A Few Annual Herbs

Aloe Vera – Excellent indoor or outdoor container plant.  Well-known and well-researched medicinal plant.

Arugula – Mustard-like green.  Grow in salad gardens and use in salads and stir-fries for a peppery, pungent taste reminiscent of horseradish.

Basil – Popular, attractive plant with many color variations.  No herb garden is complete without it.  Excellent in salads and as a garnish.  Medicinally used mainly for its stomach soothing qualities.

Borage – Attractive blue star-shaped flowers, but rather scraggly growth habit.  Cucumber-like taste.  Used medicinally internally in teas or topically for a variety of ailments.

Calendula – Cheerful yellow flowers that bloom almost constantly in warm weather. Excellent addition to flower or herb gardens.  Flowers often used as a garnish.  Limited medicinal qualities.

Cayenne – Attractive shrub-like plant with fruits that start green and then turn fiery red.  Very hot, but nutritional powerhouses.  Used medicinally for a variety of ailments.

Chamomile – Member of the daisy family with daisy-like flowers.  Bitter taste and not usually used in cooking.  Medicinal properties are well-known and include many common ailments.

Chervil – Close relative of Parsley, used mostly for flavoring other foods.  Some medicinal uses, most notably for high blood pressure.

Coriander – Another member of the Parsley family.  Entirely edible plant with a strong taste often used in Indian and Asian foods.  Medicinally used mostly as a flavoring agent.

Dill – Popular garden herb with feathery silver green leaves.  Nice addition to the herb garden.  Used as a flavoring for many dishes and in pickling.  Not a major medicinal herb, but often used for its stomach-soothing qualities.

Garlic – Onion-like plant with beautiful flowers.  Well-known in cooking.  Medicinally important herb that is completely safe.  Widely available in many forms.

Savory (Summer) – Attractive trailing plant. Nice in containers. Mostly a culinary herb used in a wide variety of dishes.  Tastes like peppery Thyme. Minor medicinal herb.

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