Cholesterol Treatments

The use of high potency versions of cholesterol lowering drugs called statins may increase a person’s risk of developing kidney failure, a new study suggests.

This article explains a bit of what these drugs can do to a person.  I believe there is no such thing as bad cholesterol.  Our body needs both good and so called bad to survive. The drugs they use today to treat cholesterol in my eyes shouldn’t be taken.  To each their own though, but before you do decide to go on these drugs.  Why not ask others that are taking these drugs how they are feeling since they started taking them. I have and every one that I have talked to has had some problem, be it, muscle problems, Joints to many to name. Now kidney problems. I am sure there are many more that haven’t surfaced yet.  Best thing one could do is to change your lifestyle,   Get good nutrition into your body and lots of exercise with lots of sunshine thrown in for good measure. I wouldn’t hesitate to bet that if every one did that, most illnesses and disease would cease to exist.