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Well good morning.  Cool morning with some frost laying on top of things.  Just finished lighting the old wood furnace, actually it lit itself, as I just put the papers and kindling in her and away it went. Must have had a spark from yesterday still in there.  So….figured it knew its job and went to work all on its own.  The old barometer is still rising and at the moment sitting at 29.15 in Hg.  We will have lots of sunshine today for a change, with temperature reaching  49 °f and then later on tonight it will dip down to 35 °f.  So looks like not so bad with day time temperatures for the next week hovering in the high 40s and some days into the low 50s. If your up to doing some hunting today as fishing I would think is pretty well wrapped up for the year, well the best times for that would be from 9:15 AM till 11:15 AM then again from 3:51 PM till 4:51 PM.  I give it a one star rating out of five.   But one just never knows. The moon will rise this morning at 2:25 AM & set at  3:51 PM.  It will then be overhead at     9:15 AM & underfoot at 9:41 PM.

Moon Phase isSolunar Table Moon Phase is 24% percent waning crescent24% Waning Crescent.

The sun rose this morning at 7:45 AM and will set at 6:20 PM.

Not much else happening around town.  Kind of quiet actually for a change.  Good change though, as after a busy summer the home bodies are ready for a bit of time for themselves and family of course.  I know my wife and I are. Got lots planned for this winter, with the making of some more flutes and items for our store.  Then will see if I can find some time to get into writing that novel, that I have wanted to do now for the past four years.  Looking forward to doing that.  When I get to writing, a whole new world opens up to me. New characters show themselves and there for awhile, you could say I have a whole new family.  Have a good day my friends, make the best of it.  

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