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Wells of Yesteryear

Awhile back my wife and I were out enjoying Nature when we came upon an old Spring Fed Well. Seeing it my wife and I sat down and ate our lunch, with our minds wondering how many people used to come to it for water. We even had a drink, as the water inside was crystal clear. We enjoy seeing things like that, so I thought I would share. GW

You Can see where the water on the left comes in from a spring.
Wood Barrel used to catch water.  Has lid to keep things out.

Haying Time Port Loring 1914

John Marshall Bennett 1914 Mowing Hay November 1914. Them were the days when work was work. Click on picture to enlarge.

John Marshall Bennett 1914 Mowing Hay November 1914



Charlie @ IDA Woods Camp

Here is another picture taken many years ago showing Charlie @ IDA Woods Camp @ Lee’s Narrow’s Pigeon Lake.

Link to Charlie @ IDA Woods Camp @ Lee's Narrow's Pigeon Lake

Clearing the Land In Port Loring 1908

Here is another picture that will take you back to a time where things weren’t as they are now.  Write up on pictures are all authentic.  Click on Picture to enlarge.

Clearin The Land, Wooden Pump, Left To Right Margaret Lee, Mrs. WM Lee, Wm. Lee, George Lee 1908

Characters In Play Put On In Loring Possibly 1915

Here is another picture I have  at my home taken many years ago.  Writing on pictures are all authentic.  We do have a bit of history here in Port Loring & Loring.  Enjoy!

Characters In Play Put On In Loring Church Possibly 1915

Old Cutter & Buffalo Robe 1914

Here is another bit of history shown in a picture taken many years ago.  Click Picture for better viewing.

Old Cutter & Buffalo Robe 1914



E.H. Kelsey & Loring Area Militia at Niagara Falls 1912

Here is another piece of history for our small community of Port Loring.  Captain E.H. Kelsey & Loring Area Militia at Niagara Falls 1912 . Look closely you might just see some distant family member.

Click Picture below for better viewing.

Captain E.H. Kelsey & Loring Area Militia at Niagara Falls 1912 Good PIcture

Port Loring History Capt. Bill Brooks 1916-18

This is an old Photo taken many years ago of  Capt. Bill Brooks, Wife and Family, at Lumber Camp Possibly 1916-18.  Just one more piece of history not to forget.

Click Picture To Enlarge For Better Viewing

Capt. Bill Brooks, Wife and Family At Lumber Camp Possibly 1916-18.


Port Loring Ontario’s History 1920s

Here is another picture taken many years ago here in Port Loring Ontario.  Gives one an idea of what things looked like many years ago.  The picture shows the  Back View Of Old Hall, Kirton’s House, Kelcey’s House & Kelcey’s Store. Taken From The Church Steps On West Road 1920’s. Notice the old boardwalks.

Click Picture For Better Viewing

Back View Of Old Hall, Kirton's House, Kelcey's House & Kelcey's Store. Taken From The Church Steps On West Road 1920's


1945 George Lee

Here is a picture of the chap that owned our home here in Port Loring Ontario, Canada, taken many years ago.           George Lee.   It is a picture of an invention he made for cutting firewood.  Pretty amazing man to say the least.  A man that shouldn’t be forgotten.  Click picture below for better viewing.

4-1945 George - wood cutting machine


1914 Picture Of Years Past

Morning.  Have lots of old pictures pertaining to Port Loring Ontario Canada.  Thought I would add a few now and then.  Here is one, self explanatory.   Lee is who used to own this house we live in now.  Great man.  George was his first name. Good name.

Click Picture below to enlarge for better viewing.


Port Loring Ontario Canada Information, Weather & Hunting Times

Good Morning:   Well at least it isn’t raining this morning for a change.  But it is cloudy and cool with temperatures waking up sitting at…0.4 C | 32.72 F.

Forecast For Today:   Changeable, mending as the day progresses.

Hunting Times:    This morning Data is saying that the best times to be out there hunting will be from 8:45 AM – 11:45 AM,  Then a bit later from…3:30 PM – 5:30 PM.  Exact times will be  9:00 AM, 11:00 AM & 4:30 PM.   Winds are coming in from the…North West at   1.3 m/s | 4.68 km/h | 2.91 mph.  I give it a 3 Buck Rating out of 5 for seeing a few. Deer as of now are in Pre Rut Season.  Their main feeding time today will be at dusk.  Good Luck!

Around Town:  Not too much to report on this Sunday morning.  Folks are enjoying their day off work.  Or should say a lot are as some do have to work.  Seems money these days oversees the balance of nature. But that is what us humans have put forth so who am I to judge.  Moving into this old house of ours I came upon a picture with detailed instructions on how to set up an old water pump.  Figured I would let you all have a look see. Even got the manual for it which is amazing. Also a letter dated back to 1955 with George Lee asking for instructions.  Quite interesting to say the least.  Letter with old pump and dated Old PUmp 1955 Click Pictures To Enlarge…   Have a great Day!

George Walters; [email protected]

Events, History & Other Things

Well good morning.  Today weather wise we will see partly cloudy skies during the morning giving way to a few showers late. High 74F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of rain 30%.  Tonight will be: Partly cloudy early with increasing clouds overnight. Low 54F. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph.  Looks like all the rain that we missed for the past few months is heading our way; as the the long range looks like rain off and on till Monday.  But one never knows what Mother Nature has in store for us.  Barometer is holding steady and sitting at 29.09 in Hg.  The moon will rise at; 11:23 PM & then set at: 1:20 PM.  Moon Phase is: Solunar Table Moon Phase is 61% percent waning gibbous  61%  Waning  Gibbous.  The sun did get out of bed but behind some clouds this morning.  It woke at, 6:10 AM and she will set at: 8:37 PM: Giving us here in Port Loring; 14 hrs. 27 mins of daylight.  For those wanting to do some fishing, the old weather stick says the best time to be out there will be from; 1:10 PM – 2:30 PM and then again from; 6:00 PM – 8:30 PM.  Take a rain coat.

News For Port Loring

Now here is a couple invoices done up many years ago; 1933 & 1929.  Quite interesting I thought.  Take a look at the cost of different items.  The one I like is the new pipe for $1.75.  Brought back memories when I smoked them.  Had one for special occasions too.  At an rate click on the articles below to enlarge and let the items of years past entice your day.  

Port Loring’s History

One more; Here is a invoice dated back in years to; 1933. Quite interesting I thought, shows what they called some clothing items and what they would have cost.  Some I have heard of, [Showing My Age} some I haven’t.  The receipt in itself is interesting too. For myself I can just visualize what would have been going through the owners mind that day on receiving the goods.  ( Hmm, Now where will I hang them?) (Sure hope our sales are up this month as we don’t want these articles sitting around the store taking up space.”)  (That wife of mine is always ordering things.)  Also notice the Quantity and how they explained it back then.  If this doesn’t get you to thinking, well… I guess your not interested in what once was.  For those that are though; Enjoy as you are brought back to a simpler time.  April 21st.——1933.  Click article to enlarge. 

Port Loring History

As the days past here in Port Loring I will be adding a bit of the past to our Blog here.  Here is an original article of how much some items cost back in the year 1930.  Also take notice of the of the Phone Number on the top right hand corner. The article is pertaining to North Bay this time round but still interesting to say the least.  Click article to enlarge.

First Heavy Snow Fall In Port Loring Ontario

Well put my snow blower in the shop to warm up last night and good thing too as we got dumped on pretty good.  Sure is pretty out there, so wife took a few pictures of our home draped in a winter wonderland.  Thought we would share. Also had my new hat on my Son Craig and Daughter In Law bought me. Oh and new gloves too and they are also very warm. I guess I complained to much about my ears getting cold to them.  Any ways don’t look on the pretty side but it sure is warm.  Click pictures to enlarge.


Trash & Treasures Port Loring Ontario

Trash & Treasures

What a small community can do when everyone pulls together. Well that is exactly what has happened here in Port Loring. In 1975 our first Trash & Treasures came to being, a store filled with items donated for the sole purpose of raising money for the Argyle Fire Department. With the way things are being done these days, especially in small communities like ours, getting funding for new Fire trucks is almost impossible. With our trucks slowly deteriorating and no funding available, the community took it upon themselves to see what they could do.

Later on the Fire Department applied for a grant to build the new Trash & Treasures in the middle of Port Loring, as the old Steel’s store was just to crowded to display the goods, along with being to deteriorated to safely work in. Luckily the grant came through. Purchasing a new Firetruck though was another story.

Over the years an into today Trash & Treasures has been operated entirely by volunteer help. This team of over 40 some volunteers, coordinated by Doris Lampman, has to be commended, as with out them our Fire Department would be in dire need. The new Fire Truck you see in the picture was totally purchased with proceeds coming solely from Trash & Treasures. A ticket price of $199,000.00.

Amazing isn’t it, what can happen when a community as small as ours puts all their efforts into achieving something like this. Endless hours, in all kinds of weather, these volunteers have worked and will continue to work so that the folks in our small community can rest in bed at nights knowing that our Fire Department is at the very least agile enough to keep them safe.

I would also like to thank all the rest that help make this possible, the public for your donations and also all the customers.

A success story yes, but lots more has to be done, as with all small communities it seems we get left by the way side and when surviving means, working together.  Click Picture To Enlarge !!   Great Picture For sure but then……….hey I took it.  LOL


Mike Clapperton For All You Boating Needs Right Here In Port Loring

My good friend Mike here in Port Loring who has a boat storage and repair shop has just put up  his second new boat storage unit. I have to say he sure did a fine job and should be commended for his work, not only with his building expertise  though, as he is one great mechanic.  I should know, as I am for ever asking him questions about my equipment and if something comes along that I can’t fix, well Mike gets the job done.  It always makes me feel good when I see a feller like Mike going ahead in a world like today.  Just goes to show you what one can do with his life when they put their all into doing what they love.   His place of residence is on the North Road about a mile in.  His place of business is the Shell station on Highway, 522  in down town Port Loring, can’t miss it.  Stop in and see Mike for all your boating needs, you will be glad you did.  Click Pictures To Enlarge.


Movie Clip Port Lorings History.

Below is a link from a friend  that sent me this clip of a family here in Port Loring.  To watch click link below.   Also here is the info on that clip from the fellow himself.  A little bit of  History directly to you from many years ago.  Enjoy!!

Hi George

My name is Grenville Brooks. I was born in Port Loring in 1940.
I have a short video clip that was originally saved from 8mm to vcr and now the vcr tape is started to deteriorate. I saved it to mpg format.
I believe it to be taken in the late 1930’s or early 1940’s by Mr. Robertson on Jim Brooks’ farm which was up the hill from Norman Brooks’ saw mill.
Ron Robertson (my cousin)Saved it to vcr from 8mm some time ago.
It shows Jim grandfather
Arnold Brooks…my father
Margret Weller(nee) Brooks…my aunt

Agnes Lee From July 21/1911 To May 25/2010

Thought I would do up a tribute to Agnes Lee, previous owners of our home here in Port Loring.  Great lady for sure.  Below you can click on the pictures, which will enlarge them for you so you can read about her past life.  For me to say more isn’t necessary, write up below says it all.

Agnes Lee Frontandback

Agnes Lee Write up