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Old Remember when’s

I am sure there are some that will remember some of these. Well … at least if you’re near my age. So why not take a trip back in time!! Thanks Sis. Good One.

Politics runs Ramped

There is a lot more that should have been done before the fact, I grant you that. But this article has a lot of merit.

If it’s only about vaccines, you don’t need leaders, just competent health professionals to distribute and deliver the jabs. The leader Ford resembles isn’t Trump, it’s Boris Johnson: buffoon and blusterer, procrastinator and reverser.

Not good

According to the provincial government, more than 60,000 international travellers are arriving at Toronto Pearson International Airport each week despite the ongoing pandemic.

My way of looking at things is to close down the air lines completely until our vaccines are administered. They close the boarders, but they leave the airports open. People say okay, I will park my car and jump on a plane. Being polite and telling folks to stay home isn’t the answer. Oh, some will abide by the rules, but I bet around 40% or more won’t. Then they say no one is to blame, it’s the virus we should blame LOL. Truth be told the virus can’t spread if people don’t spread it. Such it that.

We have come a long way

It won’t be long before these modern marvels will be walking among us. And the good part is, with something like this virus that is going around they will be immune and be able to do a lot of chores that us humans don’t want to do, or shouldn’t be doing. Like shopping and things. We have a ways to go yet, but as you can see from this video, it won’t be long. I am all for it myself, and I believe … they will be the saviour for us humans. Not what some have been thinking. As long as we keep things safe things will be fine. I just hope I live long enough to be part of it.