Movie Clip Port Lorings History.

Below is a link from a friend  that sent me this clip of a family here in Port Loring.  To watch click link below.   Also here is the info on that clip from the fellow himself.  A little bit of  History directly to you from many years ago.  Enjoy!!

Hi George

My name is Grenville Brooks. I was born in Port Loring in 1940.
I have a short video clip that was originally saved from 8mm to vcr and now the vcr tape is started to deteriorate. I saved it to mpg format.
I believe it to be taken in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s by Mr. Robertson on Jim Brooks’ farm which was up the hill from Norman Brooks’ saw mill.
Ron Robertson (my cousin)Saved it to vcr from 8mm some time ago.
It shows Jim grandfather
Arnold Brooks…my father
Margret Weller(nee) Brooks…my aunt

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