Help For Diabetes

I have spoken quite often to folks at different engagements on Diabetes, in how to treat it and eliminate it from your system.  For most parts Diabetes has been brought on to us humans from the foods we eat.  The quickest cure would be to get off all processed foods, especially the meats. Once you do that, get to soaking some good old white navy beans in a pot with some sea salt over night and then put them into your slow cooker for an afternoon, stirring them every once in awhile. Some fresh herbs thrown in for taste would help too. Beans contain carbohydrates along with as much protein as an ounce of meat, good protein. Beans also contain magnesium and fiber. If you do these two things, I seriously believe your Diabetes will just dissapear, not over night, as one has to remember how long one has been abusing ones body.  I would say in two months, you would be seeing an improvement that would make you sit up and say hey!  Dam that was simple>  Remember folks, you are what you eat, and more so you are what you absorb through your skin. So do the research, then get to looking after yourself.  I should also say that when I say looking after yourself, I mean looking after yourself. Don’t believe everything that these so called Powers That Be is tellin’ you to be the  truth, as in my eyes it isn’t.  You do it, you learn, I know you can.

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