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I know this to be true, as I have been treating my cancer now for over 12 years naturally.

Cancer can’t survive in an Alkaline Environment. First thing is to go out and buy yourself some PH Test Strips and check yourself out. You want it to be around the 7 or better mark. Then find a chart which there are many of online and get to eating more Alkaline Foods. And try hard to cut down if not all of your sugar intake. If you do want a bit, use only Organic Coconut Palm Sugar. Good Luck! And don’t think that Cancer is the end of things, as it isn’t. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that everyone if checked thoroughly would find they have some form of it in their body somewhere. Most I found goes away on its own. Good Luck!

Health Tip

I remember Laura the lady that raised me one time saying. “George, every time you eat or drink, you are either feeding disease or fighting it!” So, in layman words, stop eating junk food and eat the food you are supposed to eat. She told me that over sixty years ago, and it is still being said today.

Health Tip For Jan 25/2023

If there was one thing if asked, what would be the best thing a person could do, that would protect you from this virus, colds or flu’s of today. I would say start taking a vitamin D 3 1000 IU tablet a day. I would bet that if everyone in Canada had their level checked with a blood test, everyone would find they are well below what is needed to stay healthy. Even for myself being outside all summer, when I had mine checked, I was only at 40%. The reason for this is that most folks work inside, sitting at a computer more than they should be. I know some haven’t got a choice in the matter, but you do have a choice in taking a vitamin D3 Tablet every day. What have you got to lose? A lot more if you don’t.


They now are saying what I have been saying for years, that eating Cranberries every day Improves Cardiovascular Health. I have also found that they have a lot of other properties in them that helps a good deal of other health related issues.
No, I don’t mean the cranberries in a can sweetened with …
I do however enjoy a wee bit of the sweet stuff alongside my Turkey Dinner occasionally.

Chemicals in our Food Wrappings

I see they have now found dangerous chemicals in food wrappers at some large fast-food restaurants and grocery chains.
Damn … just when my wife and I were starting to enjoy a Burger out from time to time. Take out that is.
You can read the whole article here: Unsafe Food Wrappers.

Bread Without Yeast

Food Science: Baking Self-Healing Bread and Brewing Probiotic Beer

They are coming up with all kinds of neat things these days.

Wearing Masks

An article I read in the newspaper said:

I don’t want my kids to wear a mask when going back to school, and I want to be told if my kids are made to wear a mask.

You know … for the life of me, I can’t see what the big deal is with people having to wear a mask. Just doesn’t compute. They say it is their right. Well, yes it is, but I am thinking that some rights aren’t being thought through enough. I guess the only way some will learn right from wrong, is when disaster strikes close to home. A shame really. But then again, that is what humans are all about.

Taking Precautions Help

Public Health in Northern Ontario … says it’s been two years since a case of flu has been reported in the region.
Just goes to show you what happens when people wash their hands, stay home when sick and wear a mask.

Vitamin D3

You know, my wife son and I have been saying that Vitamin D3, plays a huge part in staying healthy now for over five years. Some have listened, some have not.

Now more evidence has been made showing that we were right. But it isn’t just good for helping out with this virus, it is also can help out with the normal cold and flu’s that are out there today. You could say that Vitamin D3 is like wearing an invisible mask.

Here is what they are saying;

Vitamin D’s role in the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 has been long disputed by some experts for a long time now. But new research is saying that there is a possibility that Vitamin D3 levels has the ability to fend off severe COVID-19 symptoms, particularly associated with the Omicron variant. Furthermore, a new study suggest that those who were lacking vitamin D3 were a lot more likely to experience severe COVID-19 complications,

Food For Thought.

Antivaxxers The guys got a Point

COVid Shots

Justin Trudeau says the provinces will have enough COVID-19 vaccines to provide everyone eligible booster shots and fourth doses if they become necessary.

I think this is where I have to draw the line, as I don’t think it is a good idea getting the fourth booster shot, until we know more. I think as it is, just by the way my body felt after the booster shot, that three is enough. Another would over load our system. Which I think could cause us problems, more than we have now. The old saying goes: “Too much of a good thing isn’t always good.”

You can reach George Walters at; [email protected]

COVID-19 vaccine

I have been asked My Thoughts on the vaccines:
You know, some folks still believe that this virus isn’t that bad. Even with all the evidence, along with the millions that have died from it. Makes me wonder how they can justify that in their minds. At any rate, it should be noted that there isn’t any way that we know of, in avoiding getting infected, whether you’re vaccinated or not. But. As hard as it is to believe by some, the Pfizer and Moderna Vaccines only train your immune system to understand and recognize that it is under attack, and if and when the virus does enter your body, and your immune system is working well, it is then ready to attack this virus, and … in most cases you will survive; and we are relatively assured that we won’t have a lot of problems down the road away with other complications. If you’re not vaccinated, the chances of having serious problems or even death is greatly increased. Some say well … I had the virus, and it was about as bad as a cold. Well … you’re one of the lucky ones, but the thing is, later on after you have had the virus, they are now finding that those that didn’t get vaccinated and had the virus is now having some serious problems with other things like lung problems, heart problems and so on. Off course, the unvaccinated will have a come back and say … you could have the same things happen if you do have the vaccines. In respect to their thinking, they are right. But with all the evidence now coming out from all over the world, the vaccines have proven that they have saved millions and millions of lives and slowed things down. The next thing is that those that aren’t vaccinated now have a greater chance than ever before of getting the virus, as it is rapidly seeking them out. Why is that? Simply put, it is on survival mode, and it will do anything it has to do to survive and the only way it can do that is find those that aren’t vaccinated or mutate inside those that aren’t vaccinated. At any rate, no matter how you look at things and with all the evidence that is out there today. I am happy my wife and family, and me are vaccinated. I would sooner take a chance which is almost nil having the vaccine than lying in the hospital gasping for air or for that matter spreading it to others and maybe even killing someone. My Opinion Only. Take care and stay safe. GW

Food Recall

Health Canada is recalling multiple brands of frozen mango because they may be contaminated with Hepatitis A.
The recall for Nature’s Touch, Compliments, Irresistible, and President’s Choice brand frozen mangoes was issued on July 30.

So I would suggest if you have any to get rid of them. I am hoping the rest of their produce is good, as my wife and I do eat a lot of frozen raspberries and blueberries. Hmm.

Stepping up to the plate

My son said one time; Dad, that’s why I liked Star Trek
The ship’s doctor could override the captain

A little common sense, save a bunch of lives. I agree with him whole heartily.

Unvaccinated people do more than merely risk their own health.

Good Article, well written and says what is happening to a T. Click on link below to view. Have a great day. It is a nice day. At least here in Port Loring.

Morning Chat May 8/2021

Good Morning! It’s a bit cloudy here in Port Loring, Ontario this morning. And it is also a bit cool with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 3.7 C | 38.66 F. It will warm up as the day moves forward. We should see some sunshine off and on throughout the day. Highway 522 is picking up these days, with campers, trucks you name it moving up and down the highway. So much for the stay at home order. It also looks like my lovely wife and I might have to do some grass cuttin’ this week by the looks of things. It is getting a bit long. The dandelions are showing off with flowers everywhere. I am thinking it is time to pick a couple and make a tea. They are a very healthy plant to eat, or make a tea from. We just pull a small one, and my wife washes it good and drops it into a pot of boiling water. Say around three cups. Let it set for ten minutes, and it’s ready to drink. What could be simpler than that. On another note, my wife and I went to North Bay and had our first shot of the vaccine last Thursday. Everything went well, and I was surprised at how well they handled things on the safety end of things. Once you park your car they take care of everything. On the side effect and needle part of things neither one of us felt anything, and it’s been three days since we had it. Other than maybe a bit of a sore arm where they administered the vaccine, when I laid on it through the night. Other than that things are good. It’s not a 100% guarantee, but it should save our life if we do happen to catch it. But not right away maybe in three weeks or so. As it takes time for the body to get things up to par now that it knows what to look for which is what the vaccine does. It makes the body aware of what is taking place. Pretty amazing really. The second shot will bring the bodies antibodies up even more to where it can fight it a lot better. But that won’t be until August. I am kind of hoping that they move that date up a bit. We will have to see what they do. The vaccine my wife and I had, was the Pfizer. After all my research I have come to the conclusion for now, the Pfizer or the Moderna is the best there is. It is a newer way of doing things which I believe is the way of the future, and you know … I have a feeling that we will soon be able to take a vaccine that will stop most of all our cancers. Now wouldn’t that be nice. One other note that should be addressed is I haven’t found any ingredient in the Pfizer or the Moderna that can harm you. It is basically made up with Salts, Oils and Sugar, along with the mRNA. Also known as messenger, mRNA is the only active ingredient in the vaccine. The mRNA molecules contain the genetic material that provide instructions for our body on how to make a viral protein that triggers an immune response within our bodies. The immune response is what causes our bodies to make the antibodies needed to protect us from getting infected if exposed to the coronavirus. With that, I am off for my morning bowl of oatmeal, and will then head on off to the dump. Things have been piling up here for the past week or so. Take care and stay safe it is getting terrible out there with more deaths every day here in Ontario. I am hoping a lot of more people will start seeing that this virus, is … very dangerous.

The Truth is out there

This is a great video for those that think a mask doesn’t work regarding this virus.

Interesting but understandable

U.S. set to begin sharing its entire stock of 60 million doses of AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccines. And they aren’t using it for their people.

Hearing that; it sure sends up red flags around this Vaccine. I think we all have to take a serious look at things before using. My Opinion only!

Safety Alert For Port Loring Ontario

Public Safety Alert

Issued at 11:00 Thursday 08 April 2021 Importance

HIGH Recommended Action

A stay-at-home order is in effect. Only leave home for essential purposes such as food, health care, vaccines, exercise or work. It’s the law. Stay home, save lives. Learn more at Description

A stay-at-home order is in effect. Only leave home for essential purposes such as food, health care, vaccines, exercise or work. It’s the law. Stay home, save lives. Learn more at Area Description

Ontario Issued By

Provincial Emergency Operations Centre

Close the damn Schools

And this isn’t enough information to close the schools. Man I have to shake my head in disbelief.

The Ministry of Education reported another 518 school-related cases confirmed between last Friday and yesterday afternoon, including 440 students, 77 staff members and one person who was not identified. A total of 58, or about 1.2 per cent of Ontario’s 4,828 publicly-funded schools, are closed due to the illness.

Vaccines Explained

I think everyone should listen and watch this video relating to the vaccines. Makes a lot of sense to me and my family.

Click on Link Below to view.


Nearly 200,000 Ontarian’s aged 80 and older have not signed up for a COVID-19 vaccination. The reason for this is, that a few of us older folks are a lot more conscientious about the vaccines than others. My feelings on the subject, is to give the Seniors the opportunity, to pick and choose what vaccine they want. In doing so, I am sure there will be a lot more that will get it. I know I will …. but not till I can choose.

More COVID Cases in North Bay Ontario Canada

North Bay Extends the stay at home order in North Bay until March 8/2021. And then they will see after that. I think it is the best thing they could have done. Especially now with the new virus among them, along with it now spreading into Cassellholme North Bay, Walmart, an apartment building complex and a Bank. I suspect there are a lot more cases yet to be found. They should also close the schools down. Truth be told they should have never opened them, as the kids were just getting used to working from home. Kids adapt to what ever takes place. Slowing this virus down is a lot more important than going to school. It’s not forever, its just till the vaccines start rolling in. If they don’t close down and try to keep everyone from shopping there won’t be any places … to shop. Simple as that. Take care, and do what you have too, to stay safe. Even then it’s a challenge.

Scientific Facts

From what I have learned the past few months is that by boosting up your immune system with vitamin C, and D3 you are reducing the risk of being infected with the coronavirus, and if you are infected … you are reducing the risk of having severe conditions from the virus.
Once you have taken the vitamin C and D3 along with other supplements to increase your immune system getting it ready for the Coronavirus, there are some other important things that you can do to keep a healthy body and a strong immune system. Here are a few!
Sleep well, and enough, as the body recovers the most while you’re asleep – this is when your immune system can work at its full potential. So make sure you get enough rest, between 7 and 8 hours a day if possible.
Make sure that not only you sleep enough hours, but also, at the right time. The body produces its most important hormones between 10 p.m. and 1:00 AM. So make sure that you are already asleep during this period.
Eat healthy and nutritious food.
Exercise regularly, and intensively, even if it’s just for 20 minutes a day.
Be positive, and avoid arguments and negative emotions. That last one is the hard one. But we all can do it.

It all boils down my friends to how healthy your immune system is.

Something we should have done

Great Video and says what we here in, especially Ontario, or the whole of Canada should have done. I think it is too late now though. At least there is one person that has the gumption to speak up. Give it a listen!

Virus News

Ontario reported 978 new COVID-19 cases on Saturday, the most on a single day since the outbreak began in late January. Today’s count October 24/2020 surpasses the previous high of 939, which was reported on Oct. 9. The thing is folks … half or more could have been prevented if everyone wore a damn mask. It’s not the cure, but it sure helps a lot and the other thing is. If you do wear a mask and you do get it, it will be a lot easier on you. Also, should be noticed is that with this amount of people getting infected the hospitals are starting to fill up in certain areas. And a lot of people in the hospitals are now becoming infected. Food for thought.

Food for thought

It seems at this time that some folks are not wanting to believe that this virus is getting worse. I believe that their reasoning with this is that they don’t want to go back to being locked down as we were earlier in the year. Others just don’t give a dam. That thinking though is crazy thinking, and if that way of thinking is entertained to great extent, which is what is starting to happen … it can become fatal, for a lot of people. Stay safe and do what’s right!!!

Food For Thought or something like that

A few things have come up that we now know for certain about this virus, which I am thinking will help a lot…..

People who notice a loss in their ability to smell every day household odours such as garlic, coffee, and perfumes should self-isolate and seek out a place to be tested.
Mounting evidence has pointed to the loss of smell as one of the most reliable symptoms of COVID-19, providing health care workers with at least one stable bit of help.—especially as flu season arrives. Along with that it should also be noted that while the focus of preventing infection shifted from hand-washing to wearing a mask and social distancing, medical experts have never stopped reminding the public to wash their hands as often as possible to keep themselves safe and healthy. And according to new research, that’s definitely a good thing, since the evidence shows that the coronavirus can live on human skin for over nine hours, up to four and a half times longer than the flu. Also, it is now known that this virus can be spread further than six feet away. So …. as I keep on saying my friends. Be more vigilant than ever. In doing so you have a pretty good chance of getting through this. And one other thing I would suggest is not getting together with friends and family members outside your home this Thanksgiving. I would say if you do, that is an open invitation for this virus to spread even more. You know, with all the modern technology we have today there are many other ways of getting together from a distance. Truth be told since this virus has started … my wife and I have talked more to our boys, some family members and friends than ever before. From a distance of course. I would have to say it has brought us even closer together. It’s the same as going to church, to me it is unnecessary … what you can do there, you can do at home, by yourself. Take care and remember my words are my opinion only. LOL You are entitled to yours.

Information Gone Crazy

Ontario reports 566 new COVID-19 cases for Oct 4/2020. Down from yesterday. Now that is a laugh, as in the next breath … they tell you that walk-in tests come to end across the province of Ontario. So bottom line is … yes the cases are down a wee bit, but they are not doing the testing that they were doing, which in turn lowers the count. This is just a way that they can now say …. Well … the cases are down, so we can keep things open for a while longer. LOL Makes me shake my head once again. I guess they figure that we the public are a bit slow with our thinking. LOL Hmm … they might be right in some respects for some. As there are a lot out there that sure isn’t taking things serious. My opinion only.

COVID-19 Cases Today Sep 28/2020

Health officials reported 700 new infections on Monday at noon, in Ontario. Breaking the previous high of 624 cases on April 24. Not good and still rising. I hate to say I told you so. Sheesh. And the crazy thing is … the researchers are saying that the COVID-19 second wave could hit Ontario by middle of October. LOL That is a joke! As it has started already. Makes me shake my head.

Social Distancing

Hi folks! Most of you know that I have been stressing the importance of social distancing, and how some folks don’t seem to give a dam. Well … here is a solution that seems to be working. Take a look.

Good Information Dealing with This Virus

7 Ways You’re Sanitizing Your Groceries All Wrong
Next time you go out to buy food, avoid these mistakes at all costs.

Now that you’ve taken all the right safety precautions at the grocery store during the corona virus pandemic, the last thing you want to do is waste all of your efforts by not properly sanitizing your groceries at home. Don’t worry, there aren’t a ton of steps you need to take in order to keep your food (and yourself) safe and healthy, just a few that you should keep in mind.
So the next time you come home from your grocery store excursion, here are things you don’t want to do when sanitizing your groceries.
No matter what, the first thing you should do after getting home from the grocery store is wash your hands. You don’t want to go around touching your groceries—or any other items in your kitchen—before washing your hands first. If you don’t, then you won’t really be properly sanitizing your groceries, and all the effort you take to creating a clean kitchen environment will go to waste. The best thing to do is to remove your mask first before washing your hands.
You’re not sanitizing surfaces.
Even if you’re clean in the kitchen and wash your hands, it’s important to wipe down all surfaces just in case. This way you are not only furthering the spread of germs, but you’re avoiding any food cross-contamination that could happen if your kitchen isn’t properly sanitized. So before you empty out those groceries on the counter, wipe it down with an antibacterial wipe or spray first.
You’re washing your produce with soap.
While it may seem like you need to wash everything down with soap, trust us, you don’t have to—and it’s going to make your produce taste really strange. To properly wash your produce when you get home, simply rinse them down with cool water. Even if your produce needs to be peeled—like potatoes or carrots—still rinse them down so you aren’t getting any possible food contamination on your peeler and the inside of whatever produce you are peeling.
You’re not regularly cleaning your fridge.
You’re probably cooking a lot more than usual lately, so it’s important to keep account of what’s in your fridge and how often you are cleaning it. Take some time to evaluate what’s inside your fridge every weekend and wipe down all the surfaces, while simultaneously tossing any cooked food that’s been in there more than a week, or any other foods that have gone bad. Why is this an important step for sanitizing your groceries? Because if you don’t, your groceries will then mix in with any rotting food and crease possible food contamination because of it.
You’re not storing items properly in the fridge.
Speaking of your fridge, it’s also important where you store your groceries. Food safety experts say the best way to organize a fridge is to start with your leftovers and pr-cooked foods on the top shelf. Middle shelves should contain dairy products (milk, cheese) as well as eggs and juices. The lower shelves should contain any raw meats and fish that you plan on cooking soon. The bottom crisper should contain your fresh fruits and vegetables, and the doors should have all of your condiments and beverages. Storing your foods this way helps to keep your groceries sanitized after going through all of these safety precautions beforehand.
You’re not washing your reusable bags.
While some stores aren’t allowing the use of reusable bags right now, if you are going to a store that does allow it, you need to make sure you’re running those bags through the laundry before your next trip. This will help to prevent all kinds of germs to spread and food-borne illnesses to arise. So keep them clean.
Now here’s something you probably weren’t expecting, but it’s true. You do not need to wipe down every single item that you buy! According to the FDA, there is no evidence of COVID-19 spreading through packaged pantry goods, so you don’t have to wipe them down. However, if it would make you feel better to do so, make sure to leave them out on the counter after wiping them down so they can air dry. But trust us when we say, you don’t have to worry about it. It’s the refrigerated items you want to make sure are being stored in a clean fridge and your produce that needs rinsing before you cook. Take care folks and look after yourselves. GW

Plant of the day

I have found that the Snake Plant cleans air better than most other indoor plants as it has the ability to absorb excessive amounts of carbon monoxide. Additionally, it releases more oxygen than most other plants, and one of the best snake plant health benefits is … it can help a lot in getting rid of toxic air pollutants. Other than CO2, it can also absorb benzene, formaldehyde, xylene, and toluene. These cancer-causing pollutants are harmful to our health, a well-known proven fact.
Out of so many houseplants to have in the home, the snake plant is one that every home should have. They also grow quite well in areas that there isn’t much sunlight, but you should know they do like lots of water. A couple great places for them would be in the bedroom and living room. They like company. LOL

Snake Plant

Virus Information

How can you avoid spreading germs while food shopping?
We understand—it’s a bit unrealistic that you’re sanitizing your hands after touching every single item while you’re shopping. But you can easily practice the “shop with your eyes” logic when you’re picking out fruits and vegetables. Instead of touching the food, simply take a good look at them (from a safe distance, while you’re wearing a mask) and choose your foods that way. The same thing goes for every item you’re shopping for, really. You don’t have to touch three boxes of cereal to see which one you actually want to buy.

In other words use common sense.

Free Dental Care, Seniors

This is great news. Well over do. Seniors have suffered for years with bad teeth. I can’t express enough, how happy I am to hear this. Not that I need help, but there are hundreds I do know that does need help. Some go through excruciating pain as they can’t afford to get things looked after. I also hope they cover it so Seniors can get new dentures. If Seniors can’t eat properly, they get sick. If they get sick, it costs millions more to treat them. Food for thought. Way to go Doug Ford.

Free dental care for low-income seniors to be announced in budget.

Click Link above for the full report.

Life is too Short

One day a father of a very wealthy family took his son on a trip to the country with the firm purpose of showing his son how poor people can be. They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of what would be considered a very poor family.

On their return from their trip, the father asked his son, “How was the trip?” “It was great, Dad.” “Did you see how poor people can be?” the father asked. “Oh Yeah” said the son. “So what did you learn from the trip?” asked the father.

The son answered, “I saw that we have one dog and they had four. We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our garden and they have a creek that has no end. We have imported lanterns in our garden and they have the stars at night. Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the whole horizon.

We have a small piece of land to live on and they have fields that go beyond our sight. We have servants who serve us, but they serve others. We buy our food, but they grow theirs. We have walls around our property to protect us, they have friends to protect them.”

With this the boy’s father was speechless. Then his son added, “Thanks dad for showing me how poor we are.”

Oranges For Health

I was searching through my notes the other day and found that a new study says that Navel oranges can boost your immune system, and aid in skin health. They are also very good for your heart, and there is mounting evidence that suggests eating oranges may help reduce the risk of respiratory diseases, rheumatoid arthritis, different ulcers and kidney stones. The vitamin C in oranges may also boost a person’s immunity which could help with infections like the common cold and ward off flu’s. I kind of figured that. They also found that vitamin C in oranges may help in preventing certain cancers. But as anything, too much of a good thing isn’t always good. One orange a day is all you need. Kind of like the apple saying. An apple a day keeps the doctor away. GW

Antibiotic-resistant bacteria

Click Link Below To View Full Article

Shrimp containing antibiotic-resistant bacteria found in Canadian grocery stores


With tomato season almost upon us you are about to enjoy a treat.  Some say they can’t eat tomatoes which in some cases is true.  I found though that tomatoes are delicious, either raw or cooked.  Actually cooked tomatoes have benefits that most don’t know about.

It’s all about the lycopene – the antioxidant that causes the red color of tomatoes – a powerful antioxidant known for preventing the formation of certain cancers like prostate cancer and breast cancer. They also lower your risk of heart disease and are naturally anti-inflammatory. The secret to getting the full benefits of tomatoes lies in the preparation. Lycopene is released when tomatoes are cooked. In fact, preserved tomatoes if organic have even higher concentrations of lycopene than fresh.  Myself I can’t wait, .  What better way to stay healthy than to walk out into the garden an pick a nice red tomato, set back with a touch of salt and take in what nature has to offer.

Build Your Immune System

T cells, also known as T lymphocytes, are a white blood cell of grave importance to your immune system; they allow your body to adapt a response to any pathogen. There are also foods you can eat to trigger production of these critical cells.

3 Ways to Boost NK Cells

Here are a few easy ways to boost our naturally occurring killer cells so that we can fight one of the biggest diseases of all time:

3. Take More Vitamin C – This vitamin is not only good for fighting colds and flu, but it boosts the activation of both T-cells and NK cells so that your immune system has extra armor to protect you against a host of diseases, including cancer. The Journal of Immunology confirms that ridiculously high doses aren’t required. Just 1000 mg a day can help boost the immune system.

4. Get Your Daily E – In addition to boosting the production of killer cells, vitamin E also supports the making of B cells – also utilized by our immune systems to produce antibodies and kill bacteria. You can get the recommended 60 mg a day from nuts, grains, seeds and vegetable oils. Further, vitamin E intake lowers the risk of heart disease.

5. Eat Your Beta Carotene – As the name suggests, this important vitamin found in carrots can help boost killer cells as well as helper T-cells so that your immune system can fight a number of diseases. Foods full of beta carotene include sweet potatoes, kale, turnip greens, spinach, dried herbs, and mustard greens, just to name a few.

Preventing cancer may be as simple as eating whole, natural foods. Who knew?

Foods to Improve Your Immunity

The vitamin A in carrots helps trigger white blood cell production; a 1-cup serving of chopped carrots has 21,384 IU of this vitamin, many times the daily recommended intake. You also take in a small amount of vitamin C in a serving of carrots — 7.6 mg — as well as small amounts of zinc and selenium, all of which contribute to T cell counts.
Packed with selenium, this tasty shellfish helps boost your body’s production of cytokines, a protein that’s known to ward off illnesses.

Yogurt that contains live cultures is rich in lactobacillus acidophilus and bifidobacterium lactis (read: good bacteria), which fight bacteria that cause diseases and raise your white blood cell count.

Green Tea
Green tea is a great source of L-theanine, an amino acid that triggers the release of germ-fighting compounds from your T-cells. (Green tea also helps to boost your metabolism.)

One of the best sources of immunity-boosting vitamin C, oranges cause your body to produce higher levels of antibodies and white blood cells.

Like oysters, crab meat is rich in selenium, a nutrient that strengthens your immune system.

Including garlic in your meal plan to increase your T cells is a good option. A study published in the February 2009 issue of the journal “Planta Medica” indicates that compounds in garlic trigger the growth of lymphocytes. Garlic also contains a small amount of zinc — 0.1 mg — and 2.8 mg of vitamin C, another vitamin useful for your immune system. The vitamin C in garlic pumps up your body’s production of white blood cells; adults need 75 to 90 mg of vitamin C per day.

Carrots are crammed with beta carotene, a phytonutrient that increases your body’s production of T-cells and natural killer cells.

The high amount of antioxidants found in spinach help boost your immune system.

Sweet Potatoes
Like carrots, sweet potatoes are loaded with beta carotene, which boosts your body’s T-cell and NK-cell count.

morels Rich in compounds called beta glucans, mushrooms boost the production of NK-cells and T-cells in your body to help prevent infections.

Salmon contains omega-3 fatty acids, which cause your body’s phagocytes to fight bacteria more effectively.

Like oranges, kiwis are high in vitamin C, which helps protect your body against infections.

Bell Peppers
Bell peppers are packed with vitamin C, which prompts your body to produce more interferon. This antibody covers the surface of cells and fends off viruses.

Broccoli is a great source of glucosinolates, phytonutrients rich in sulfur that stimulate the natural antioxidant systems in your body.

Brazil Nuts Or Almonds
Eating more brazil nuts, a large South American nut, may improve your T cell count, thanks to the selenium content. A 1-oz. serving of these nuts provides you with 543.5 mcg of this mineral, and research indicates that selenium positively influences T cell proliferation and activity, according to a study featured in the June 2010 “Journal of Nutrition.” Adults require 55 mcg of selenium each day. Brazil nuts also supply small amounts of zinc and vitamin C.

Vitamin and Mineral Rich Food
Folic acid, vitamin B 6, riboflavin and thiamin are particularly important to the proper functioning of t-cells and their quantity. The list doesn’t stop there. Foods rich in vitamins and minerals are essential to keeping t-cell count up, and that means eating a lot of fruits and vegetables. Raw fruits and vegetables are the best way to get a maximum amount of these nutrients. Dark leafy green vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, squash, tomatoes, strawberries and carrots are all nutrient rich produce that may increase t-cells.

Papaya, especially the Carica Papaya, has recently been found to increase regulatory t-cells, but it has been used to treat many diseases and cancers for centuries. The fruit, its seeds and even its leaves are found to be beneficial. Try eating some ripe fruit, dried fruit or even drinking some papaya leaf tea. The stronger the tea, the more effective it is said to be.

Back Pain

Back pain: we're treating it all wrong

Here is an article that I think explains the exact nature of back problems.  I have been saying for years that surgery for backs is all wrong in most cases.   Most problems can be fixed with exercise and left alone.  Click on picture for the full article. It’s worth reading.

More On T Cells

So what are T Cells?  T-cells are essential for human immunity.  A type of white blood cell that is of key importance to the immune system.
I am thinking this is one item that should be looked at very closely when trying to combat any disease.  I also think it should be looked at very seriously by the healthy.  Preventative medicine so to speak.
Myself I wished I found out about them years ago as I would have made some drastic changes in my lifestyle which I am sure would be helping me today.
The T cell is a good guy who searches out and destroys the bad guys like cancer cells and other diseases.  One item that promotes healthy strong white cells is Garlic, fresh homegrown garlic not covered with pesticides.  Wild leeks are also very beneficial too.  Remember buy local when possible, avoid foods from other countries other than Canada or USA.  We have at the very least some regulations on food that is grown in our own country, and we know what soil they are grown in.  My Opinion only of course.

T Cells

Now here is an interesting item that I am thinking everyone should be looking at T CELLS
I have always said eating right is a great defence against disease.   Foods that we should be eating to promote more Vitamin C which helps our White Cells (T Cells) would be grapefruit, oranges, tangerines, lemons, limes, and clementines.   I think they should be eaten on a daily basis, especially this time of year as this is when the good ones are readily available.  I would stay away from the ones from countries other than the USA.  Not that I am picking sides, it’s because of the water and waste control that one might be subjected to.  In other words, there are more regulations protecting us when dealing with foods and fruits grown in the USA or Canada.  These are better than any tablet and easier on the stomach.
My opinion only.

Benefits Of A Beer Now & Then


Interesting maybe I should pick up a case of Bud.

A few Benefits of beer

1. Beer keeps your kidneys healthy A Finish study singled out beer among other alcoholic beverages, finding that it was better for your kidneys. In fact, each bottle of beer you drink reduces the risk of developing kidney stones by 40%.

2. Beer for better digestion Beer and especially dark beer contains up to one gram of soluble fibre* in each 30 cl glass – unlike wine, which doesn’t contain any fibre at all. Fibre plays an important role in intestinal transit (a fibre deficiency can cause gastric and intestinal disorders such as constipation or diarrhea).

3. Beer to lower your bad cholesterol The fibre in beer can also help reduce your levels of LDL cholesterol, i.e. the “bad” type of cholesterol.

4. Beer can increase your vitamin B levels Beer contains several B vitamins (B1, B2, B6 and B12). A Dutch study found that beer drinkers had 30 percent higher levels of vitamin B6 than their non-drinking counterparts, and levels that were twice as high as those of wine drinkers. Beer is also a generous source of vitamin B12, an anti-anemic factor not found in many foods.

5. Beer for stronger bones! A 2009 study concluded that the elevated levels of silicon in beer can contribute to higher bone density.

6. Beer as a cure for insomnia Lactoflavin and nicotinic acid, which are both in beer, can promote sleep!

7. Beer reduces your risk of a heart attack Beer drinkers have a 40 to 60 percent reduced risk of suffering a heart attack compared with non-beer drinkers.

8. Beer helps prevent blood clots The ingredients in beer help prevent blood clots from forming.

9. Beer boosts your memory According to studies, beer drinkers are less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease and dementia than non-beer drinkers.

10. Beer helps combat stress Researchers at the University of Montreal found that two glasses of beer a day can reduce work-related stress or anxiety.

11. Beer as a cold remedy Drinking warm beer is an excellent cold remedy! When barley is warmed up it improves blood circulation and helps you breathe when you feel congested. It also provides relief for joint pain and boosts your immunity. So, how do you prepare it? Heat a bottle of beer in a double boiler and then add four small teaspoons of honey.

12. Beer makes skin more beautiful Good news for women! Certain vitamins in beer can regenerate the skin and have a positive impact on pigmentation. Your skin becomes smoother and suppler.


How To Handle Allergies With Natural Remedies

Natural Remedies

Click Link below for more information.

Treat Leukemia With The Help Of Natural Remedies Such As Red Beet

Treat Leukemia With The Help Of Natural Remedies Such As Red Beet

Less Sugar More Veggies

Eating 10 Servings Of Fruits And Veggies Will Prolong Life

Salt Is Good For You

I have been saying this for years that salt is a good thing in ones diet not a bad thing.  As our body needs salt to survive.  Years ago we used to have salt tablet dispensers in the work place for those that worked hard.  Reason being that when one sweats he looses salt at a drastic rate. Loosing salt one gets weak and opens up the door for other problems.  I will say this though that one should eat only good raw salt not the white salt that most find in the stores today.  Pink Sea Salt is a good choice. When bought it is moist and needs to be dried and ground.  Here is the article that came out today.

Headlines declared the news this week that low-sodium diets don’t benefit health. The stories were based on a new study in the Lancet that concluded cutting back on sodium doesn’t improve health for most and that it may, in fact, increase the risk of cardiovascular problems. The findings run counter to messages repeated for years by groups like the World Health Organization and the Heart and Stroke Foundation: that the vast majority of us consume too much sodium and it’s contributing to high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other health problems. They also highlight an increasingly contentious battle between the health experts who advocate for sodium reduction and the small but vocal group of researchers who say big decreases aren’t a good idea.

Eye Surgeons

Eye surgeons were the highest paid doctors in the province, based on billings to Saskatchewan’s Medical Services

Not only in Saskatchewan as seems to be trend all over Canada and the USA.  For most parts, My Opinion Only Of Course, is that most eye problems can be simply treated at home without going through all this surgery that once again, My Opinion Only is not necessary.  I have talked to numerous folks who had surgery done to their eyes and the findings weren’t good, resulting in some very serious side effects from the work that was done on the eyes itself.  Like a lot of things I am in belief that natural is the way to go.  Modern medicine has its place for sure but it has gotten out of control.  Things that should be promoted and taught are nutrition, exercise, information informing folks of healing plants and the many many benefits of breathing in fresh air loaded with oxygen.  Mix that all together with the sun and one will be on the road to having a healthy body and mind.  Remove the blinders, do what you feel is right in your own being, not to be instigated by others.  Life is really amazing and should be let alone for most parts to thrive.


 What is your views on ADHD..  Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder. That was a question I was asked.

First off let me tell you this.  I don’t believe there is any reason what’s so ever, for prescribing drugs for children with their so called ADHD drugs.  If a child has a problem of not communicating with the teacher or whom ever or causing a bit of a problem in class, usually it is because they are bored. If the teacher can’t control the children then they should be sent home and their parents notified of what is happening and let the parents fix the problem. Drugs should not be not be brought into the picture what’s so ever.  Also our Powers That Be should be taking steps to make the classes interesting enough to keep the children wanting to go to school.  You are always going to have a bully or some one that causes a bit of trouble.  They are kids, they crave attention and to get attention will go to any lengths. We as adults should see this.   A lot of children comes from broken homes, not an easy way of life on a child’s view of things.  I know, I came from a broken home.  Had all kinds of different folks looking after me, until one couple took the time to help me get my mind back on the straight and narrow.  I was probably one of those young ones that would be a candidate for these so called prescription drugs today.  Thing was I made out OK in life, without them.  Also… there is no scientific proof of what these drugs will do to the young ones mind later on down the road.  Seems to me that the Powers That Be today are trying to fix everything with drugs these days.  The more zombie us humans becomes the better it is for those that want control.  Altering a child’s mind with drugs is not the answer.  My Opinion Only

Wi-Fi Maybe Not So Good

If your thinking of installing Wi-Fi read this first click here for full article.

GMO…What You Can Do To Stop It

Hi Everyone,

Environment Canada has recently given AquaBounty, an American company, permission to produce genetically-modified salmon eggs on a commercial scale. Now, there is only one step left before mutant fish hits our dinner plates — approval from Health Canada to allow GMO salmon for Canadian consumption.

If Health Canada approves GMO salmon, a new breed of farmed fish will soon be at your local grocer or seafood restaurant without you even recognizing it. Let’s tell Health Canada to reject mutant fish for human consumption in our country.

You can tell Health Canada that we don’t want GMO fish in our stores and restaurants here:

Between allowing GMO salmon and the licensing of Norwegian fish farms on the BC coast, our government seems to be doing everything it can to destroy one of our great resources – wild salmon.

Please sign this petition to try to prevent the sale of GMO salmon in Canada.

Flu Shots

Well another year is upon us that the Powers To Be are out there promoting and pushing these Flu shots on folks.  First off as most of you know, I don’t believe in them.  All the hype that has been put out to folks getting them to take this shot as far as I am concerned isn’t worth a grain of salt.  The day is coming I believe that a lot of folks will pay dearly.  In saying this I hope I am wrong, but I don’t think so.  The best defence against the cold and flu is to stay warm, eat right,, fresh air, don’t touch your hands anywhere near your face and wash your hands for two minutes when arriving home from being out in public.  Also one can take some extra precautions by taking a good brand of vitamin D 3.  I have done this for over forty years and have never caught the Flu.  Colds is hard to eliminate though as most folks never stay home till they are well.  Seems folks today just don’t care any-more, other than for themselves.   Harsh point but the truth.  Enjoy your day my friends.

Antibacterial Soaps & Things

Well been awhile since my last post.  Not that there is anything wrong, just been busy with other things.  Today in the news they now are saying something that I have been trying to tell folks for years.  If anything it causes more problems than it fixes.  In saying this I am afraid it has already done a great deal of harm to us humans.  Take a look at the article.

After more than 40 years of study, the U.S. government said Monday it has no evidence that the antibacterial chemicals used in countless common soaps and washes help prevent the spread of germs, and it is reviewing research suggesting they may pose health risks.
The best thing one can do to prevent colds and flu’s is wash your hands using a good natural soap, don’t touch your eyes, ears or mouth when out in public, eat right and stay warm.  Never I an I say never let yourself get cold.  Head especially along with your throat and feet.  Do this and you will stay relatively healthy through out the winter months, when there is no sun to protect us.  For your counter tops when cooking use straight vinegar. Nothing on this planet is any better.  Enjoy your day.  GW

Statin Drugs For Cholesterol

For years I have said that these satin drugs folks are taking for Cholesterol  are in for some problems down the road aways with sore muscles and all kinds of things going wrong.  Take a look at this article out today.

My believe is that there is no such thing as bad Cholesterol. One needs the so called bad as well as the good to stay healthy. What needs to be done is folks have to make some life style changes in their life.

Cholesterol Treatments

The use of high potency versions of cholesterol lowering drugs called statins may increase a person’s risk of developing kidney failure, a new study suggests.

This article explains a bit of what these drugs can do to a person.  I believe there is no such thing as bad cholesterol.  Our body needs both good and so called bad to survive. The drugs they use today to treat cholesterol in my eyes shouldn’t be taken.  To each their own though, but before you do decide to go on these drugs.  Why not ask others that are taking these drugs how they are feeling since they started taking them. I have and every one that I have talked to has had some problem, be it, muscle problems, Joints to many to name. Now kidney problems. I am sure there are many more that haven’t surfaced yet.  Best thing one could do is to change your lifestyle,   Get good nutrition into your body and lots of exercise with lots of sunshine thrown in for good measure. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that if every one did that, most illnesses and disease would cease to exist.

Cell Towers

For those that think Cell Phone Towers are OK to have in your area take a look at this article. Click link to view.

My point of view is in reality they aren’t needed.  Why subject yourself to more unhealthy occurrences than necessary.  As if there isn’t enough out there now, in your food, soil, air and more drugs that you can shake a stick at.  My opinion only.

Pharmaceutical Betrayal

A Video that everyone should watch.  Straight to the point about Pharmaceutical Companies and what their purpose is in reality.  Take a look and you will soon see the real truth.  I have been saying this for years.  Once you seen this video send it to your friends & loved ones, that is if you want to spread the truth.  Click Here.


 In the news today.   Is the war on cancer an ‘utter failure’?: A sobering look at how billions in research money is spent

Well of course it is a failure. Today as I keep on saying time and time again that it all boils down to money. They today have gotten into their minds that the treatments today that they have been using for numerous years like chemotherapy, radiation and things like that are the answer where as they in my eyes are wrong.  I myself also believe that most pharmaceutical drugs cause more problems than they fix. They some of the so called specialists care not to venture any further with new ideas, especially those that relate to nature.  Nature is all around us as is the diseases.  Doesn’t take a scientist to see that.  I don’t blame all doctors though as it is all they know, all they have been taught.  Today they have blinders on and like a young child they rebel and want things all their own way and refuse to look at what is the truth.  Not all though but most.  There is some good doctors out there today that choose to use both ways bringing together what needs to be done.  Using nature along with common sense.  It’s a shame when one relays strictly on others when they can for most parts fix most things themselves.  Again I don’t blame them as it is all they know.  I just hope that the doctors that does have vision, makes headways into finding out  what one needs. Or I should say has the whit and stamina to bring forth the truth.  Most of all these good doctors know, but hold back in fear of, well I think you all know.  For most parts I believe the remedies are within our reach but most choose not to look or seek them out.  My Opinion Only.

Problems With Modern Day Medicine & Treatments

This next article is about radiation and cancer. First off for myself I believe that no radiation or chemo is good for anyone suffering from cancer or what ever for that matter. From all I have read and folks that i have talked to in the long run it only makes things worse to bad.  Folks have to realize that for most parts cancer is brought on by our life style that we have or live today.  I will say this though. The sooner we find out we have cancer or any other disease the sooner we can treat them ourselves using natural treatments that are there for all to use along with good common sense. Meaning; Change a few things like healthy eating, exercise and bringing forth a good frame of mind.  I have seen time an time again folks taking routes to health by using a lot of our modern day medicines with results that end up being….. well lets just leave it at that.  They say that folks shouldn’t panic.  Well in my eyes they should. Like food . A little pesticide in our food is OK they say, but in reality it isn’t.  Reason being that there is pesticides in every thing we eat pretty well, all but organic and some of that we have to watch as they treat some organic apples and pears with antibiotics and over time we get more that our body can handle, then problems arise.  Same as ex-rays, tests like Colonoscopy.  Endoscopy, Biopsies.  For no Reason other than speculation, Mammograms, too many to name. All of these in my eyes could be eliminated or used only when absolutely necessary. All are also in my eyes dangerous and should be thought on very carefully before going ahead.  There is alternatives some just outside your door, just most today don’t know where to look.  Like Dandelion Roots & Chaga two of the very best.  I for one believe we should use  modern day means to find out what is ailing us, then go ahead and treat ourselves by ourselves. No one and I mean no one, knows our body better than ourselves. No Brag just Fact.  At any rate that is my view on things for this morning and remember. My Opinion Only.  Here is the article

Women treated with radiation for breast cancer are more likely to develop heart problems later, even with the lower doses used today, troubling new research suggests. The risk comes from any amount of radiation, starts five years after treatment and lasts for decades, doctors found.

Patients shouldn’t panic — radiation has improved cancer survival, (I Don’t Believe This For One Second) and that is the top priority, doctors say. The chance of suffering a radiation-induced heart problem is fairly small
Read more:

New St. Catharines Ontario Hospital

Well new hospitals being built and opened all over Canada these days. Billions of dollars being spent.  Is it a good thing. Well I would say yes in some respects, but one has to remember that a Hospital is only as good as the people that works there and in saying that, I will say no more on the new hospital part.  I also believe that, if most our money was put into seeking out natural cures, eating right, exercise outside in the fresh air, soaking up sunshine, along with living a good life style, that most of these hospitals wouldn’t be needed.  My Opinion Only.

Pharmacists should Hand Out ‘energy shots?

 In the news today:  Pharmacists should dispense ‘energy shots,’ expert says.  Can you believe that.  My point of view is that all this is, is another way for these companies to make money and make it look like natural medicines aren’t good for you along with them having full control over you.  In reality;  one if doing the research; would soon find out that Natural  is the way to go. After doing your home work of course.  Today these so called powers that be, have folks  so scared that they hate to walk out the door without seeing a doctor.   Most cures for what ails us is just outside your door, through nature, just waiting to be found and used.  Some folks say my way of thinking is out to lunch. I say this to those that sneers at my way of thinking. Years ago these so called high uppity ups thought the world was flat too.  Things will change believe me. I see it happening more and more every day.  People are wising up, especially the younger ones.  My hat goes off to them.  One also has to remember in time; these young ones will be in power.  Scares the heck out of the our Powers That Be today.  I am lovin’ it.  My opinion only.

Flu Shots

Well as most of you know the flu this season has surpassed most expectations this season.  Kind of makes one think don’t it that if these flu shots that they spend millions on promoting are doing their job at all.  I would think if they were, there would be less cases around not more or getting worse.  Truth be known most people getting the flu right now are the same people who were vaccinated with the flu shot.  If you really want to stay healthy this flu season, the answer is Vitamin D. I would also like to mention here that for those that can get out into the sunshine to do so, as it is the best source of vitamin D there is.  Along with a good healthy diet and life style.   To verify the truth in all this…. check with your own friends, family members or co-workers. Ask the ones who got sick: Did you get a flu shot? See what arises from that question, I am sure you will be surprised. I have found from asking folks that most have had the flu shot.   It’s all there my friends, right before your eyes. You just have to look, pay attention and take the blinders off.  So all an all I guess this flu shot does work to some extent, it gives a lot of folks the flu.

Interesting Article What Health Canada Is Doing

You can read below and then click this link for all the information.

Corporations like mainstream media, multi-billion dollars pharmaceutical companies, and the cancer industry don’t know anything about health. They don’t want to know and they don’t need to know. They are businesses and they need to make money. They use fear and the promise of a symptom-free life as motivators. They also have to serve high interests and brainwash the population with theories, which change according to the drug or toxic therapy that’s being marketed and brings the most profit at the time.



Cold & Flu Season And What You Can Do

Did you know that  good old sunshine which changes Cholesterol into Vitamin D can slash your risk of getting the flu or a cold by a whopping 42 percent if not more—isn’t that a lot better than the highly controversial not so good H1N1 flu shot with all its harmful side effects.  Also in winter were sunshine isn’t in abundance you can still get Vitamin C naturally in: kiwi, grapefruit, watercress, alfalfa, strawberries, oranges, and pineapples.  Getting it naturally is a thousand times better than in pill form.  Also remember that if everyone got lots of sunshine there would be no such thing as high cholesterol. The last item that fights colds and Flu’s Immensely is good old Garlic. Organic Garlic not the stuff from over seas. Locally grown right here in Ontario is what you should seek out.  Also Garlic will be a helping aid in the prevention of cancer and common infections and illnesses better than antibiotics.  Its chemical compound allicin has antiviral properties also that will  help stave off the cold and flu virus.  Raw garlic is quite potent for some,  so if your don’t like to eat it raw you can simply add chopped or diced garlic to what ever your cooking. Near the end of cooking is the best of course as the more you cook it the less goodness you get out of it.

Ginger Roots & Disease

Ginger has been used for thousands of years as a healer. Its benefits are widely recognized and extremely varied. It is seen as a “warming” food that can increase circulation and reduce general inflammation. While the list is long, here are just a few of the benefits of this remarkable root:

Cancer prevention (Shown in one study to shrink prostate tumor size by a whopping 56% in tests) A few of many items that it helps is listed below.  Nice thing about it is that anyone can get it at your grocery store.  I have a tea made from fresh roots every night before going to bed.  Thing is folks you have to look after your own body and you shouldn’t be relying on the medical world to do it for you.  Just doesn’t work that way. A lot say it does but it doesn’t.  My Opinion Only.
Morning and motion sickness treatment
Nausea treatment
Pain reducer
Swelling reducer
Ovarian cancer treatment
Arthritis treatment
Alzheimer’s/dementia prevention
General digestive tonic
Heartburn treatment

Cancer & Natural Fixes

Last week Researchers found that Dandelion Roots stop Cancer Cells.  Today Canadian Researchers Discover New Evidence That Vitamin D Shuts Down Cancer Cells. Sunshine!!!!  Dandelion Link is here if you are willing to take a look at the alternative.

I have been doing both now for the past two and a half years.  Kind of makes one think that maybe, just maybe one should take a touch more notice of what is being portrayed here on the Blog.  Lots more needs to be added to these two treatments which I am doing but these two greatly and I mean greatly help you survive cancer.   Now in saying all this I can’t take all the credit as I was helped by my old fiend Grey Wolf many years ago him being a native medicine man.  Great man and always said that he believes that Nature has a cure for most all diseases just that white man doesn’t know where to look, or for most parts doesn’t want to look as they sooner look towards modern medicine. Along with him I have talked to other Naturalists and worked with them in finding what one needs to carry on in this old world free of disease.  Lots more needs to be done that is for sure, but each day as it appears before me I see more glimmers of light that things will get better especially when it comes to Cancer.  Folks are starting to come to grips with things and not believing everything that the Powers That Be to be exactly true, there are harmful side effects with these man made drugs no one can deny that. I believe that most modern medicine contributes to many diseases  in folks today.   My Opinion Only as usual.

Grapefruit & Drugs

 Article in paper tonight; Grapefruit juice can pose dangerous — and even deadly — risks when taken along with certain medications. Below is the list. My way of looking at things is forget all the medications listed.  Eat right and drink all the organic grapefruit juice you want.  In dong so you won’t need any of them so called Drugs Below.   My Opinion only

Alfentanil (oral)

Fentanyl (oral)

Ketamine (oral)



Drugs With Problems

Another drug that causes more problems than it fixes. Article below.

OTTAWA — Health Canada is alerting Canadians that another osteoporosis drug appears to be linked to unusual fractures of thigh bones in a small number of users.

The drug is denosumab and is sold under the brand name Prolia by Amgen Canada Inc.

The company and Health Canada has released a joint statement warning patients and physicians.

Read more:

Another Modern Day Medicine Related Problem

Another report says that a group of drugs that show long-term problems with their use, are drugs such as Axid, Pepcid, Tagamet, and Zantac seems that they over time, cause problems with, ones ability to think, concentrate, formulate ideas, reason and remember.  Also I have found that eventually they do no good at all and cause more problems than they fix. Might say a temporary fix, but that is all they do in my eyes.  Above is just a few of many in todays world that we should be looking at.  Simple way of eliminating all of the above and fixing the problem is, eating right, organic, exercise, and fresh air, along with probiotics. Most everyone is lacking them and I for one have proven that they work in fixing most all stomach problems. I suffered for thirty years and took tons of pharmaceutical drugs which in turn made things worse.  Eventually I turned to natural help probiotics and for the past fifteen years no drugs needed.  They can be got in many ways.  Home made Sauerkraut  not processed, lots of organic veggies, or by just taking a good brand of Probiotic acidophilus six billion cells three times a day.  Isn’t that enough proof?  My Opinion Only.

What Are You Subjecting Your Body To?

The article below explains a lot if one would take a close look at the truth it is trying to put out there.  Not only just for Tylenol though folks, it also is for most prescription drugs.  Thing is, today most of all our doctors looks at treating symptoms not what is causing the symptoms.   How can one fix anything if you don’t know what the cause is.  They can’t, so in turn thousands of drugs are used to drug your mind to thinking you are better, when you really aren’t.  Good healthy nutrition is what most need, along with what goes on us likes soaps and things or what lies in our clothes.  Also one can’t forget to get lots of fresh air and exercise.  Then if sickness arises you can look for the source, as you are living well and most of all, you now know your body.  That’s the secret get to know your body and you will be able to help your body in times of need.  Pretty hard to do if your body is cluttered up with all kinds of drugs, pesticides,and chemicals to many to name. Take a look at the article below.  My Opinion Only.


Want your headache gone? Take two Tylenol in your hand, drink a glass of water, throw the Tylenol away… headache gone. Dutch researchers found the same recovery rate of drug takers versus placebos. It is the water that you drink that does the job. Not the liver-toxic-internal bleeding-hearing loss-impotence-problems-Tylenol. Drinking water and staying hydrated alleviates pain time and time again as dehydration causes histamines to react in areas of pain in the body. One of Big Pharma’s biggest dirty secrets is that most medications are in fact, antihistamines that treat the localized symptoms of pain – but not the cause.


Polio Information

 Did You Know?  The number of polio cases was declining before the widespread administration of the Salk vaccine.  Cases which had previously been reported as polio are now reported as meningitis. The risk of contracting polio from the live virus vaccine is greater than the risk of acquiring the disease from naturally occurring viruses.

Russia bans all GM corn imports; EU may also ban Monsanto GMO in wake of shocking cancer findings Learn more:

Click The Following Link for all the information relating to  GMO..  Good thing is that some countries are finally realizing what the impact will be if we keep on introducing this GMO Food.   Hope it happens here in Canada too and it will if enough folks get on the wagon demanding it is stopped.

Flu vaccines are highly ineffective and toxic

Another item on why the flu shot isn’t the way to go.  It doesn’t take a Philadelphia Lawyer to figure out that these flu shots are causing more harm than good.  Click Link to view full report.

What You Should Be Eating

If you crave this… What you really need is… And here are healthy foods that have it:
Chocolate Magnesium Raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits
Sweets Chromium Broccoli, grapes, cheese, dried beans, calves liver, chicken
Carbon Fresh fruits
Phosphorus Chicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, legumes, grains
Sulfur Cranberries, horseradish, cruciferous vegetables, kale, cabbage
Tryptophan Cheese, liver, lamb, raisins, sweet potato, spinach
Bread, toast Nitrogen High protein foods: fish, meat, nuts, beans
Oily snacks, fatty foods Calcium Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame
Coffee or tea Phosphorous Chicken, beef, liver, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy, nuts, legumes
Sulfur Egg yolks, red peppers, muscle protein, garlic, onion, cruciferous vegetables
NaCl (salt) Sea salt, apple cider vinegar (on salad)
Iron Meat, fish and poultry, seaweed, greens, black cherries
Alcohol, recreational drugs Protein Meat, poultry, seafood, dairy, nuts
Avenin Granola, oatmeal
Calcium Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame
Glutamine Supplement glutamine powder for withdrawal, raw cabbage juice
Potassium Sun-dried black olives, potato peel broth, seaweed, bitter greens
Chewing ice Iron Meat, fish, poultry, seaweed, greens, black cherries
Burned food Carbon Fresh fruits
Soda and other carbonated drinks Calcium Mustard and turnip greens, broccoli, kale, legumes, cheese, sesame
Salty foods Chloride Raw goat milk, fish, unrefined sea salt
Acid foods Magnesium Raw nuts and seeds, legumes, fruits
Preference for liquids rather than solids Water Flavor water with lemon or lime. You need 8 to 10 glasses per day.
Preference for solids rather than liquids Water You have been so dehydrated for so long that you have lost your thirst. Flavor water with lemon or lime. You need 8 to 10 glasses per day.
Cool drinks Manganese Walnuts, almonds, pecans, pineapple, blueberries
Pre-menstrual cravings Zinc Red meats (especially organ meats), seafood, leafy vegetables, root vegetables
General overeating Silicon Nuts, seeds; avoid refined starches
Tryptophan Cheese, liver, lamb, raisins, sweet potato, spinach
Tyrosine Vitamin C supplements or orange, green, red fruits and vegetables
Lack of appetite Vitamin B1 Nuts, seeds, beans, liver and other organ meats
Vitamin B3 Tuna, halibut, beef, chicken, turkey, pork, seeds and legumes
Manganese Walnuts, almonds, pecans, pineapple, blueberries
Chloride Raw goat milk, unrefined sea salt
Tobacco Silicon Nuts, seeds; avoid refined starches
Tyrosine Vitamin C supplements or orange, green and red fruits and vegetables


A Bit More On West Nile virus (WNv)

I as talking yesterday about this West Nile virus (WNv) and how they are spraying all these deadly chemicals into our air and what effects it will play on us humans along with all the good insects of the world. Here is a link this morning that gives you an even greater look at what is happening.

Not so much as of yet here in Canada but it is on the way you can bank on that and in the near future if not being done already.  The ones behind this are the huge corporations of course.  The ones that can stop this is our Governments.  Will they? Not until the effects touch their own lives or their children’s life and even then I am very doubtful.  If this continues we all will suffer immensely, as a lot of us are now suffering from what is in our foods, air and water.  Not to forget the unorthodox methods of how they are treating us that are sick.   What Can you do? Stand up for what is right, call your local governments and tell them your feelings.  Also speak out and let others know exactly how you feel on these things that are happening in the world today.  One voice means nothing, millions means a lot. Also do the research on things like medicines, treatments, the food we eat and water we drink. If folks did more of this and took the blinders off the world would be a much better place.  One has to stop relying on others and trust their own judgments of what is right.




My Views On West Nile

You know for the past couple years now these so called Powers that be, has been putting fear into folks relating to West Nile Virus.  First off if one would do some research they would find that there is no actual evidence that this virus even exists.  So what does this all suggest?  Well I will tell you what I believe to be true……A major error was set up in the understanding of why many birds and some individuals are becoming ill. Along with an  unnecessary and costly West Nile virus industry, consisting of drug development, vaccine-making, public health fear and much much more.  I would have to say that the spraying of mosquitoes now will cause greater harm to us humans than anyone can ever imagine. One has to remember, we are humans  as we are nature.  To destroy nature, well……. we destroy ourselves. My Opinion Only.

What Doctors Should Be Doing In Todays World

You know when it comes to most doctors today I would have to say their education is far from being superior to those of yesteryear.  Reason being years ago, many years ago medicine men they called them, relied on not only medicine but Nature along with nutrition.  Here is  quote that says it all, written many years ago.  I would think that most will recognize the name.  I would think it is good advice for the doctors of today too. Not all but most, there are some that are right in their thinking and treatments, some.

“The doctor of the future will give no medicine but interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease.” Thomas A. Edison 1847-1931

Health & Dealing With Cancer

Here is a great article on some natural fixes for cancer.  I myself have used some of them with excellent results.  There are lots more out there, an again I have used them also and continue to use one pertaining to Dandelion Roots.  It in itself has helped me immensely, feeling better every day actually.  Here is the article and remember, do the research, take the blinders off, be your own person and do what you and I say this again; DO WHAT YOU THINK IS RIGHT.  No one can make the right decision other than yourself, quite simply, because you are the only one that truly knows what your body needs.

Though cancer can be seen as a very complex illness, it is important to understand that cancer is simply the “symptom” and the tip of the ice berg. For your body to allow cancer cells to take root and multiply, there had to be a weakened immune system, toxicity of many kinds and nutritional deficiencies.

Evidence-based research has shown that there are hundreds of known and effective cancer cures. Here are some very simple protocols that will give you an edge if you are afflicted with cancer.

1. Baking Soda
1 tsp. of baking soda and the juice of 1 organic lemon in 8 ounces of water several times per day is a very easy way to alkalize the body. Cancer cells can’t grow in an alkaline body.

2. Blood Root
Blood root is a perennial plant that contains a plant alkaloid called Sanguinarine. Sanguinarine kills cancer cells only and does not harm your healthy cells. It can be used internally or applied externally in a salve for superficial cancers.

3. Chaga
Chaga is a medicinal mushroom that has been studied in laboratories for many years. It has shown much promise as an immune system modulator and has many anti-cancer properties.

4. Vitamin D
Checking your blood serum Vitamin D levels could help you prevent cancer and speed up your recovery from cancer.

A study conducted in 2006 indicated that lower levels of blood serum Vitamin D were associated with a poorer overall survival rate of post-menopausal breast cancer patients.

5. Essiac Tea
The original formulation of this tea was actually an old Native Indian recipe that had been used for hundreds of years. A Canadian nurse learned about it and started sharing it with some of her cancer patients and she began to see amazing recoveries. The tea, comprised of several anti-cancer and cleansing herbs, can be consumed several times per day.

6. Flax Seeds and cottage cheese
Dr. Johanna Budwig, a German biochemist and physicist, is credited for this healing concoction that has seen a 90 percent success rate spanning over 50 years. The combination of these two foods provides essential fatty acids and lipoproteins that reduce tumors and restore health.

7. Hemp Oil
The cannabinoids in hemp kill cancer cells. Period. And like all other herbal remedies, the plant chemicals do not harm healthy cells. There have been numerous studies conducted with reported beneficial effects on many types of cancers, including breast cancer.

8. Iodine
It is estimated that over 85 percent of the world’s population is iodine deficient. Since estrogen production increases with iodine deficiency, make sure you have your iodine levels tested every year.

9. Melatonin
Melatonin is a powerful breast cancer cell inhibitor. In fact, in laboratory studies, it actually put breast cancer cells to sleep and slowed down the growth by 70percent. Melatonin also counteracts the effects of environmental estrogens.

10. Broccoli Sprouts
While cruciferous vegetables in general have been promoted for their anti-cancer properties, broccoli sprouts are up to 100 times more potent. The sprouts contain Sulforaphane which not only kills cancer cells, but actually suppresses the growth and spread of many types of cancers.

There are literally hundreds of known cancer cures that have saved countless lives. Of course, healing cancer involves healing the body as a whole. Lifestyle and dietary changes are also essential since cancer is just the symptom and NOT the cause. If you know anyone who is afflicted with cancer, please share this information and be a messenger of hope.

My Opinion On HPV

Here is an article that came out in todays news, that suggest that we all should be having our children vaccinated with a drug for HPV.  My point of view on the subject is that for most, we shouldn’t be putting any of these vaccines into our body.  Second of all, they say that it will stop cancer safely.  I  don’t  believe that they really know that, I believe that they are just speculatingMy opinion, they are causing more harm than good and down the road aways they will soon come do discover they were wrong.  Same as what is happening now, with a lot of the treatments that folks have been receiving for cancer and other serious diseases. Most don’t work.  .  You asked I replied.  Here is the article for you to read, and don’t be thinking I am Catholic either as I am not. My Opinion Only.


You know not that I use any of the stuff right now, but Illegal marijuana today is being used by 10 to 20% of the folks suffering from different diseases. Reason being it helps them and in a lot of cases cures them. Nature has lots to offer, if one just seeks them out.  Would I use it? Sure I would if needed.  It is one of the best and safest drugs out there if used properly.  They don’t tell you that part though.   Just takes the stroke of a pen to make it legal and if done, you would see many folks enjoying the benefits of this plant, without fear, or doing something illegal.  My Opinion Only.

What You Should Know About Butter & Margerine

DO YOU KNOW the difference between margarine and butter?
Read on to the end…gets very interesting!
Both have the same amount of calories.
Butter is slightly higher in saturated fats at 8 grams, compared to 5 grams for margarine.
Eating margarine can increase heart disease in women by 53% over eating the same amount of butter, according to a recent Harvard Medical Study.
Eating butter increases the absorption of many other nutrients in other foods.
Butter has many nutritional benefits where margarine has a few and only because they are added!
Butter tastes much better than margarine and it can enhance the flavours of  other foods.
Butter has been around for centuries where margarine has been around for less than 100 years.  

And now, for Margarine..  
Very high in trans fatty acids.
Triples risk of coronary heart disease …
Increases LDL (this is the bad cholesterol) and lowers HDL cholesterol, (the good cholesterol)
Increases the risk of cancers up to five times..
Lowers quality of breast milk
Decreases immune response.
Decreases insulin response.
And here’s the most disturbing fact…HERE IS THE PART THAT IS VERY INTERESTING!
Margarine is but ONE MOLECULE away from being PLASTIC…and shares 27 ingredients with PAINT
These facts alone were enough to have me avoiding margarine for life and anything else that is hydrogenated (this means hydrogen is added, changing the molecular structure of the substance).
Open a tub of margarine and leave it open in your garage or shaded area. Within a couple of days you will notice a couple of things:
* no flies, not even those pesky fruit flies will go near it (that should tell you something)

* it does not rot or smell differently because it has no nutritional value; nothing will grow on it. Even those teeny weeny microorganisms will not a find a home to grow.  Why?  Because it is nearly plastic . Would you melt your tupperware and spread that on your toast?

Mammograms ???

You know for the life of me I can’t see why women continue to go for these Mammograms.   It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see for oneself, that these are in my eyes, quite dangerous and can in reality cause cancer and spread it.  Think about this./  You go in and have your breasts flattened down in a vise like machine.   Now here is the thing., If there does happen to be a tumour inside, what do you think is going to happen to it. Well I would think it’s going to be broke open and what ever is inside, is going to be spread all through your breasts.  Then to top it off you are flooded with radiation from the ex ray machine.   Again think about this. Radiation can cause cancer.  So why does so many women keep on going back year after year for these things?  Simple really, as the powers that be, have told you it is safe. The benefits outweigh the negatives.  In reality it should be the other way around I am thinking.  So there is my opinion on the subject.  As I always say my opinion only, what you do is your own business.

Vitamin D and Cancer – Vitamin D Outperforms Pharmaceuticals at Treating Cancer

Here is a great article that gets right to the point about Cancer and Vitamin D.  Have to say it supports everything I have been saying about getting outside and allowing some of that sunshine on the skin.  Take a look, Click Following Link To View.

Diabetes Drug Actos Again Linked to Bladder Cancer

Every once in awhile a news report comes out in the paper that seems to just jump out at me. This one here click link below to view, sure takes the icing off the cake, or so to speak.  I know most folks would say on the cake, but that is others, not me.  First off they say that this drug that folks are  taking to help Diabetes, can and for most parts will increase your risk of cancer.  Think about that for a minute, one drug…. to help folks, along with what has the possibilities of making one deathly sick, both…. all wrapped up into, one nice little pill.  The thing that really is amazing, is that folks still take these drugs and I say these drugs, as there is millions of them out there that do the same thing.  Wake up folks, do the research, then hopefully you will make the right decision. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out which road you should choose.  The best road that is out there, through my eyes is Natural.  Yep good old Mother Nature.  Don’t your remember!!!!! that;  “Mothers Know Best”.  Here is the link.  My Opinion Only.

Can Mother Earth Fight Off Most All Health Related Problems??

You know for years I have said that these so called antibacterial agents are causing more harm than good.  For most parts what they do, is kill pretty well all bacterial good and bad. Think about this. Bacteria on ones hands, say good bacterial will not allow bad bacteria to survive in its territory.  So if you have good bacterial on your skin and say you were out shopping and came upon a bad strain, it wouldn’t harm you.  So thinking on this I came up with a plan. If you have a garden with good soil and I mean, good soil, why not just swish your hands around in good old Mother Earth. Doing that will bring forth good bacteria, which if done on a regular basis will allow it colonize on your skin, which in turn, will then help you fight off any bad bacteria that might come your way throughout the day, months or maybe even years to come.  I have been doing some experimenting with good healthy soil now, for over ten years and have found, it in itself has amazing healing capabilities when applied to the skin and wouldn’t hesitate to use it for all kinds of skin related problems, or for that matter what lies underneath the skin.  Remember this folks, we all come from the earth, we need it to survive as we need the sun.  So why not use what has been given to us free of charge.  In getting close to Nature one would soon find that most of all these so called medicines and drugs of today are not, really needed at all.  Have a great day and remember that, this is My Opinion Only.

Sodas, Pops, What They Do To You

The average American consumes about 1 gallon of soda per week, which equates to more than 18 fluid ounces, or 1.5 sodas per day. These sodas are loaded with sugar, with a 12oz can containing 35-45 grams – an amount that exceeds the recommended daily intake of ~15 grams. What’s more, these sugars are typically in the form of high-fructose corn syrup, one of the cheapest, and most health-hazardous forms of sugar that can be used.

Read more:

U.S told to end routine prostate cancer screening as it causes ‘more harm than good’

Now here is an article that every man should read, so make sure you take a second…. and do so. For  that matter women should also so they can steer their husbands and or ?? in the right direction. I myself have said this time and time again, that this test was not good for ones health.  I am not talking out of the side of my mouth neither, as I am one of the ones that was diagnosed with the dreaded disease.  Thing is, for most parts it shouldn’t be taken so serious and if one would know the truth, there is lots of natural fixes for the problem without going through drastic tests, biopsies and treatments, that don’t work other than in my opinion make things worse.  My Opinion Only.Take a look click the link and read for yourselves.

Home Made Toothpaste.

 This is a great,toothpaste with out all the chemicals that most commercial kinds have. My wife and I have been using it for years with great success.

1 1/4 teaspoon baking soda
3/4 teaspoon sea salt, finely ground
2 drops of peppermint, spearmint, orange, clove, or cinnamon.
A touch of good spring water or well water without the chemicals is best.

You can also add a touch of coconut oil if you so desire.

Combine ingredients in a small bowl and mix them thoroughly with a toothbrush, your finger, or a small spoon until a smooth, thick paste forms. The paste shouldn’t be too runny; it has to stay on your toothbrush.

Dip your toothbrush into the paste and use as you would regular commercial toothpaste.

Fluoride In Drinking Water

Think on this.  Folks today go to the store buy organic veggies bring them home in thinking they are healthy.  In theory they are quite right in their thinking.  Just now they take them veggies and wash them using city water, which is full of chlorine and fluoride.  In doing so through my eyes removes all the good things in the veggies and puts in poisons.

In order to remove the fluoride from your drinking water, it is important to invest in a reverse osmosis water filter. Alternatively, you can purchase a reputable carbon filter that is proven to remove fluoride as well. Always remember that reverse osmosis water will require you to ‘re-add’ the natural minerals to the water, which can be done by adding a small amount of apple cider vinegar or even a good high grade sea salt.

Don’t Be Fooled With Vitamin C Suppliments

If you take a look at a variety of vitamin C supplements, you will find that the majority of them contain only ascorbic acid or a compound called ascorbate, which is a less acidic form of acorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is NOT vitamin C. It represents the outer ring that serves as a protective shell for the entire vitamin C complex, much like an orange peel that serves as a protective shell for an orange. Real vitamin C found in whole foods like fruits and vegetables contain the following components:

Bioflavonoids (vitamin P)
Factor K
Factor J
Factor P
Ascorbic Acid

When you take only ascorbic acid found in your synthetic vitamin C tablet or powder, your body must gather all of the other components of the full vitamin C complex from your body’s tissues in order to make use of it. In the event that your body does not have adequate reserves of the other components, ascorbic acid itself does not provide any of the health benefits that the full vitamin C complex does. After circulating through your system, the unused ascorbic acid is eliminated through your urine.

Kids flocking to tanning salons

I see now they want to stop kids from using these tanning beds./  If the truth be known through,out the winter months the tanning beds can be a big asset to ones health and in fact put a halt to many cancers and other diseases, not cause them.  My point of view on the subject is that they should use them  under guidance from a qualified individual, an adult that knows how to use them, not stop them from using them. But you know, that is what happens with a lot of good things that promotes good health naturally. They are shot down as bad.  Why does this happen?  Dollars my friends billions of dollars. If you get healthy these companies and some doctors wouldn’t be making as much money.   Don’t be fooled, do the research and enjoy life.  We don’t need to be dictated to by the Powers That Be on what  we want and can not do.  Through the summer though the best way to get a tan is using the sunshine in moderation of course.   We are the same as earth and the sun, with out either we all perish.

Cancer Treatment

Good morning.  You know there are a lot of different kinds of natural treatments for cancer, one just has to seek them out.  Today I got an Email from my Lovely Sister Barb with a link about a new or should say old cure, that is available to cancer victims.  I myself am treating it totally using natural fixes mostly all my own. When I say that I don’t mean any store boughten items neither.  Mine come directly from Nature just outside my door.  Been a year now and getting stronger every day.    But this article does show some promise, will it ever get the research it deserves?  Well we can only hope my friends.  Click link below it will take you to the video, not long and worth watching.

Wouldn’t you think that the Cancer Society would be getting on the band wagon?    Won’t happen I don’t suspect as the huge Pharmaceutical companies can’t make any money with it and right now here in Canada and the USA they are in charge.  Or so they think.

Immune System Foods

Raw, organic vegetables such as carrots, sweet potatoes, kale, collard greens, and spinach are the great source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fiber.

Quality, organic, hormone- and antibiotic-free “grass-fed” meats and poultry.

Proteins containing amino acids aids in the growth and repair of your immune system. Some protein sources can be organic,cage-free eggs, organic meat and poultry.

Quality, wild fish especially those high in Omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, trout and tuna.  Tuna from cans and things are not the greatest to be eating as the liners of the container can cause you problems.

Quality fiber Whole grains like brown rice, millet, buckwheat, oats, and barley are also a valuable source of the vitamins, minerals and fiber that are an essential part of keeping the immune system healthy. Fiber helps cleanse the colon of toxins and helps prevent intestinal infections.  Good whole wheat flour is good for you too but you have to buy the good stuff.  A good source to buy this flour is at


4,000 Niagara students face suspension unless vaccination

4,000 Niagara students face suspension unless vaccination records brought up to date. According to Public Health, immunization has saved the lives of more babies and children than any other medical intervention in the last 50 years.

Now here is a perfect item that should be upsetting folks.  Here is the Powers That Be telling you what and what you can not do.  Talk about a free country.  First off these shots that we are giving to our young in my eyes, are the cause of most of the medical problems today.  I often wonder why some folks think that the human body is so defenseless.  If left to do what it does best, on its own, for most parts it does quite well.   If vaccines work, then of course unvaccinated persons pose no risk to vaccinated persons at all. Is that so hard to see. The persistent, widespread claim that unvaccinated people “put everyone else at risk” is, therefore, nothing more than absurd fear mongering.

A better way would be where individuals have the flexibility to make a risk-benefit analysis for themselves and their children talking with their doctor or professional who know their needs or doing the research themselves. Some may choose vaccines, but others may find that for them, the risks outweigh the benefits. Whatever the choice, all should have the right to make that assessment without government interference. With forced immunity having been disproved, there is no scientific basis for government imposing its will on the people,  usurping the rights of the individual.

My Opinion Only.

According to the Canadian Cancer Society

Today in the news they said that half of all the Cancers could be eliminated by putting into practice life style changes.  Well hey!!!! Hello……I been saying that for the past ten years or so now.  But thing one has to remember is that we also have to change the way we are manufacturing our food.  Eliminate all the preservatives, pesticides, hormone injections, flu shots, most antibiotics and over three quarters off all prescription drugs.  Not to forget all the fast foods we have on the market today.  Then one has to eliminate the way we treat cancer and other  diseases, like chemo and radiation and things like that. These ways are not the answer.  The statistics are there for all to see, just that most don’t take the time to look..  Most listen to what we are told, instead of doing what should be done and what is right. Folks I keep saying this. The answers are right in front of you.  Don’t be fooled, take the blinders off your eyes and start taking your life back. No one knows your body better than you do, no one.  My Opinion Only.

Ex Rays & What They Do To A Person

Just one more thing to the list that shows that these radiation treatments aren’t  good folks.  I keep on stressing to folks to not have any ex-rays unless there is no other way.  In saying that, there is tons of ways of looking at things without having ex-rays. Now think on this, ex-raying ones teeth.  It’s radiation, radiation is deadly. Now think how close it is to your brain.  Doesn’t that tell you something????? if not, your not thinking clearly. Do the research and start taking control.  Take a look at this article.  My Opinion Only

A new U.S. study is suggesting patients have a conversation with their dentists about how often routine dental X-rays should be carried out. Researchers at Yale University found people who frequently got certain dental X-rays in the past — when radiation doses were higher — were linked to an increased risk of a common, but usually non-cancerous, brain tumour.

The study isn’t meant to scare people into abandoning dental X-rays altogether, but researchers want people to re-think how often they get the procedure done.

They say their findings are important because dental X-rays are the most common artificial source of exposure to ionizing radiation for people living in the United States, and that form of radiation is a known risk factor for certain brain tumours.

The Canadian Dental Association says the frequency of a dental X-ray depends on a patient’s oral health and notes that the procedures deliver very little radiation.

The study, which appears in the American journal “Cancer,” studied 1433 patients between 2006 and 2011 who had been diagnosed with intracranial meningioma — a common kind of brain tumour which often turns out to be benign.

All patients were between 20 and 79 years when diagnosed and lived in the U.S. A control group of 1350 people was used for the study.

Researchers found that those with the tumours were more than twice as likely to have had a bitewing dental X-ray — where an X-ray film is held in place by a tab between a patient’s teeth.

The study also found an increased risk of the brain tumours was associated with those who had panorex X-rays at a young age, a yearly basis or with greater frequency. The procedure is when an X-ray is taken outside the mouth and shows all teeth on one film.

Researchers note that a limitation of the study was that patients had to recall from memory procedures they had when radiation exposure was higher — something which may have led to under or over reporting of dental X-rays carried out.

Now in reading this, does it make you more aware of how dangerous radiation is????? Or are you going to keep on having them????? For most, well I know the answer, most will keep their heads buried in the sand and say, oh… well, the specialists know what is best for us.   Wrong you know what is best for you not no doctor or specialist.  Listen up, do the research, find out for yourselves and then make your own practical decisions not others.

Allergies & Honey

For those that suffer from allergies every spring, one has to remember, or should know that there is  a fix to the problem.  What would that be?  Simple really.  Again, one just has to use common sense and look at what nature has to offer.  One doesn’t need all these allergy shots, or pills, or what ever.  Through my eyes all they do is make the problem worse or bring on new problems.  Think about this, most allergies come from pollen.  Now comes the fix.  Bees. yep bees is the answer. The bees goes out, collects the pollen, brings it back to the hive and makes honey.  So if everyone took at couple table spoons of honey each day, they would soon find out that they don’t have any more allergies.  Now in saying this, one should use nothing other than pure, unpasteurized honey.  All the others won’t work and will in reality make the matters worse. Same as milk in theory, as unpasteurized milk fixes most body problems, where as pasteurized milk causes a lot of our problems.  So, get your self prepared if you have allergies by simply picking up some raw honey and get to eating. And who said getting healthy is a long hard process.  My Opinion Only.

E. Coli Beef Warning

Canadians are being advised to avoid over 135 burger and beef steakette products sold under a variety of brand names.

The affected brand names include:

  • Best Value
  • Irresistibles
  • Keg
  • Licks
  • Maple Lodge Farms
  • PC and PC Blue Menu
  • Calgary Stampede
  • Country Morning Gold
  • Western Family
  • Grillhouse

The full list of products is available on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website.

Health Issues

Had someone  ask me today what I thought of an add that came out in the paper today; that said folks that might be struck with cancer have the option of cutting parts of their body off  before it supposedly arrives or they even know they got it.  Think on this. First off we all have cancer cells in our body millions of them. Most never get large enough to be noticed.  Most never materialize to the point we need to even do anything about.  And then again cutting, burning and things isn’t the answer.  Nutrition is the answer.  Strengthen you body, do the research, listen to you body, don’t be swayed into things that for most parts aren’t true.  Take the blinders off, be your own person.  What we have to come to realize is, that we all have to learn to live with cancer.  It doesn’t have to be a death sentence, it’s an awakening, a reminder that our bodies are lacking some things.  All the money we pour into killing cancer is not the way to go.  Put that money into  fixing our food system. Take the poisons out of food take the additives out of food.  Its not our food what is the problem, what is in the food is what the problem is. All these man made chemicals is what is the cause of 99% of humans sickness, simple as that.  What makes me such an expert?  I am not, it’s just common sense. Its all there for every one to see, amazes me most can’t see it.  My Opinion Only