Monday Humour For Your Afternoon Coffee

Sometimes those who try and pull rank get their come-uppance.
One foggy night, a United States Aircraft Carrier was cruising off the coast of Newfoundland and the junior radar operator spotted a light in the gloom.  Here is a transcript of what happened next.

The radar operator worked out that a collision was likely unless the other vessel changed course.  So he sent a radio message.
U.S. Aircraft Carrier Radar Officer:
Please divert your course at least 7 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

Back came the reply you must be joking, I recommend you divert your course instead.

The U.S. Radar Officer referred the matter to his superior officer.  And reported the incident as subordination.
As a result the  Captain of the Air Craft Carrier sent a second message.  I believe that I out rank you, and am giving you a direct order to divert your course now!!!

Canadian Radio Operator: This is a lighthouse.  I suggest you take evasive action.

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