Hunting At The Booth’s Farm 2012

Here a few picture of the group that I hunt with getting ready to head on out.  And one of the terrain at one location.  They have lots to choose from.  Also a couple of those who miss a deer wearing the Pumpkin hat.  No explanation needed.  LOL  Click Pictures To Enlarge.

From Left To Right- Jim, Nick, Cathy, Randy, Myself, Kerry, Jason & Dan. Great bunch of folks let me tell ya.
From Left To Right__ Randy, Jim, Nick, Cathy, Jack, Jason, Kerry & Dan.
Just One OF Many Trails on the Booths Farm.
Randy Booth Wearing the Pumpkin Hat. A must to wear if you miss a deer.
Myself Wearing the Pumpkin Hat. Looking the wrong way twice. Air was blue the second time round LOL Lots of fun though.
Kerry’s New Bike. Spoiled me riding it.


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