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This is the place to look for happenings here in Port Loring and surrounding areas. Also any news, events, pictures and things that you folks send me will be put in this category along with what ever I come up with.

More COVID Cases in North Bay Ontario Canada

North Bay Extends the stay at home order in North Bay until March 8/2021. And then they will see after that. I think it is the best thing they could have done. Especially now with the new virus among them, along with it now spreading into Cassellholme North Bay, Walmart, an apartment building complex and a Bank. I suspect there are a lot more cases yet to be found. They should also close the schools down. Truth be told they should have never opened them, as the kids were just getting used to working from home. Kids adapt to what ever takes place. Slowing this virus down is a lot more important than going to school. It’s not forever, its just till the vaccines start rolling in. If they don’t close down and try to keep everyone from shopping there won’t be any places … to shop. Simple as that. Take care, and do what you have too, to stay safe. Even then it’s a challenge.

North Bay News

North Bay is listed as one of Ontario’s four high-risk regions and thus will continue to be kept in the shutdown and stay-at-home measures until at least Feb. 22. 

It’s good news that they are staying closed down, not so good with the new COVID-19 Variants coming into the picture.

Manitoba to buy Canadian Made COVID-19 vaccine

It looks like Manitoba is standing up for themselves. I give them credit and hope they make out okay. Good For Them! Click on Link below to see the rest of the story.


COVID-19 outbreak in North Bay Ontario

Just because we live in the north, doesn’t’ t mean we are immune to this virus. Link below shows just how vulnerable we really are. And the trouble is, it could have been prevented.

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