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This is the place to look for happenings here in Port Loring and surrounding areas. Also any news, events, pictures and things that you folks send me will be put in this category along with what ever I come up with.

Fake Home Rental or For sale Scam

It should be noted that there is a lot of scams online going around. One is an outfit that says certain properties are for sale when they aren’t. I found this out with my son’s help, as this company has my house for sale or rent online when it isn’t. We have had people calling every day asking us if it is for sale. So a person has to be careful nowadays. This company that is doing this is based in Spain. They probably can’t do anything, but one should be wary just the same. Thought I would let folks know. And in case you see this add …. Our Home Isn’t For Sale!! LOL. Take care and stay safe. GW

One of the best golfers of all time

I thought you might like to watch this fellow make history. He has been struggling for the past year or so, but he made up for it yesterday. Just shows what a few of us older fellers are made of. You never want to count yourself out. In saying all that … I hope he has had the vaccine shot. Sheesh! Great Man.

Alert For Port Loring and district

It might pay to keep your doors locked tonight here in our District. Pays to be causes. Alert below. Stay safe.

Issued at 12:24 Saturday 08 May 2021


The Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) are investigating an Armed and Dangerous on the M’Chigeeng FN. Police request members of the general public shelter in place of safety until further notice in this area including Highway 551 . Monitor local media for further updates.
Area Description

Parry Sound
Issued By
OPP Provincial Operations Centre

Sad Day for Canada

What a shame this is. But it is what is happening here in Canada. We don’t want to become self efficient. Our Powers That Be feed off these Pharmaceutical Companies from abroad when we should be doing it right here in Canada. It’s a sad day for the people of Canada.

Click the link below. Everyone that lives here, should read this article.

Facts of life

And some are still saying that this virus isn’t all that bad.

This is a picture of the Sunny brook field hospital that is being set up because our hospitals, here in Ontario … are overflowing with COVID-19 patients. Click on picture to enlarge.

The Masters

So far it’s been a great game at the Masters Golf Tournament this year. My wife and I have been enjoying it for the past three days. Right now it is anyone’s game, as there are four tied for second place. And along with that, Corey Conner’s, our very own here in Canada made a hole-in-one. .

Safety Alert For Port Loring Ontario

Public Safety Alert

Issued at 11:00 Thursday 08 April 2021 Importance

HIGH Recommended Action

A stay-at-home order is in effect. Only leave home for essential purposes such as food, health care, vaccines, exercise or work. It’s the law. Stay home, save lives. Learn more at Description

A stay-at-home order is in effect. Only leave home for essential purposes such as food, health care, vaccines, exercise or work. It’s the law. Stay home, save lives. Learn more at Area Description

Ontario Issued By

Provincial Emergency Operations Centre

The Fuel of the future

Now here is a video that my Cousin sent me, of what we should be looking at here in Canada and across the world. Makes a lot of sense for sure, and it is something that will help our world immensely.

SpaceX launches 60 new Starlink internet satellites.

Amazing what this fellow is doing. I give him a lot of credit. He is doing things that governments can’t do. Click link below to view the launch and things. That is, if you’re interested in what the future might hold. Like myself. Have a great day. GW

Starlink Mission

I have been following his missions from the very beginning, which are very interesting. Smart man and I give him a lot of credit for what he is accomplishing. We need more like him in our world today.