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Enjoy Life

I believe this to be true, if things hasn’t killed me by now that I enjoy, why stop eating or drinking them. Just common sense.

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When You’re Right, You’re Right

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Gone Fishing

Went fishing with my old buddy Barry last week, took a couple pictures. We took his boat this time round. Had a good day and caught a few for supper and threw a few back, so they can grow up a touch. We only take what we can eat. If everyone did that, there would be enough for everyone in the future.

In Case You Didn’t Know

The Mind is a Funny Thing

It’s Hard to Hide The Truth

Country Boy Issues On The Rise

Bass Pro Store

It wouldn’t be a complete trip to Niagara without visiting the Bass Pro Shop while there. Picked up a few new lures, a new hat, along with some other things that caught our eye.

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The Good Old Days

Yep, I remember calling home a few times, but in my case it was … Hey Dad! Then Click!

Security At Its Best

I kind of think this system is still being used today.

A Quick Breakfast

Actually, I have this once a week with a touch of brown sugar on it.

Just because I can.

When Girls Were Girls

I have to admit, the girls I knew years ago sure knew how to dress.

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Some Statements Are So True

That statement is about right, too.

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Good Old Days

Yep, as a matter of fact, I worked part-time years ago at an old Sunoco Gas Station, and remember putting them air lines out every morning. I kind of miss them days.

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Life as it should be

Yep, I can remember them days at the Drive In Theater

Gas Prices

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Oh, and that is 49.8 cents a gallon, not a liter.