George Walters Now Accepting Speaking Engagements for 2014

George’s wisdom and vision have inspired many. His insights into the healing power of plants and nature have helped people everywhere embark on a road of health and wellness. His topics are Medicinal Plants: what they are; what they do; how to use them.

He also speaks and teaches on the joys of becoming a writer. George is a columnist and has five published books relating to farm living in the early days, gardening, history and plant lore.

His main objective in life is educating others, regardless of race. He is an entertaining lecturer and as he weaves his way through his talks you soon find yourself filled with the reassurance that good things lies ahead.

Terms are negotiable according to the size and status of the audience. Book your speaking engagements now for 2014.

You can reach George at [email protected] or call 705 757 1640