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This is the place to look for happenings here in Port Loring and surrounding areas. Also any news, events, pictures and things that you folks send me will be put in this category along with what ever I come up with.

Things you should know but most don’t

A great video that everyone should watch.

As my Son says, who is a Technologist: It’s all true, always be careful clicking links in emails, and only put your usernames/passwords into sites you went to … manually. Thanks Karl! Great advice!


In a separate news conference, Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. David Williams painted a somewhat rosier picture than Elliott’s prediction of a different kind of holiday season.
“If we all do what we’re supposed to do… we can get these numbers down,” he said. “So you move from the red, to the orange, to the yellow and, I would like to think everybody would be in green, especially before the time of Christmas.”
I think this guy is out to lunch with his predictions. But then again what else is new. LOL

Halloween This Year

COVID-19: Ontario’s chief medical officer of health is officially recommending against trick-or-treating this year. I have to say I agree with them. Best to pick up a few things and make a night of it at home, where it is safe.

Life Information

I know  life challenges us for a reason but that doesn’t become apparent until later. Heine’s sight is 2020 as they say.

This year is challenging for all of us. Before we didn’t have to worry so much about how things we do impact the world around us. Maybe this is why the world is going through this. To teach us that everything we do does affect the air the water the trees, animals, birds, fish, insects etc…the food we eat the land we walk on the lives all around us. If we don’t pay attention to all these things… We won’t survive!  So yes … I think we’ll all need to think before we act!

Ruth Walters

Spending Taxpayers Money

They are telling us that we here in Canadians have made more than 830,000 repayments of COVID-19 emergency aid benefits because they were not entitled. Which is a good thing, as if they took the money without checking things out and don’t need it, they should pay it back. But here again in the next breath our Powers That Be says. In June, the government proposed legislation that would have imposed fines or even jail time on people who deliberately lied on CERB applications. It backtracked after a public and political outcry. Again, here is what I think. If there is money available and you are in need, and I say in need, and you qualify for it, then by all means apply for it. But if you don’t need it, and are just taking it so you don’t have to work or using the money for things unnecessary, well then … I say the Powers that be, should go after those that did wrong. Just because we are in the midst of things that aren’t all that nice right now, there is still no reason for cheats to get away with it. The thing is, what a lot don’t understand is, that handing out all this money can’t be kept up. I wouldn’t hesitate to say that our country today, is so far in debt we might never get out of it. And the next thing is … it isn’t the Powers That Be’s money. It’s ours, the working people. But giving them the benefit of the doubt, I would hope that they are taking these things serious. But then again!! My Opinion Only.