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Morning Chat Sep 30/2021

Good Morning! Well, it’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. It isn’t as cold this morning as it has been for the past two days, with the temperature getting out of bed sitting at 9.4 C | 48.92 F. We didn’t have any frost overnight. Which is fine with me, as we do have a wee bit of lettuce still growing that we are using. Highway 522 is really quiet these days, with only a few campers moving in for different things. Yesterday I worked indoors on some projects in our basement and then wrote up a story or two. I also put together another podcast which will be aired on Friday morning. It might be of interest to some people as it is all about Comfrey a plant that grows here in Ontario, that helps with joint pain and other things. Actually, I will be doing a few of them in the next month or so regarding different plants and things. Something different. You can listen to them as you would all my other Podcasts right here on my Blog or on Google Play Music, TuneIn, Sticher, Radio Public, Pocket Casts, Castbox, The Walters Post and Google Home.

Just say, Hey Google … Play Just One More Story by George Walters.

With that, I am off for an English muffin this morning for a change with my lovely wife, and after that we will do some mowing around our place. It’s a good day for cutting grass, as we didn’t have a heavy dew last night. Makes things much nicer. Take care and stay safe. GW

Episode 1: What’s Happening

Episode 1: This is the first Podcast of What’s Happening. It explains why and how things are going to work. Have a great day. GW

Election News Sep. 22/2021

For all those that wanted an election. I hope you are all proud of yourselves:

The election, which took place during a fourth pandemic wave in Canada, was the most expensive in the country’s history, costing some C$600M.

That’s a heck of a lot of taxpayers money that was wasted in my eyes, when it could have helped Canadians that live and reside in Canada … in their time of need, Especially our seniors. They have been abused (mistreated) for so many years. What a shame that is. GW

Morning Chat May 13/2021

Good Morning! Its another great looking day here in Port Loring, Ontario, Canada. The sun is shinning with hardly a cloud in the sky. It is a bit cool waking up with the temperature sitting at 6.7 C | 44.06 F. It will warm up a lot as the day moves forward. No one, I don’t think, will be complaining about the weather today. Now, the Black Flies they are another story. My wife and I worked outside all day yesterday on some things and them black flies kept us moving. The only thing that helped us a bit, was the wind. But even with them annoying us we managed to get a lot done. After lunch the power went out, so we had to use our generator for a spell. Not sure what went wrong there. Highway 522 is busy these days with folks coming in to our area. A lot of people aren’t happy about it neither. Can’t say I blame them. My wife and I are staying put, especially now since we had the Pfizer Vaccine, as we want to give it a chance to build up our antibodies. It will take three or four weeks to gives us some protection if we happen upon someone that is infected. Just the same, we aren’t letting down our defences, that’s for sure. On another note, our grass needs to be cut for the first time, so that will be our job for the day. I have to kind of take it easy as my old back gave out yesterday. I still worked after laying down for a spell, but it was a challenge let me tell you. This morning I am moving around a bit better, but we will see how that goes once I get to doing some work. I believe in taking it easy with a sore back, but not so easy it has a chance to seize up. So … easy does it for me for a couple of days. Figures just when the nice weather arrives and me with a bad back LOL. That’s what I always say …. You just never know what a day will bring. With that I am off for my morning bowl of oatmeal and will get to work. I think. Take care and stay safe. GW

Morning Chat April 9/2021

Good Morning! It’s a cloudy morning here in Port Loring Ontario. But it is spring, and some cloudy rainy days are to be expected. It has though been quite warm, with temperatures reaching up to 23C/73F throughout the day. Today will remain warm with a few showers thrown in for good measure. Tomorrow will be a gorgeous day, with plenty of sunshine. My old Dad used to say that some old fashion things like fresh air and sunshine can’t be beat. Highway 522 is bare and dry this morning, so far, but with things being closed down and warnings to stay at home, and inside, no one should be travelling anyways. Unless you are in need of some groceries or medical supplies. For my wife and I, we are pretty well set, so there isn’t any reason for us to be going anywhere. On another note, we did get a lot of outside work done around the place for the past few days which is the reason why I didn’t get to doing my morning chat. Today we will be watching The Masters Golf Tournament. Which my wife and sure enjoy. I have to say, that I don’t think there is another golf course that I know of, that looks so beautiful. Seeing all the flowers and trees out in full bloom, is sure something to see. We enjoy looking at them as much as we do watching the game. Well … maybe not quite. LOL With that I am off for my morning bowl of oatmeal with my lovely wife and will then let the day do as it so chooses. Not that I could do anything about it anyways. Life is like a mystery novel, you just never know what is going to happen until you turn the next page. Such is life. Have a great day these new variants here in Ontario are running rampant these days with over 3000 a day now entering into the picture along with a lot of deaths. It’s no use helping it along. Stay safe!

UPDATE!! Ontario records more than 4,200 new COVID-19 cases, 2nd highest daily count ever.

Morning Chat Feb. 7/2021

Good Morning! I hope every one is well. The temperature is a touch cool here in Port Loring, Ontario this morning, sitting at -11.7 C | 10.94 F. Things won’t warm up much. Highway 522 is snow covered and will remain that way for a day or so. We might if lucky see a wee bit of sunshine this morning but for most parts the clouds will remain with us today, tomorrow and into Tuesday. With a few light flurries thrown in for good measure. We had another 3 or 4 inches last night bringing our total for the past two days up to around a foot and a half, more in certain areas. So there is lots of snow on the ground that is for certain. I have noticed a few snowmobiles out there mostly locals which is a good thing in part. Staying home or doing things around your home keeps the risk down of someone spreading this virus. And with this new strain you can get it within a minute, sometimes even with a mask on, if both parties aren’t wearing one. So be careful. Yesterday was a full day cleaning up the snow around our place as you can see with the pictures I posted yesterday. Today my lovely wife and I will clean up our neighbours deck, car and things. She is getting up there in years and hey! Isn’t that what good neighbours are for. Helping those that need help. Been that way all our lives for my wife and I. After that I suspect we will be in need of a bit more rest so will take it easy. With that take care and stay safe.

Morning Chat Feb. 6/2021

Good Morning! Well we all woke up to one heck of a pile of snow here in Port Loring, Ontario Canada. Yesterday we had around a foot and overnight about the same. Walking out to the woodworking shop, it was up to my knees and took me fifteen minutes to clean a small path. And more is coming down. Other than being so much, it is sure pretty out there. Temperatures have cooled down some sitting at -8.7 C | 16.34 F. We will see more snow for most of the day, through the night, and into tomorrow, along with a few flurries on Monday. Tuesday it should all come to an end with a bit of sunshine thrown in for good measure. It’s the most snow we have had all winter. The good news is, it isn’t too heavy, but being so much of it, it will be a chore to get cleaned up. I do have Kerry a friend who is cleaning the driveway part this year, so that will help a lot. I am thinking I am going to have to rake off some snow from our car port as it has around 4 feet up there. The house isn’t much better. I will see what I can do. Troubles arise as the pulling hurts my chest and stomach, but in moderation I should be able to get it done. Highway 522 is snow covered as to be expected this morning, and no one should be travelling in this weather. With that I am off for my breakfast and will then see what the day has in store, other than moving some snow. Take care and stay safe. The virus is getting worse, not better as some of the Powers that be says it is. I don’t believe them for a minute. And this thing about opening things back up is pure ludicrous. But it’s what they do. People pleasing. Not what’s good for the country or the people.

Morning Chat Dec 24/2020

Good Morning! Or better yet Merry Christmas. Not long now before old Santa Claus comes down the chimney. I have to remember to shut down my wood furnace tonight. I wouldn’t want to singe his red suite. The thing I like about Santa Claus, is that he isn’t about religion, cults or any anything else. He doesn’t choose sides, and he is there for everyone that chooses to acknowledge him. He even caters to those that might be a touch naughty now and then. LOL My kind of guy. Actually he was created in part, by two New Yorkers—Clement Clark Moore and Thomas Nast—They were major influences on the Santa Claus millions of children wait for each year. My way of looking at this man in the Red suit … is that he is what ever you want him to be. Ho Ho Ho! On another note it has warmed up some with the temperature this morning sitting at 4.9 C | 40.82 F. We could see a lot of snow on Christmas Day. The rain we are having at the moment will change to flurries this afternoon. Then Christmas Day, a new low pressure system is forecast to track northward toward us here in Port Loring, spreading heavy snow ahead of it. Snowfall accumulations of around 5 to 15 cm or 6 inches will be possible before things gradually tapers off Friday night. So … for those that are hoping for a white Christmas … your wish might come true. Highway 522 is wet and might get a bit slippery as the day moves forward. Yesterday I cleaned up my shop a bit and then did some work here on the Computer. Today I will work on a Christmas Podcast for tomorrow. You won’t want to miss it. With that I am off for some homemade blueberry pancakes that my lovely wife is whipping up, with a cup of tea, and will then see what the day has in store. Take care, stay safe and Merry Christmas!!

Morning chat Dec 20/2020

Good Morning!. It’s not so good a day outside this morning. We are at the moment having some freezing rain, which I suspect will change to mostly rain or flurries as the day progresses. On the good side of things it is a lot warmer with the temperature sitting at 0.5 C | 32.9 F. It will warm up even more, as the day moves forward. And the good news is the warmer weather will remain with us for two or three more days before cooling down. Highway 522 is partially snow covered with some icy sections throughout. So care should be taken if out and about. For my wife and I we don’t have anywhere, so we will be staying home. Yesterday I made a dump run so that is out of the way for a couple of weeks. Today I will work away on a podcast or two taking it a bit easy. Other than that … not much else happening in and around our small community. I should say it is small in people, but large in land mass LOL. With that I am off for my morning cup of tea with my lovely wife, and will then see what develops. You just never know what a day has in store. I am hoping all good. Take care, stay safe and look after yourself, family and friends.