Book Signing & Story Tellin’ In Magnetawan Along With The Craigs Country & Western Band

Hi Folks, well Saturday at the Fall Fair in Magnetawan went well and got to say we sure had a good time.  The picture below is of The Craigs, Country Western Band. Gotta’ say they sure put on a good show for the folks that came.   They also brought back a lot of fine memories for me with their songs, as years ago where I was raised, we used to have different groups drop by for a barn dance on Saturday nights.  Met some pretty famous folks from them events.  Like Kitty Wells, Hank Snow, Hank Locklin, well just to many to name.  Makes me sad to think they are all but gone now. But artists like the Craigs will never let them leave us, as they keep bringing their music into the hearts of folks today.  I guess that is why I like writing so much, as I might not have a voice to carry the message through songs, but I do pretty well with story tellin’ and a pen.  The book signing and story tellin’ went well too. Gives me great pleasure to get up there and watch the faces of folks as I read some stories of days from the past.  I would also like to thank the band for introducing me when it came time for me to do my part, along with letting me use their microphone. Great Bunch Of Fellows.  So……….guess that is it for now. Just wanted to take a minute and let you in on how it went and to say:  “Thanks For Droppin’ By!  Meant A Lot To My Wife And I.”  Click On Pictures To Enlarge

The Craigs Doing What They Do Best

My Wife And I Doing What We Do Best
My Wife And I Doing What We Do Best

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