Eliminate Processed Foods In Your Diet. Sooner The Better Through My Eyes.

You know, over the past few years I have tried my hardest to let folks in on the good things that we have to offer in this world, along with the bad, which the latter is being promoted now more than the good.  Take packaged luncheon meat. I for one think, that processed foods is the worst food that anyone can eat. My wife and I have totally eliminated it from our diet and, are glad we did.  I know some say; Hey! What can one eat that is good for you?  Well, there is lots, but one has to bypass about 3/4 of what is on the grocery store shelves. One has to make darn sure he or she knows where their food is coming from. Myself I only buy what I know is healthy, which is a hard thing to do in to-days world.  But it is possible. I like fresh fish, chickens that I know where they were raised.   Pork and beef, not too much, but I  won’t buy unless I know where the meat comes from.  I try to buy totally  Canadian or USA produce.  I grow all my own vegetables and my wife does up tons for winter and puts them away, so that we can eat healthy all winter long.   As I always say, buy organic and make sure you know where the organic is grown or raised.  Well, guess that’s it,  I got a picture for you to look at, which comes right from a package of processed luncheon meat.  Sure looks tasty huh?  The thing is, millions are putting it into their stomach right now.  My Opinion Only


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