Canada Is Slowly Loosing Everything That Our Forefathers Worked So Hard For.

Petro China takes $1.9-billion stake in oil sands, a 60% working interest.  My Opinion On This Topic.  Well Take A Look.

Well, here we go again, another piece of Canada gone for the long haul.   You know I for the life of me I can’t see why the Powers That Be can’t see what these off shore countries are doing and going to do to our country we call Canada.  Actually I can, it all boils down to money, not what is good for us.  Canada is pretty well owned now by other countries.  They have controlling interest in so many things that one can’t call it ours anymore and it is getting worse day after day.  Thing is folks it’s like farming.  The Powers That Be got rid of the farmers, like so many other business on purpose.  Reason being they can’t make any money if we grow or do things on our own.  In other words they don’t want us to be self efficient We could have been but it’s to late now.  What a shame, a country like Canada, now depending on other countries for food, clothes,  you name it.  Once these countries get a foot hold there is no stopping them.  At first it seems like they are giving you the shirt of their back, but there not, it’s only a cover up.  Then once they have controlling power, look out.  It’s happening now and will steadily get worse.   My Opinion Only.

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