How do I Keep Up Morale In a Down Market and Hard Times?

Simple. You are in charge of your life and your feelings.  If you get hurt you are the one that has allowed it to happen to you.  Way to fix it.  Just stop taking things so serious.  All the worrying in the world won’t help solve the problem. Old sayig is. When things get tough the tough get going.  Don’t believe everything you hear as the media is just making you think things that are not really happening.  Send out possitive vibes and good things will happen. It’s not all that bad out there. I got faith in ya.  My opinion only

Toyota, GM and Chrysler Wants $12B plan Now and Probably More.

You know these car companies keep telling us they need all this money to stay alive.  There is a simple way of fixing this problem without any money from us hard working tax payers.  Not sure if you heard me right.  I said tax payers as we the people are the goverment and it’s our money that is being handed out to these folks.  Should never have  happened.  If they want to stay afloat the way to do it is each person that works for them should take about a five dollar an hour pay cut.   Management a bit more.   Will they do this?  Not on your life, so I figure if they don’t want to help the company they work for why should us hard working tax payers do anything to help them.  Simple as that. My Opinion Only