Full Moons in 2009

January 10th     Full Wolf Moon     10:27 pm
February 9th     Full Snow Moon     9:49 am
March 10th     Full Worm Moon     10:38 pm
April 9th     Full Pink Moon     10:56 am
May 9th     Full Flower Moon     12:01 am
June 7th     Full Strawberry Moon     2:12 pm
July 7th     Full Buck Moon     5:21 am
August 5th     Full Sturgeon Moon     8:55 pm
September 4th     Full Corn Moon     12:03 pm
October 4th     Full Harvest Moon     2:10 am
November 2nd     Full Hunter’s Moon     2:14 pm
December 2nd     Full Cold Moon     2:30 am
December 31st    Full Blue Moon    2:13 pm

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