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They now are saying what I have been saying for years, that eating Cranberries every day Improves Cardiovascular Health. I have also found that they have a lot of other properties in them that helps a good deal of other health related issues.
No, I don’t mean the cranberries in a can sweetened with …
I do however enjoy a wee bit of the sweet stuff alongside my Turkey Dinner occasionally.

Chemicals in our Food Wrappings

I see they have now found dangerous chemicals in food wrappers at some large fast-food restaurants and grocery chains.
Damn … just when my wife and I were starting to enjoy a Burger out from time to time. Take out that is.
You can read the whole article here: Unsafe Food Wrappers.

Bread Without Yeast

Food Science: Baking Self-Healing Bread and Brewing Probiotic Beer

They are coming up with all kinds of neat things these days.

Wearing Masks

An article I read in the newspaper said:

I don’t want my kids to wear a mask when going back to school, and I want to be told if my kids are made to wear a mask.

You know … for the life of me, I can’t see what the big deal is with people having to wear a mask. Just doesn’t compute. They say it is their right. Well, yes it is, but I am thinking that some rights aren’t being thought through enough. I guess the only way some will learn right from wrong, is when disaster strikes close to home. A shame really. But then again, that is what humans are all about.

Taking Precautions Help

Public Health in Northern Ontario … says it’s been two years since a case of flu has been reported in the region.
Just goes to show you what happens when people wash their hands, stay home when sick and wear a mask.