Morning Wake Up Call, Anyone Listening? Harmonizing The GST with The PST Not A Good Thing

For the life of me, I can’t understand why folks aren’t really upset about this harmonizing the GST with the PST.  This is one of the biggest tax grabs of the century and no one seems to care.  Unbelievable.  Thing is, now folks will be paying 13 cents on the dollar for everything they buy.  Even on things that was PST exempt, they now will be charged.  Also think about this.  There is thousands of small business’s that doesn’t charge GST on goods, as if their business is below the $30,0000.00 a year mark they don’t have to collect it.  Now they will be forced to charge folks the full amount. Like our small business.  We chose not to charge GST on things as we make below the acquired amount.  We did this because we wanted to pass the savings on to the purchaser.  Sure we could have signed up paid when we bought things and then collected it from the working man and got it back in our pocket, but we didn’t.  You might say it is our small way of  trying to help out the consumer.  The Powers That Be know this, and this harmonizing thing is just one more reason to force it down folks throats.  In other words you do as we say.  The bottom line is, we the working man looses more and the Governments make money hand over fist.  Trouble is with them making money, it doesn’t do the important folks one bit of good, as any money they make isn’t for the good of the people.  My Opinion Only.  There I vented this morning. Feel better now.  Oh an d here is one letter to the Editor at the North Bay Nugget on how he feels about the whole thing. Guess there is one feller out there thinking a bit like I do. Just double-click on the link below to see his remarks on the subject:

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