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This is the place to look for happenings here in Port Loring and surrounding areas. Also any news, events, pictures and things that you folks send me will be put in this category along with what ever I come up with.

Governments Today

Travelling to the U.S.? Watch out: Ontario is about to scrap out-of-country emergency health care coverage. Here’s what you need to know.

Every day I see these things happening makes me wonder. Just another item on the list to keep people away from enjoying a few days in the sunshine and warmer temperatures. I feel they should be covering us seniors and others in full when enjoying the sunny south. They keep on telling us the cost is the driving factor. I say if the older folks are where it is warm, soaking up the sunshine, they will tend to be less sick. Less sickness less expense. Which in turn saves our country money. For the rest of the story click link above.

Canadian Trucking Jobs

Interesting article and I believe it too, as I have never seen so many truck related accidents. I am not against anyone taking up a career in driving trucks but I do believe they should have a lot more training before being allowed to drive them big rigs. Click Link Below to read the whole article.

How an immigration scheme steers newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs – and puts lives at risk.

Gas Prices in NOrth Bay Ontario

Outrageous gas prices.

125.7 Duchesnay Store 40 Goulais Cr North Bay
128.7 Chester’s Gas Bar 35 Beaucage Park Rd North Bay
128.7 Eagle’s Nest 2 Migizii Miikan North Bay
130.9 Necessities 10A Couchie Industrial Rd North Bay
138.3 MacEwen 1375 Seymour St North Bay
138.3 Mr Gas 2660 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
138.3 Mr Gas 2701 Hwy 11 N North Bay
138.4 Spyke’s Gas Bar 3790 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
138.6 Shell 2606 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
138.6 Esso 617 Main St E North Bay

The Masters, Corey Conners

For us in Canad when watching the Masters, keep an eye on Corey Conners. Canada as far as I am concerned doesn’t give enough credit to their Golfers. Mike Weir was a good Golfer, but there is one fellow that is much better. That is Corey Conners. At the moment he is at -3, which is fantastic. He is the fellow to keep an eye on. I think he is going to be one of the best Golfers to come down the tubes in a long, long time.

Corey Conners

Country Canada

Age: 27 Born: 1/6/1992 in Listowel, Ontario, Canada

Residence: Listowel, Ontario, Canada

Height: 6’0 Weight: 190

Turned Pro: 2015 Wins: 1

World Golf Rank: 196

Great Golfer!!

Gas Prices North Bay, Ontario Canada

For the latest gas prices in North Bay click Link Below. I would add them like I did yesterday, but this is easier and it shows more of what to expect. Also it gives credit to those that prepare the site. Have a great day!

Gas Prices in North Bay Ontario January 28/2019

Price Station Address City
88.7 Chester’s Gas Bar 35 Beaucage Park Rd North Bay
89.7 Eagle’s Nest 2 Migizii Miikan North Bay
89.9 Necessities 10A Couchie Industrial Rd North Bay
91.7 Duchesnay Store 40 Goulais Cr North Bay
95.6 Mr Gas 2660 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
95.6 Mr Gas 890 Hwy 17 E North Bay
95.9 MacEwen 1375 Seymour St North Bay
95.9 Shell 2606 Trout Lake Rd North Bay
96.5 Canadian Tire 1403 Algonquin Ave North Bay
96.6 Mac’s 617 Main St E North Bay

Looks like the prices are down a wee bit. Just to cold for anyone to go anywhere.

Ontario Election

So, some have asked what I thought of the Ontario Election 2018.  Well simply put, I believe Henry Ford made this country many years ago.  I am thinking it will take another Ford to make Ontario what it once was.  Lets hope.  Time will tell as it always does.

New Jobs

Hmm, our Government here in Canada says it will  be contributing $110 million in partnership with the government of Ontario, which will match our investment in Toyota.” Trudeau said. Doing so will enable 450 new jobs.  My way of looking at it is that, that money is ours the people’s not the governments. . It’s my opinion that any jobs created by the government is not really an asset to us, if the government is paying for them out of our money.  As we the working folks other than government has to pay for these new-found jobs. I suppose they are thinking in the long run it might pay off.  But it will take a while if it does at all.   My opinion only.

Spring Ahead In Time 2018

Don’t forget to adjust your clocks ahead when you wake up tomorrow morning.  Just a reminder which I am sure everyone knows.  Below is a picture of the time zones across the USA but still relates to Canada also. Click Picture to enlarge!!

More Than Your Average Store (Port Loring Ontario)

    Well it’s been quite awhile since my last post.   It has been a really busy winter here at our home.  So busy I haven’t had time to be here on the Blog.  What has kept me so busy is my Flutes.
    For the past 40 some years I been making Native American Flutes.  For Twenty some years I been working on a Flute that can play music like no others.
    Last Fall I fell upon a sound that struck my interest and I been working on it steadily. It came to me you might say as an accident and with a lot of work in the tuning department, length, shape and sound chamber changes, I finally perfected a sound that takes on its own personality.
    With this new flute a person can perform nearly any style of music that they choose.  The design has also been changed to sleek slender in looks which takes a person into a realm of mystery.  Could say, to a place where no one has been before.  So in doing so my wife and I came up with a name for our Flutes.   It is called Fluture flute In reality it is just what is says, a flute of the Future.
  All items in our store has been created by my wife and I made right here on the premises.  A must to see no matter what way you look at it.  This year I will have a display of over 100 Flutes and almost all will be tuned in the new scale. 
    Along with them my wife’s paintings will be on display for those that have a heart for unique original paintings.  Also her cards and other creations will be in abundance.

    The best advice I could put out there would be:   If you love something and can afford it, buy it.   It will be with you for a life time and then after.   If you feel it talks to you when gazing upon it, then, well it’s for you.

In  Closing, if your in Port Loring this year Ruth & I would love to see you.  Our store is small in size but huge in quality.

Look for our new sign out front.

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