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Well didn’t get the weather and things on here this morning. The power went out at 8:00 AM and didn’t come back on till 12:30 PM. So what can one do.  Last night the Booth Family had a surprise birthday party for Randy Booth, which my wife and I attended. It sure made for a great night let me tell ya.  Lots of folks turned out Cathy and  Jack Ross was there, along with a great band.  Lots of laughs and even had my good friend Art Booth, singing there in the end. Have to say he brought some tears to my eyes. LOL Not to forget Patty Randy’s sister. She got up there and sang a song near the end also.  Have to say she did it quite well too.  Can’t forget Randy’s wife Sheri neither, as she worked so hard in bringing it all together. Great lady. Randy…. well let me tell ya. There is a man of very few, speaks his mind when asked a question and so much fun to be around. Louis the Booth’s family’s Mother, well she is a card too.  Nothing gets past that gal let me tell ya. Just watching her you could tell how proud she was and she should be too. Great lady.  Party went on till around 1:00 AM in the morning.    Great folks for sure.

On the other side of the coin we had two more wearers of the Pumpkin Hat last week First Picture is Dan Booth and the second ones were of Cathy RossJacks lovely wife whom is a very avid hunter let me tell you.  She was the only one that got the closest to getting a deer this year.  Great folks Dan, Cathy & Jack as with all the rest.  Randy & Kerry,  well they made it all come together. I should mention here that there is one more that should be wearing the Pumpkin hat and that is Jacob, Kerry Booths son, some how he neglected to let us know about him missing a deer coming up on him from behind LOL.  It won’t be forgotten though, not by a long shot.  LOL. Randy has it just a waitin’ for him. Now that it is over for the year I am thinking I am going to have Booth withdrawals now for awhile.  At any rate here are the pictures I just couldn’t not let you all have a look at Cathy and Dan.  For those that doesn’t know or didn’t see the last post where it explained what’s with the Pumpkin Hats, well the folks that miss a deer has to wear it.  I am thinking that Randy carries it under his coat, just ready to spring it on folks LOL LOL.  All in fun.  Also one one  of Cathy Leading the pack out of the bush for lunch.    Anyways to view the pictures better click on each on to enlarge.

Dan Booth Wearing the Pumpkin Hat
Cathy Ross  Posing so nicely
Had to take two of our avid hunter for the season, Cathy Ross. Rifle Season that is.
Cathy Ross leading the Pack back from a morning of hunting. All hungry and smiling.


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