with all that has been going on with this virus. I think Bob Ford did the best he could, with who and what he had to work with. And one has to remember, no one expected that a virus would run rampant across the whole world. I just hope that we here in Canada has learned a lesson from all this. We need to start looking after ourselves. All my life, I have stressed. You have to look after yourself first. If you don’t. You won’t be able to help anyone.

One biggie would be to start manufacturing vaccines and other medicines here at home, so we can be self-sufficient.

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Snow Forts

St. Catharines kids are building snow forts on and along the roads.

Kids are kids, but there are times that they need to be told right from wrong. And this is one of those times. Where are the parents?

Fighting and Wars

Canada is asked to match U.S. and United Kingdom shipments of defensive weapons to Ukraine as the threat of a Russian invasion continues to hang over Eastern Europe.

Well here again I don’t like to wade in what one should be doing or shouldn’t be doing, but I will say this. I personally think we should be minding our business here in Canada and looking after our own problems. There are a lot more pressing things than making guns, wars and so on. I would have thought this virus that is in every country would have brought us humans together instead of apart. But I was wrong, and what a shame that is,

Homer Simpson’s Look a Like

I read an article today, that says, that some people are noticing more and more similarities between Doug Ford and Homer Simpson.

And yes … we all know it’s the people that doesn’t like the Conservatives. We also know or should know that they are being sarcastic with saying that. Personally … I enjoy watching Homer from time to time. Maybe it’s because he’s a down to earth kind of guy, saying things like they are.

Covid Outbreaks

Hong Kong to kill 2,000 small animals after hamsters blamed for COVID-19 outbreak in closed-off city

Hmm, and they say we Canadians started this virus through a letter. I know … Hong Kong, China, same location.

Justice for All?

Premier Jason Kenney asked Alberta’s justice minister to take a leave of absence,” from his duties, until a review into his conduct following a distracted-driving ticket he received in 2021 is completed.
Well … I think most of us know where this is headed. Ha Ha.


For some Canadian students, school disruptions have become routine.

If asked, I would say that most of all our students in school these days are more than happy to work from home.

I also think that they are doing it all wrong with the students going online. My suggestion would be doing as we did years ago when the young ones were out of school, either by sickness or going on a vacation.

The parent goes to the school. They tell them the situation and the teacher gives them enough homework for one week. They take the homework home and the parents make sure they get it done. Usually the kids can do a weeks work within a day or so.

It then is taken back to the teacher, who looks things over. That’s it. Simple way of doing things.

To me, this online thing is a waste of time and money.

Take Care. GW

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Information and how it is displayed

Pacific tsunami threat wanes, but volcanic ash from the eruption hinders response.

So … most of us know the article above is related to an eruption of a volcano that happened a couple of days ago.

The thing that catches my attention, so to speak, is how they have to keep it on going. When actually it was, or is, no threat at all. They do that with a lot of things on the internet today.

Another example would be: An asteroid is heading toward earth. So immediately everyone has to have a look-see. I would. But when you do go to the site, you find out that, yes … it is heading in our direction, but they didn’t tell you, that it would pass earth by a million miles or more. But it doesn’t stop there, as when you click on that site, you just sent hundreds if not thousands of dollars to the sponsors of that site. Ha Ha. Hey, I am not saying it is the wrong thing to do … in part, as I do it all the time. But it does show you, how information, be it false or fact, can change a persons way of thinking. Truth be told, I believe that is how Facebook made its millions, along with other social media platforms.

Anyway, you have a great day. GW

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Vaccinations & Truckers

The federal government says the vaccine mandate for truckers crossing into Canada from the United States will come into effect this Saturday as planned, despite a previous statement from the Canada Border Services Agency that said Canadian truck drivers would be exempt.

Well, I don’t usually side with the Liberals, heck I don’t usually side with any political party, but in this case I think they have done the right thing. It’s about time they stood up for doing what’s right. It’s a no-brainer, if you’re not vaccinated, you shouldn’t be allowed into our country. The truth of the matter is, it is for the good of the unvaccinated too. But putting all things aside, at the very least it helps slow down the virus a bit, so that our hospitals can cope with things. Every bit helps.

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WHo comes up with this stuff?

Due to the highly transmissible Omicron variant, we are evaluating whether there is a need to update reporting to distinguish between causal and incidental deaths related to COVID-19,. “For example, we have heard anecdotal evidence….

To me, it’s just another way of twisting things around. But the thing I would like to point out, is the words they use these days. Truth be told, most people doesn’t understand a word they are saying. Which I suspect is why they do what they do.

Like the word Anecdotal. Man, I can’t even pronounce it. I had to look it up in the dictionary. Which says … Of, characterized by, or full of anecdotes. Based on casual observations or indications rather than rigorous or scientific analysis. Pertaining to, or abounding with, anecdotes.

Heck, even our dictionaries can’t explain some of the words they are using these days. At least not in Layman’s Terms.

Oh, Layman’s means … Without all the bullsh……

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COVid Shots

Justin Trudeau says the provinces will have enough COVID-19 vaccines to provide everyone eligible booster shots and fourth doses if they become necessary.

I think this is where I have to draw the line, as I don’t think it is a good idea getting the fourth booster shot, until we know more. I think as it is, just by the way my body felt after the booster shot, that three is enough. Another would over load our system. Which I think could cause us problems, more than we have now. The old saying goes: “Too much of a good thing isn’t always good.”

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Avoid Canada, American travellers warned!!

I would think that is a good idea. But I also think Canadians should be thinking twice before going to America, at least for now.

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Schools & Covid

The Ontario government says parents will only be notified of potential COVID-19 outbreak when approximately 30 per cent of students in their school are absent.

Well, that statement sure shows me the mentality of our Powers That Be.

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Mentality of some People

Keeping schools open a ‘tough call’ as Omicron spreads across Ontario. To me, there is no question of what to do. The only thing we can do is close things down. I have to laugh as some of the questions that these so-called journalists asked Bob Ford today is simply dumb. Asking questions, like … how long will it be before Children will be back in school. I don’t know where their minds are, other than trying to make a name for themselves. As simply put, no one really knows. Wait and see is what I would tell them. My advice. Simply put. Close everything down. No, it won’t stop this virus, but it will give the hospitals, doctors and scientists time to deal with things. Yes, it will hurt a few businesses, but not as much as the virus will if we have no resources left to help the sick. Just look at the number of infections, it’s a no-brainer on what we should be doing. Stop thinking about money and do what’s right. That’s my rant for the day. Take care and stay safe.

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The Ontario government will stop collecting COVID-19 numbers from school boards and suspend reporting of new coronavirus infections among students and staff starting next week.

The only reason they are doing this, is that they don’t want people to know the mistake they are making, by allowing kids to go back to school. Makes me shake my head in wonder, how some politicians think they can fool us. But then again, they have been doing it for years. Will it change? Never, unfortunately.

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Schools and Learning

What they are saying regarding children in schools.

“They’re an essential service. They’re essential to students and in order for children and youth to grow and develop, they need to be in school,” this woman says on Wednesday.

I don’t believe it for one minute. It’s my opinion that kids do not need to be in school to develop and grow. To me, that statement is a myth. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that the kids are probably learning more on the Internet than in schools these days. Furthermore, the virus is spreading fast among the younger ones, who in turn spread it to others. Makes me shake my head with their reasoning. And taking it one step further, I bet most of the kids today would rather stay at home.

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Schools of today

At least two GTA school boards are warning students to prepare for a lump of coal this Christmas.

The reason for this is, if this virus gets going, which it will, then the kids might have to work from home. So what’s wrong with that? It’s funny how things have changed over the years, as when I was young, an announcement like the one above, would have made me the happiest kid around. But setting that aside … I honestly believe that most kids would be happy to be working from home today. Sure, there are a few that wouldn’t, but most I think would.

Taking this school thing one step further. I think we all need to realize, that this learning from home will eventually be the norm for most all countries. It’s the sign of the future. You can grumble and complain all you want, but it won’t change one thing, not in the long haul. At the moment it is all about money and jobs. In all honesty, most jobs will still be there, even if we eliminate going to school, meaning buildings, as the kids will still need supervision in the beginning. Kids are smart today, in a lot of ways, and a lot of that smartness hasn’t arrived through the way of schools. They have learned most of what they know on their own … online, or as some call The INTERNET. Can you imagine how much money, the Powers That Be, will save … if they sold all that land, and didn’t have to maintain all them buildings? I guess the next question would be. When it happens, and it will … where, and what will they spend the working man or woman’s money on? That’s the big question. I personally have a few ideas where it could go, if they are interested. My Opinion Only.

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