The War In Afghanistan

Now here is an article in today’s paper that I agree with, well part of it.  I think Harper did the right thing in saying what he did.  First off there is no way we can win this war for Afghanistan.  If they want a good country to live in they are going to have to get off their buts and do it their selves.  We and other countries have helped them to much as it is, and the more we do the less they will do. That is fact.  Anyone can see that if they take a minute to look.  Some say why it took so long for Harper to see things. That’s a real dumb question, as he wasn’t the one that put the troops there to begin with.  Takes time to make things right, so no way can folks get to blaming him.  So take a look at the article for what it is worth.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s candid statement that the Taliban cannot be defeated — and that responsibility for the war must instead be given to Afghans — was endorsed on Monday by John Manley, who chaired an authoritative 2008 investigation into Canada’s mission in Afghanistan.

But others are asking why the Canadian government has taken so long to admit that NATO’s military efforts are not working.  As I said what a dumb question I sure would like to see who is doing the asking.  My Opinion Only.

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