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Good Morning Port Loring

I have to admit I didn’t want to get from under the covers this morning to put some wood in the furnace. So actually I didn’t. I let the oil furnace warm things up beforehand. Why is that? Just because I can. That’s why. LOL At any rate temperatures were and still are quite cold outside. -22.1 C | -7.78 F We should have some sunshine this morning but turning cloudy and very cold temperatures will stay with us. We could see another inch or so of snow later on tonight. But I predict the cold weather will leave us at the end of the week with things warming up to the melting point. And then it should get even better. I installed another humidifier pad on the wood furnace yesterday and the windows now have moisture on the bottoms, so that tells me it is doing its job. No moisture on the windows no moisture in the house. Also, with the moisture, it makes things much more comfortable. Highway 522 is pretty well bare and dry throughout this morning. Traveling in and out of town should be good. Have a great day. You’re still here? It’s over. Go to work. Enjoy your day. Go!

Walking Stick Flute

Here is a Flute that I made awhile back from a large root of a tree. It took a lot of work but when all said and done it turned out magnificent. I only had it in the store for a couple days when someone came in to buy it. It sold for over $500.00 which is a modest price for the work that went into it. I enjoy making them, but problems arise finding the right piece to make them out of. GW

Walking Stick Key of E Flute Completed, Tuned in a Pentatonic Scale.
Bringing the Flute to Life.
Walking Stick Flute
My Lovely Wife did the painting of the Red Tail Hawk.

Nice Place to Eat

So my lovely wife, my son Karl and I decided to go out for lunch the other day for my sons Birthday. Had a great night truth be told, and a great meal. We decided to try Lot 88 Steakhouse & Bar in North Bay. Which turned out to be quite good. I would recommend it to anyone that likes a great steak. The nice thing about it is that they serve it on a Laval rock so you can take your time and cook it to your perfection. That is what my son and my wife had, I had one of their famous Burgers and a tossed salad. It was fantastic also. We finished our meal with a nice bottle of Beringer White Zinfandel Wine slightly chilled. Then for desert we had a piece of Cheese cake with a drizzle of Chocolate. Life can’t get much better than that! GW