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Woodpecker Enjoying Lunch

Took this picture of a Pileated Woodpecker at our birdfeeder the other day. He was chowing down on some suet we put out for them. They are nice to watch.

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Visitors at the bird feeder

Picture is a bit blurry, hard to get a good one without scaring them.

Remember When

A bit of Humour For a Sunday Afternoon

Wanted Roofer

Hi Folks. My wife and I are looking for someone that knows how to do some roofing. Stripping one layer off and re-shingling. What we have in mind is, we would supply all the material, and for your work shingling our home we would give you a free week here at our Cottage in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. There are lots of places for you to go fishing, or just sit back and enjoy what Nature has to offer. The cottage is fully furnished with High Speed Internet, Wi-Fi, Air, Heat, TV, every thing one would need, like dishes and barbecue. If interested, you can reach us at [email protected] or simply leave a comment here on the Blog. Oh, and knowing the folks where I would get the shingles, I am thinking that I could get them to lift them up to the roof, so you wouldn’t have to carry them up a ladder.

Country Living At Its Best

We took a few pictures while out for a walk, thought I would share.

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Fresh Ideas

I kind of like it!

Canada At Its Best

Here is a song my Cousin John sent me. Give it a listen too … as it is a great song regarding us here in Canada. And Happy New Year. Oh! And thanks John. Much appreciated. GW

Port Loring Ontario Canada Many Years Ago

Thought some might like to have a look see of what it was like years ago. I got lots of pictures of our small town years ago, I should dig them up and let you have a look. I will see what I can do about that once I find them. Things have changed a wee bit.

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Our Old Fishing Hole

Sure is pretty out there!

Wild Turkeys At The Bird Feeder

Had another few visitors before the snow melted.

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Remember When 2022 Fishing With Barry

Out fishing with my friend Barry awhile back. They sure tasted good, cooked them up on the barbecue with a couple cool ones.

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Lazy Turtle

Took this picture while out fishing awhile back. Thought I would share.

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Port Loring Outing

Took this picture out behind our home while on a walk before the warmer weather hit.

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Motivation at its best

My wife said I should hook this up to my snowblower. .

New Year’s Resolution

Smart Young Lad

But … When your right, your right!!

Just a Start of What’s to Come

New Years Gift from our Powers That Be.

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A Look At What The Future Holds

Especially Here In The North.

$100.00 Service Call Plus!!!!

Great Quote From a Great Man

Very smart man. He had visions throughout his life and most of them came true