“How Could We All Have Been So Blind For So Long!’

You know for a few years now I have been writing things here in my Blog that I felt that others should at the very least be taking a serious look at.  The thing I would like you to know is, that I am not against all doctors, lawyers, ministers, government officials, pharmaceutical companies, teachers and folks like that.  I do really believe there are some, that are on the right track and truly trying to help folks in today’s world. I just wish that they would speak out more often.

On the other hand, I also believe that there is a lot of them folks out there that are only in the game for money, or to make a name for themselves.  I also believe that there is a lot of them that are using us as human Ginny Pigs.  I also believe that we are being subjected to things that in turn effects a fellow or gal’s mind and body, an sways their thinking in such ways that it is causing harm to themselves.  Years ago a family relied on what was on hand and had the common sense to make their own decisions.   They also knew when the wool was being pulled over their eyes, so to speak.  I like to think of myself as one of those.   Trouble is, we are a dying breed and if the younger ones don’t catch on fast, this world is going to be in serious trouble.  I have seen a glimmer of hope though here in Canada, as folks lately have started to stand up for themselves and speaking out, not being afraid of what others will think, say or do.  Sadly our younger generation today, about one-third or more believe in ghosts, communication with the dead, extraterrestrials, aliens, Big Foot, etc.  Are you getting what I am trying to say here???  So to sum it all up and pointing directly to those; doctors, lawyers, government officials, ministers, teachers, and pharmaceutical companies, the ones I distrust. I say this, for myself and others like myself:  “Don’t expect us to like you or to listen to you any more. You promised us too much and failed to deliver. You never even tried to answer the questions truthfully that we have all been asking. You have just expected us to believe that what ever you say is the truth. I believe that you are all playing, misusing and abusing our sense of wonder. There is an appetite for wonder, and isn’t true science well qualified to feed it?”

”  It’s time for us to change our ways folks.”  My Opinion Only

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