Christmas Parade Inglis Florida 2015

Had our Christmas Parade on Saturday took a few pictures.  Thought I would share.  Small for sure but every one sure had fun.  Few drinks thrown in for good measure, everyone was happy. That is what it is all about.  Click Pictures to enlarge.  One thing…they admire Elvis here as there was a film made many years ago just up the street from where we are staying.IMG_20151211_161152782  Added a picture which is self explanatory.  Enjoy!

IMG_20151212_151946276 IMG_20151212_160708850 IMG_20151212_160811095 IMG_20151212_160843877 IMG_20151212_161121455 IMG_20151212_161327913 IMG_20151212_161339890 IMG_20151212_161407466 IMG_20151212_161638348


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